Daily Archives: August 20, 2012

Appreciating David’s Output

You know, after reading about Jordin Sparks’s stalled music career (thanks for the link, Grammyj!), I now have a much deeper appreciation for David Archuleta’s prolific output of five albums (or six, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Glad Christmas Tidings).

Consider this: Jordin Sparks, who had the chance to launch her career a year earlier than David’s debut in 2008, was signed to the same Jive label. And yet, she has only had two albums, this despite not being “dropped” by Jive (the way David was, right?).

While we bellyached about David’s future, it seems as if Jordin Sparks was stalled with no real musical direction to go in while the shake-up occurred at the label. In between gigs, so to speak, she managed to appear on a Broadway show and now headlines her own movie, co-starring a music legend.  Not bad for a 22-year-old.

Still, I think – if we just measure these two Idols against each other – it just goes to show how determined David was in making music, with or without a major label or even management.

Despite the shake-up, David gave us five albums, a featured album with a world-renowned choir, a memoir, a foreign-language soap opera, and solo tours!

I’ve never taken the time to just be impressed by all David has accomplished at his young age, and how so much of his determination is driven both by his love for music and for his fans.

Imagine this: David planned to go away on a two-year mission, and before leaving, he gave us two more albums, rather than let his music career stall.

I see no reason why any of us should ever doubt that he can return to his career and find the same success.  He’s got the talent, the drive, and the willpower.

I’m just offering this little post to show my appreciation for all he’s done for us.