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So, Who’s Buying David’s BEGIN. Album?

That’s right, David can look all easy, nice, chill, and laiiiiiidback with the positive report back on his album’s debut! 😉

Look at these impressive numbers while he’s away!

Debuting #28 on the Billboard 200
Debuting #5 on Billboard’s Top Independent Chart
Debuting #3 on Top Internet Albums Chart


Check out this quote from the Hollywood Reporter:

Signed to RCA after his success on Idol, Archuleta is now on the independent Highway Records imprint, owned by Deseret Book, the publishing arm of the LDS church. That qualifies Begin. to appear on Billboard’s Top Independent Chart, where it debuts at No. 5. The album makes an even higher bow on the Top Internet Albums chart, entering at No. 3. That equals Archuleta’s previous highest peak on this survey, when his self-titled debut album entered at No. 3 in 2008.

Begin. is the fifth album by Archuleta to appear on The Billboard 200. He has had one album debut on the album chart every year since 2008. Here is a summary of how he’s fared on this survey: David Archuleta, peaked at No. 2 (2008); Christmas from the Heart, No. 30 (2009); The Other Side of Down, No. 13 (2010); Glad Christmas Tidings, No. 179 (2011) [Mormon Tabernacle Choir/Orchestra At Temple Square Feat. David Archuleta With Michael York]; Begin., No 28 (2012).

So, with such great numbers (11,000 copies sold!), I gotta ask: who’s buying David’s album? It couldn’t just be his hardcore fanbase and a bunch of LDS folks, right?