“Everybody Hurts” Music Video

So sweet (and so glad this is the song getting a video!)


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  1. very touching. well done mr. archuleta!

    some info re. the video producer, jed wells

  2. Exactly: Just… wow.

    I knew he was good, but I’m astounded. His best video so far. This is indeed a new beginning, an entirely new level. Wow.

  3. I loved the different examples of hurt. So David.

  4. Found you guys!!!! Finally. Thanks Again Desertrat!

    This video is absolutely stunning. I always wanted a video of David while recording so this will do nicely. Simple yet effective message – hurt may seem long but if you only hang on…it WILL get better.

  5. i’m confused by the different threads so i’m bringing my post here:

    in the first scene with the man looking at the photo — i initially thought he was dressed for a funeral and that either he had lost his daughter or wife (ie, photo was of his wife as a child).

  6. The soldier scenes were the most compelling to me. I did not get the young couple scenes – only negative.

  7. I didn’t know what to expect under the circumstances but, I agree with Peter. This is his best music vid yet. It’s perfect for the song, for the message of the song and for artist, David, telling the story.

  8. The young couple scene really had nothing to do with “everybody hurts” but the soldier mom scenes were the strongest. And I agree with SandyBeaches, a video with just David would have been fine with me.

  9. Wow. Great video. That was just so well done. I am very impressed!! That was my favorite song on the album.

  10. LOL, desertrat, I got lost in the different threads too.

    As always, David’s part is wonderful and heartfelt, but the scenarios are so tame. What about people who have actually lost a child or soldier? The video is more “Everybody Worries” or “Everybody’s Sentimental About Their Children Growing Up”. Yes, the soldier scene is by far the strongest, though.

    I totally agree that just David singing would be the most healing for actual pain and hurt.

  11. Yeah – an entire video of David recording would have been totally the cherry on top.
    Team Archuleta – you came real close but take note.

    Speaking of output, I am still trying to process that David did this the day before he left for mission so I’m awed right now.

  12. Beautiful video! Two things that would improve the video, 1, more David and 2, young couple not needed, I guess they were seperating because of school, not to clear. All and all loved it!

  13. I don’t think there was much narrative potential for Forevermore, at least not the kind David likes. That said, I would never quibble with having a whole video of Archuleta, especially on such an emotional song. LOVE his expressive face.

  14. Of course I love it. In the past the albums are released and we are flooded with videos from his concerts where all we see are David and his band. Well this would be a wonderful replacement, David and his orchestra or pianist or any other instrumentalist. I am certain it is what may be the best choice as it is, but as the song “”Don’t Give Up” says…we don’t need very much!


    • David doesn’t need pictures unlike others perhaps. His voice, his eyes and his face portray the emotions …

  15. More like “Everybody Worries?”

    It’s a little harsh to diminish what makes people hurt. Although it may seem minor in comparison to other situations, if it’s my pain, it’s personal, it’s real, and it hurts.

    I loved seeing David sing of course; but adding scenarios depicting hurt—loss, loneliness, fear, uncertainty, longing, etc.—made the reassurance in David’s voice even more palpable for me.

    I agree with Peter—best video yet!

    • I don’t mean to diminish anyone’s pain–certainly as a mom of special needs kids/young adults, I worry all of the time. But to me, none of the scenarios illustrate the kind of pain that isn’t resolved so neatly.

      • For example, yesterday, my daughter’s first day of college, as she walked across campus, a group of students–football players–came up to her and began to laugh at her because of her condition. A while back, a stranger came up right in front of her and took a picture of her! She just says that they’re idiots, and seems to let it bounce off (she’s a very happy girl), but as her mom, it hurts anyway. I’m not saying that it’s extremely painful, just that it’s not easily resolved. The situations in the video just seem kind of mild.

        I was initially a little disappointed in the video’s pat resolutions to people’s pain. But, too, I can see Ali’s point that maybe the dad is widowed and losing his only child–so it would be nice to see it resolved that he’s gaining a son-in-law. I have mixed feelings.

        Recently on one of the David sites (I forget which–FOD?) there was a nice essay on his frequent use of the term “hold on”. I think he often tries to deal in song, with the kind of pain that causes people to want to give up.

  16. Loved seeing and hearing David singing Everybody Hurts. Moved especially by the Military Mom and her family. Well done!! Especially the way it was presented by Deseret and David’s statement ” I never wanted to leave you without music and I will when I get back too” or something to that effect. I’m really glad we got to see David Recording this song. Definitely a gift.

  17. The best part of the music video was David and the music.

    The lyrics to Everybody Hurts have always seemed more intense than what this video is about with the exception of the soldier at war scenes. To me it’s about losing the will to keep on living in the face of serious obstacles but finding the courage to keep hanging on. I don’t quite see the relevance of a daughter getting married which is supposed to be a happy occasion or the young couples in regards to “having enough of this life” or “feeling like letting go”. I guess I’m in the minority. I don’t think David had much input in the video. How could he when he was in Chile when it was filmed?

    • Absolutely, I agree. You said it so much better than I. The scenes are just so mild compared to the anguish in the song (except of course the war scenes).

  18. I like the video.
    While I agree with others that I personally would have enjoyed a video just showing David singing, not everyone in the world likes to gaze at him like I do ;p

    I think it added drama and intent to the song to have some scenarios where someone is hurting. And maybe I’m wrong but I kind of saw the 3 scenarios as three different levels of hurting…trying to reach out and say no matter what kind of or how much hurt, that people will be there for you?
    But maybe that’s just me. With the wedding scenario, I also kind of had the idea that maybe the man’s wife had passed away and now the daughter was “leaving” him too. The fact that he was shown alone in the ballroom (and David’s singing “alllllll alonnnnneee in this liiiiiife” gahhhh) and then the daughter comes in and then her new husband comes. Like kind of telling the dad he always had a family with them?
    Ha. I’m probably reading too much into it. But I liked it.

