Daily Archives: August 18, 2012

David Dream Sequence #35

Before I get into my latest dream about David (it’s been a while actually), just want to mention that Fans of David is back up! 🙂

I thought to also include the pic that they’ve recently posted (see above – photoshop credit goes to Kari).

Anyway, my memory of my 35th dream (can you believe it?) is a bit sketchy so I’ll try to recall what I can:

In my David Dream, I get a phone call from guess who!  I’m totally spazzing but he’s totally calm.

He says to me: “I’m back from my trip, and I wanted to know when is a good time to come over and get my things.”

My heart palpitates like crazy.  David wants to come over? And he wants to get his things? What things could he possibly retrieve from me?

I say to him: “Well, I’ll be home all day today so come on over whenever.”

“Great! I’ll be there in an hour.”

So, I get off the phone and spend the rest of the dream turning my house upside down, trying to look for David’s “things.” I don’t know why I didn’t ask him for specifics, but I’m playing a guessing game, trying to recall what he gave me, for surely if David gave me some of his things for safekeeping, I will remember what they are and know where I kept them.

I am in a search and don’t know what I’m looking for! And of course I get real anxious because David is coming to my house!

While searching in all my closets, a voice suddenly says to me, “Did you check your container under your bed?”

It was then that I remember what it was I kept for David, but just as I’m about to pull out the container, I wake up.

I’m still clueless about what I was looking for and what David gave me. heh.

Anyway, I’m going to see Jordin Sparks in the movie Sparkle this weekend! 🙂 Anyone else going?