Where I Went for My Summer Holiday

Just some pictorial hints for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

I wish I had bumped into these Olympic heros (alas, I only saw Usain Bolt from a blurry distance when he beared the Jamaican flag during the Parade of Nations):

Of course, I’m now following the Fastest Man on the Planet on Twitter! 🙂

And what I would’ve given to bump into these young heroines of mine (I’m also following Gabby on Twitter now)! 😛

I could not believe the foolish “Hair Controversy” I stumbled upon when I returned on this side of the pond this week. Gabby Douglas won two historic gold medals, and all folks could talk about was her hair!!!

So to dear Gabby and all our fabulous Olympians this week, here’s the Voice to encourage you in your endeavors!

On a side note, I went to the movies last night to see Meryl Streep in Hope Springs, and guess what song was playing just before the movie started? Has “Beautiful” been officially released as a single? (Methinks BEGIN. is getting some good exposure and rightfully so!)

Stay tuned for my official review of BEGIN. this weekend (still catching up on my jet lag before I can post a coherent and poignant thought on this gem of an album).


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  1. Wow! How exciting for you HG!! Had no idea you were at the Olympics:) Good for you.
    Oh My How lucky to hear Beautiful at the Movie in New York. We have had sporadic reports of people hearing the song at Movies. There is also a TV ad now but think it is mostly in Utah during Olympics. Fans pretty excited. Looking forward to your Review of BEGIN. Lots of Promotion. Also a photo contest with over 500 entries. DavidArchuleta.com Welcome back!!

    • Great vacation for you,hg. I am jealous as I would have loved to have gone to the Olympics as opposed to just watching them on TV. lol I am looking forward to your review on BEGIN.

  2. Welcome back Hg, WOW, what a wonderful/exciting vacation, so happy for you to have such a great experience. I also can’t wait for your review of this epic album.

  3. Wow!! HG- so happy for you. What a fantastic vacation that must have been. And you got a pix of that cute little Gabby!

    On another note- I checked my local Walmart the first day Begin came out & no CD…. stopped in again today and BINGO! There was ONE. Man, listening in the car is somehow better for me than earphones and the ipod.

    • raelovingangels, I feel the same way. Love to listen to David’s albums in the car anyway, but this one is so special. Each and every song still makes me cry.

  4. The Olympics…WOW!! It has been inspiring just watching events on TV. I can’t imagine actually being there. Hope you will review the Olympics “up close and personal ” after you treat us with your review of Begin.

  5. Yes, CAS, I’ll go into more details after the closing ceremony on Sunday. I stayed with relatives in London and got to really only see one game up close. But considering the money I spent just attending the Opening Ceremony, I was quite content with this “Olympic Experience”! 🙂

    Rae, I wish I had gotten to see Gabby Douglas in person, but she didn’t wander around London until after I returned to the states. I only left early because I had to get ready for a work-related seminar.

    Anyway, co-signing with everyone on preferring to listen to BEGIN. in my car (“Pride” is a particular favorite that really gets me upbeat).

  6. BEGIN is now #37 iTunes overall albums, #12 Pop iTunes. I did not think it would chart that high or stay this long on the charts. The reasons being: David is out of the country for 2 years so no tour, no promo, and no radio play,. He has amazing fans. Hang in there BEGIN.

    • Marie, yes it is doing well against the odds .I Bet if the media picked up on this heartwarming story about David’s loyal fans making sure his career continue while he’s away, he would gain so much more sales, not going to happen, but would be so nice to have that free promo, lol.

  7. Whoa! That’s a pretty awesome Summer holiday! That had to be some feeling watching that in person!

    I’m surprised BEGIN. has been in the “new music’ section on iTunes for so long. It helps. I saw this tweet last night.

    “I saw David Archuleta’s New (Cover) Album on iTunes… I thought “Gross… Oh hell No!” (I just bought almost all the songs on it…) ”

    Just give the guy a chance, people! 🙂

    • It was an awesome experience. 😀

      As for that tweet, HA!HA! I guess some folks haven’t been following David since his cutie-pie Idol days. What a shock to their system!

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