28 comments on “So, Who’s Buying David’s BEGIN. Album?

  1. Really nice article. I am in shock to see such a positive article on David from the Hollywood Reporter. lol Fred Bronson appreciates real talent and knows David still has a very supportive fan base. I guess this proves just how biased and negative Shirley H. was towards David. So happy about the good sales numbers.

  2. Love the article by Fred Bronson. Pretty inclusive and framed in a positive manner. Refreshing. I think Fred has always been pretty impressed with David. David always loved Billboard and if I remember correctly had some meetings with Fred. So nice when a writer can be supportive and positive :))

    I’m buying and enjoying:)

  3. I bought and will be buying more because I know I’ll need back-ups, and loving every note. I kinda got emotional when I read he had charted at #28 on billboard 200, This comfirms in my mind that David will have a long a very successfull singing career.

    • It is also nice to see the good sales numbers as you know TPTB in the music industry and the music label execs. all pay close attention to those sales. They know that it’s impressive sales when David is not even here to promote it and the poor sales for music in general going on now. When David does returns to his career I would love to see him have many options from interested music labels.

  4. I knew that all of David’s albums had charted but I didn’t think of it in terms of a streak. Cool!

    • archielet have you heard anymore about what’s up with FOD site? I’m hoping anyone that is on twitter would let us know if they heard that FOD staff is working on fixing the site. Do not want any of David’s active sites to disappear.

  5. I am not quite sure who is buying BEGIN but I know I did down load it and buy 2 physical copies(gave one to my mother). I really hope that when David returns to his career he does try to keep or get back his younger fans. I still strongly believe he can make music that appeals to all ages. I am still waiting for that soulful jazzy R&B type pop album. In the meantime I do enjoy BEGIN.

  6. When the low sales estimate (ie, <3,000) was posted in the previous thread, I was starting to wonder if the several hundred fans who tweet and post to blogs were the only ones left in the fan base. My guess is that 9,000 individuals account for the 11,000 in sales. Thats a nery nice size fan base for an indie artist.

    • desertrat I think that guess of 9,000 is pretty accurate. That was about what I thought. It is a great size fan base for an artist that is gone on a mission for 2 years. I think you are correct in the number of fans that tweet and post to blogs too. Taking all factors into consideration his sales for BEGIN are very good.

  7. Cq I have answered your question twice regarding FOD. They have been tweeting updates and as you probably figured they are having Computer problems and someone is helping them. They are doing their best to get it fixed.

  8. Chart Moves: John Mayer’s Live EP Debuts on Billboard 200, David Archuleta Returns, Marvin Hamlisch Remembered

    “David Archuleta: The singer recorded his new album, “Begin,” (a debut at No. 28; 11,000) before he departed on his Mormon mission in March (and thus went off the pop radar). The set of mostly covers arrives with 11,000 and a No. 5 bow on Independent Albums. In total, it is the former “American Idol” contestant’s fifth album to chart.”


  9. I remember reading an article that mentioned David always liked to read the sales charts and billboard. This is impressive that it is David’s “fifth album to chart”. I am sure David will be happy about this.

  10. I’ve been reading Jordin’s movie reviews, for “Sparkle”. I think she’s in a situation similar to David in that she plays a nice character without much depth. Anywho, I hope to catch the movie this weekend.

  11. You can’t blame anyone for being nervous when a site is down and for the second time. It is not like we haven’t had shocking surprises without warning in the past that come on rather fast. Nothing is for certain and anything goes these days.


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