10 comments on “Having Vocal Chops vs. Having Soul

  1. Great Review HG! I will probably go later today to catch a show.
    What I am realizing now is that American Idol seem to be churning out actors as well as singers. First Hudson, Fantasia – Broadway, Carrie in Soul Surfer, Sparks who I read is prepping for another movie, David – who loved his stint in NAko and will probably act some more on his return, and Jessica who will act in Glee.

  2. Very nice thought provoking review, hg. It seems to me like Jordin might be a bit over her head in a major role in a movie. Perhaps her management should have started Jordin out in a lesser TV role like David did in the Philippines. The reviews were mixed on Jordin’s acting and Sparkle but I don’t always agree with the critics. I just don’t have an interest to see the movie. I agree that Jordin has been lucky and timing is everything. I would have loved to see Aaliyah in that role. Not everyone has the charisma and soul and vocal depth of David. Well stated, hg. He is a natural with not a phony bone in his body. That is for sure.

  3. Nice review! I will see the movie later this afternoon. Re. Derek Luke, he reminds me of Don Cheadle … great actor but underrated.

    Re. Jordin, I know she was very involved with the Arizona theater as a child and she still regularly visits local school theater departments. I guess for the big screen, she may need a bit more experience.

  4. Hg, thank you for the review, love reading everything you write, you are a natural at writing, like David is a natural at singing.
    Glad you enjoy the movie, I’m not much of a movie goer, so I’ll wait until it comes to tv.

    • Jordin has been very lucky in her timing. She said in an interview that she was changing her management and her label was changing so she couldn’t put out an album when she got this part. She hasn’t put out an album since 2009. Being a David fan we have been fortunate to get lots of music from him. I think we are getting actors from AI because there is money in acting. I hope David does do some acting when he returns.

      • That is interesting that Jordin in the interview stated she’s changing management as she was managed by the Jonas brothers management company after she left 19M. I know her mother has always been very involved in her career. I hope David pursues acting too when he returns.

      • Yes, she said she left that management (Jonas’ Brothers’ Dad). She didn’t say who her current management is, but they seem to be getting her out there. Of course being in Sparkle and the untimely death of Whitney Houston, did get Jordin a lot of publicity since she has a leading role in the movie. It will be interesting to see if she really takes off from here (or not).

  5. i just came back from seeing Sparkle. Jordin was good; I’m proud of her for landing this role. With regard to acting, she doesn’t compare to the two women who play her sisters in the movie. Overall, the script was a bit weak and I couldn’t wait for the movie to end. I attended a funeral earlier this afternoon and that may have impacted my feelings about the movie.

  6. grammy, thanks for the update on jordin’s career. i had no idea that she changed management. in a sense, i felt that she might as well be dropped from her label because they sure weren’t letting her release new music.

    this article mentions some of what jordin was going thru:

    “…her music career was unexpectedly in flux last year while she was parting ways with her management and her label was undergoing a shake-up. Unable to record a new album and uncertain of her future, Sparks looked to another passion – acting.”

    • Yes grammyj thanks for the info. I find the change in management for Jordin to be very interesting. I wonder who the current management is? Music artists and celebrities do change management frequently.

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