TV Ad for BEGIN.

Have you seen it yet?


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  1. Love the ad, but haven’t seen it in Florida. The only people I’ve seen tweet they saw it are from Utah. Wish that weren’t the case, but David is footing the bill on all promotion so…

  2. Well, I don’t want to be so absolute about promotion since I’m not in the know. Maybe I should say D is “probably” paying for all promo. Ok. I feel better now. lol

  3. Gotta say OT- one of the songs that I was not really looking forward to was True Colors. I guess I just was still on Cindy Lauper overload- but I LOVE what David did with that song. I actually like the song again and hear it in different light.

  4. It was great that you got to go to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, HG! This is one time where we can say that must have been AWESOME!

    I believe the commercial is only being run in Utah which would make sense from a business standpoint. He is following the Mormon goal for young men by going on a mission, and he probably has the most fans in Utah so it’s best to spread the word there via commercials.

    • grammyj, I totally understand running the commerical in Utah, Mormon country.

      As far as more fans in Utah goes, I’m thinking he has a lot of fans that from other states and other countries that might be more than the number in Utah, I could be wrong. But then again sense he decide to go on a mission, I’m sure that he gained a lot of more Morman followers. Seems like Mormons are a tight knit group and support their own peeps.

      • cq, Yes,David has fans all over the world. I hope the Mormon peeps will support him, but just like any group some will and some won’t. There are probably a more concentrated amount of David fans in Utah and since the album was released by the Deseret Book label, they have the most stores in Utah. I am happy that I have the album and have been enjoying it immensely!

  5. Yes, I think it is a very nice commercial but agree that it is only being shown in Utah.

  6. welcome back hg. the olympics …. just wow! fyi, i also wondered why all the talk re. Gabby’s hair.

    re. the ad, it’s nice to see D’s smiley face at the end. and deep voice alert for the last 3 secs: “hope you guys will enjoy the album”. 🙂

    • desertrat :LOL. I think Kurt Bestor did a fantastic job helping to produce and arrange BEGIN. I also love is latest tweet on twitter. The guy has a great sense of humor.

      • I think Kurt may just be a Democrat. This was his tweet: @kurtbestor
        Romney/Ryan looks like 2 players on the Winchester Hills Croquet Team, a club Biden couldn’t afford & into which Obama wouldn’t be allowed.

  7. I could be completely wrong in this but I got the impression that Deseret Book probably funded the commercial. They are the only retailer mentioned other than iTunes and, while they have stores elsewhere, they are based in Utah so I can see it making sense to buy ad time where the majority and probably best-selling of their stores are located.

    Deseret has also been pushing the CD hard in their stores. As the entity behind the album’s label, that also makes sense. I do wonder how the marketing differs in this instance — when the label is also an invested retailer. I assume they make more money per CD when they sell it in their own store? I mean, I don’t know that for sure but it seems to make sense.

    • I think you are right, Ali. It’s been interesting trying to figure out the music industry – who does what. It’s a complicated business, that’s for sure. It’s also changing and will continue to change with the change to digital music instead of CDs. The good news for us is that David can record way easier than he would have been able to in the past. Even without a major label he will be able to put out music. The two albums made just before he left on his mission are proof of that.

    • According to Dean Kaelin(David’s Voice Coach) Deseret is the one that approached David to do the Album and hired Kurt and John Hancock to Produce it. Yes they are very involved in promoting the Album from Day 1. Janey did an informal interview of Dean for FanScene. They posted it and they do save all their postings. Dean said he was not asked to be involved in the recording. He did say however that he helped David with vocal exercises and heard him sing one of the songs 4 or 5 times-all of which could have been recorded. No Autotune etc etc.
      Long story short Deseret is very involved in Promotion advertising. They are probably paying for it.

  8. Check out #131 on TheVoice/ Kaycee describes the scene at Deseret in SLC.
    David and BEGIN. are being Promoted big time. Including a Big Billboard outside.

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