    As far as the teens go — I will say that for teenagers, when one leaves a bf or gf it does feel pretty dramatic and final. I think most of us here are older and can put things in perspective but when you’re that age, its a HUGE DEAL, ya know? I mean, I remember feeling like that. So I liked that the video kind of spoke to multiple generations.

    All in all, I give it a thumbs up. 🙂 Like I think I’m Roger Ebert now lol.

    • Well put and I’m seeing plenty of people identifying with the scenarios ie; wishing their broken relationhsip with a father could be repaired. Each person has their hurts. David is very empathetic to all of them.

    • Nice review of the video, Ali. I agree with you about the 3 different scenarios of hurting. Very well stated.

    • The problem for me is that all of the painful situations are resolved at the end of the video. (Even the young couple are saying they’ll be seeing each other). That’s not what this song says to me at all. It says: I know we all have pain, but we can bear it with each other’s love and help. (Maybe this video could be adapted to David’s song “Things Are Gonna Get Better”–that’s more the message here).

      When my son used to cry and ask why he had to have his problems (autism, depression)–I would say, you know, almost everyone has something hard they’re struggling with, you just can’t tell from the outside. Implying that everything is going to be hunky dory, isn’t what I get from David’s portion of the video, I just get real compassion and caring.

  19. Brother leaving home to go to away to college was my idea of the young couple.. the sister is missing her bro. Loved the video.. touches many aspects of peoples lives..

  20. maybe not…. going to watch it again…

  21. I love it. I love him. And I want everyone in the world to know who he is. lol….Now if I could just get HIM to want that, too….lol.

  22. Great video. It’s interesting reading everyones comments. My take on the video is that it conveys a message. The unifying theme in the various scenarios seems to be separation and the pain associated with being away from, or losing a loved one. I thought the contrast of stories depicted that struggles are individual. David’s vocals are so beautiful – poignant yet powerful. So perfect for resonating with our fear of loss. I thought the young people were siblings. Wonder where the girl was headed (college, military…mission)?

  23. My interpretation of the young couple is: they are childhood sweet hearts experiencing separation.
    The girl is moving away. Their love is young and innocent but a time to growup.

  24. To Desertrat and others regarding Myspace account. David’s Myspace has been compromised. @kariontour posted that there is no official news being posted there by David’s team and that comments there are not from David or his team.

  25. I have enjoyed reading all the comments around the web about the video. I liked how it was described by one person as showing varying degrees of hurt. I understand what cc halo is saying that not all hurts are resolved which, unfortunately is very true. I do love a story with a happy ending though so I think the video is just trying to convey hopefulness. I also think the song does have a “things are going to get better” quality to it when it has the phrase “hold on”. It again is the hopefulness that “everybody hurts” but the hurt will get better and in some cases will go away if we “hold on”. That’s my take on it. Loved the video and I’m so glad we it to discuss!

  26. i think david has found the right combination of music producer (kurt)and mv producer (jeb)along with the right label who all get him,watch out 2014 when this group gets togeather. the best is yet to come

  27. LOL! I don’t know what you-all been doin’ with your brothers, but I’ve never sat on my brother’s lap on a swing and threaded my fingers through his. And I’ve never clutched a picture of us to my chest. But whatever.

    IMO the three narratives represent three different generations: young love, married with children, and empty nester/widower. I agree that the fresh-faced couple and the Latina soldier work much better than the father of the bride storyline. Does anyone remember a Q/A in Asia? where David mentioned that Jive told him not to put any old people in his videos (a la SBL). Well, clearly he’s not going to listen.

    This video complements the music/David’s voice and does a good job of building when the music builds (1:49). There’s some good camera movement as well. The only two things I would change is going from the studio to the first narrative (old man sitting on bench). Not a good way to BEGIN. Also, I would’ve shown David’s sneakers on the rungs of the stool as he sang.

    I love the closed-eye David.

    I wonder if ATT paid for product placement?

    I think the girl says, “I’m afraid,” to her boyfriend when they’re on the porch.

    • I still would like to see David sign with a major label when he returns unless it is a large independent label that is distributed through one of the major labels. He is just too talented to not be heard and appreciated by more fans. He needs to keep Kari involved too.

      • Marie, couldn’t agree more. Yes, David is to talented to not be heard and appreciated by more fans. That is what I’m hoping his direction will be when he returns.

        Someday I would like everyone to know David as phenomenal singer, not just a squeaky- clean kid from AI that can sing.

    • I agree that it was a boyfriend/girlfriend NOT sister/brother. I doubt there was any product placement in this video. It wasn’t a big budget video and was most likely paid for by Deseret Books. I did see from the director’s facebook that the Middle East scenes were shot in Utah. I thought they were pretty realistic looking.

  28. Is anyone watching Mormon in America – Rock Center, 10 pm EST?

  29. I quite enjoyed it Marie. It is indeed interesting. I have always enjoyed learning about other beliefs.

  30. I did find it very informative. It did make me understand more just how important going on a mission is to members of their church. Even the actor in the musical the book of Mormon who is no longer in the church had positive things to say about his going on a mission. I thought it was a very fair and balanced view of the Mormon religion.

    • Absolutely – Heidijoy and Marie. So many more things rings true with David like special devotion to mothers, networking among members, being thrifty with money but most especially – working hard and persevering for the good of others and putting God first above all else.

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