Let the Music BEGIN.!

I’m back! Just in time for BEGIN. 😀

So much catching up to do, and my jet lag is setting in. So I’ll definitely need a few days before I can post anything coherent.

In the mean time, let me bask in the glow of finally having heard the full version of “Broken”:

Oh, and Happy Birthday, UtahMom! 🙂


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  1. I just love the whole BEGIN album but “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Everybody Hurts” are my favorites. BEGIN is currently #11 on the pop albums iTunes chart. I am sure it will climb higher as it just came out. Way to go! Happy Birthday UtahMom!!!!

  2. I’m loving the new music! Question – in iTunes, is a digital booklet supposed to download along with the songs?

    Welcome back HG, Joymus, and all others who’ve been on a blogcation. 🙂

    • That is a good question desertrat and I do not know the answer. I did order my mother a copy of BEGIN through the Walmart site and it was free ship to the store. Good deal. I could not find it in the stores near me now so I thought that was a good alternative to get her a CD copy of the album. She does not do iTunes and likes David. lol Just love listening to the album.

  3. Welcome back Hg, Hope you have a fabulous vacation.
    i love BEGIN. even more than I thought I would.

  4. Welcome Back HG!!!!

    Well the verdict is in. David Archuleta simply is the best male singer of his generation. Just about every song did.me. in. His exquisite vocals coupled with intuitive phrasing, just wraps around each note with the right amount of emphasis on the word or note he chooses – Memphis Sk-y is just one example. His upper and lower registers easily ranges from soaring heights to deliciously warm, fuzzy depths. What a gifted, talented human being! What a sublime gift from a man who did not wish to leave his fans empty-handed. I am humbled, overwhelmed and thankful.

    Contrary to what David said in his taped vingettes, this is not an easy listening album. It is relentless with a purpose to affirm positivity to the listener. You are beautiful, hang on, don’t you dare give up on yourself or life. Everyone goes through rough times – just be still and you’ll find inner strength because you are not alone…….this artist just doesn’t sing for singing sake but instead uses his talents to actually inspire and enrich. This is probably why he has a hard time in an industry that uplifts foolishness to an art form. How many kinds of parties can I rock out to in a lifetime? How many hookups can I make in a club?

    Finally – between Forevermore and now Begin, as HG had in her series, vocal magic happens when David fully embraces his inner Ballad Boy.

  5. Welcome back HG!

    Joymus, I hope you don’t mind if I post your comment in part on The Voice. What you say is so true and needs repeating in as many places as possible.

  6. “Everybody Hurts.” OMG.

  7. Love love love it! I notice that he just couldn’t bring himself to sing “I am beautiful” and changed it to two choruses of “you are beautiful”. Oh, David.

    • David will always by humble. I agree with all the posts so far. This album has beautiful vocals with a great message in each song. I love it!

      • It’s funny because the first verse lyrics don’t match up with the chorus–he switches from first person to second person and then back again. It’s kind of like he talks in interviews–when things start to get too personal he’ll start saying “you” or “they” instead of “I”. Lol.

      • A paradox- he has so much emotional connection to the songs and the audience, yet he seems to keep an invisible wall up- which of course is his right to do.

  8. Don’t give up also amazing… can’t get over the tone in David’s voice and his light touch. sigh- he is just brilliant. I really like Libby’s voice too. Just raspy enough to make a nice contrast to David’s smooth vocals. The arrangement is very mystical sounding. toward the end- really kinda floats… And David sounds a bit like Sting IMO. lol.

  9. I was surprised at how much I like Angel. I’ve always liked the original but David’s version is gorgeous and I love how it was produced. I do have to give kudos to the production on all the songs. David’s voice front and center with great orchestration/arrangements around them. Like rae said David is just brilliant.

  10. I also love to listen to David harmonizing with himself. I am running out of adjectives to describe how beautiful it sounds. I also thought this comment at MJs about David’s album was great:

    Downloaded Archie’s new album. I’ve only listened to half of it so far, but I can say, already, that it is THE best album I’ve listened to for a couple of years. I’m not exaggerating. At all.

    Oh, and I bought it, not ripped it. I bet there is a special level of hell for people who steal from missionaries. I bet it involves having doors slammed in your face and being attacked by dogs. I’m not risking it.

  11. Don’t give Up, also is my favorite at least for now for so many reasons. I love his voice echoing in the background as she sings. “I am a man whose dreams have all deserted”….so powerful. Who are the lyrics about??

    Thanks Rae for the tip of hearing David have some Sting sounds…gotta look for that.


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