Last Day to Submit to BEGIN. Photo Contest

If you haven’t done so already: Photo Contest.

In other news, BEGIN. sold almost 10,000 copies! See HDD (thanks for the link, Marie!).

Not bad for a missionary boy! 🙂


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  1. I am so impressed with the sales number for BEGIN . I honestly thought he might not sell over 3,000. David’s fans are amazing!! Way to go!!

  2. Great and according to some reports that doesn’t count Deseret who only reports totals to Bill board. My picture is in:))

  3. Especially strong considering how limited the supplies were to many stores like Wallmart. Best Buy, Target etc.

    • Yeah, I saw reports of people looking for the CD in Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. and not finding any that would have purchased one if there had been any. Sales would have been better if stores had stocked the CD.

      • Yes and I am sure if they counted international sales ( although I don’t even think it has ever been released to the Philippines or other countries has it?) the numbers would be higher too.

  4. Billboard 200 – Yahoo music says “David Archuleta’s “BEGIN.” bows at #28. It’s the fourth top 30 album by the singer…”

  5. Will be selling in Phillipines and Indonesia Late in August!!

  6. We should have full Billboard chart info tomorrow but IdolsNow is showing BEGIN. at #3 on the Internet Sales Chart and #5 on the Independent Albums Chart!!
    So much awesome.

  7. David Archuleta proves its not impossible to chart while on a Mormon mission

    Love this article by Fred Bronson! Its got other Idol stuff in there too but the section on David is great.

    “When season seven runner-up David Archuleta announced last December that he was devoting the next two years of his life to a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it was presumed there would be no music from the Idol finalist until he returned home in 2014. So it may be a surprise that Archuleta’s latest album debuts on The Billboard 200 this week at No. 28.

    Begin. is a 10-song collection of covers and one original, “Broken,” co-written by Archuleta. The remakes include R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts,” Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush’s “Don’t Give Up” and Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” Archuleta recorded the album before starting his mission in South America.

    Signed to RCA after his success on Idol, Archuleta is now on the independent Highway Records imprint, owned by Deseret Book, the publishing arm of the LDS church. That qualifies Begin. to appear on Billboard’s Top Independent Chart, where it debuts at No. 5. The album makes an even higher bow on the Top Internet Albums chart, entering at No. 3. That equals Archuleta’s previous highest peak on this survey, when his self-titled debut album entered at No. 3 in 2008.

    Begin. is the fifth album by Archuleta to appear on The Billboard 200. He has had one album debut on the album chart every year since 2008. Here is a summary of how he’s fared on this survey: David Archuleta, peaked at No. 2 (2008); Christmas from the Heart, No. 30 (2009); The Other Side of Down, No. 13 (2010); Glad Christmas Tidings, No. 179 (2011) [Mormon Tabernacle Choir/Orchestra At Temple Square Feat. David Archuleta With Michael York]; Begin., No 28 (2012).”

    And album on the chart every year since 2008!! Sometimes I think David is more awesome than even I realize. (Um, if that were possible lololol)

    • Where’s Shirley Halperin? Still stuck in the late 80s? (DAVID COOK WAS NOT DROPPED. He chose to part ways with his label.)

    • Love this article…………….Amazing!! 🙂

    • This article just goes to show how prolific David is in getting out music. No other Idol has put out the volume of music that he has in four years. That article doesn’t have his album from the Philippines since that one obviously doesn’t chart in the U.S. but charted there, so he has done even better than the article indicates. My hope is that when David returns he continues to record as he has in the past. Lots of great music from David is my wish!

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