Ballad Boy Series #9: Falling Stars

This song certainly had all the makings of a hit pop ballad. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, and all that. Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. LOVE Falling Stars! David looked especially awesome in Ft. Wayne. Just sayin 😉

    This is my favorite live performance of FS:

    In other news, super super excited to DL my copy of BEGIN at midnight!! Or earlier, if we’re lucky lol. Happy Release Day Eve!

  2. Yes, Falling Stars did have all the makings of a pop hit, oh well, moving on……… very excited about the release of BEGIN.

  3. Glad you’ll be around for that, HG! I’m excited! Ali, I’m gonna start trying to download at 11. lol

    The last minute and a half of Falling Stars is pure heaven. Love blasting it in my car. I’m sure Claude Kelly and Eman thought it should have been the lead single from TOSOD, but it wouldn’t have mattered without any label support, I guess. It definitely has a more mature vibe.

  4. Love this: “won’t stop music and will continue when I get back”.
    To me it means he is working on his craft every chance he has while in Chile. And, continue when I get back, is music to my ears.

  5. Can it be midnight already? I can’t concentrate. lol

  6. Love this song. I sure thought this song and SBL were hit singles. Oh well, the music industry is just so tough. Great that David’s new album comes out tomorrow.

    • Marie, I also thought both those songs would be hits, I guess not enough of a catchy hook. I know that David has always said that wasn’t important, but I sure wish when he comes back that he puts out a song that is so catchy with a great hook that everyone will be singing/talking about and it become a mega hit for him.

  7. I have to agree with everyone on “Falling Stars” as a single. Also exited about “BEGIN.”. I saw some images in David’s vlogs about “BEGIN.” and it appeared that musicians were in the studio with him during recording. I’m holding out hope that David was able to perform these songs while recording rather than laying down tracks. I’m sure I’ll love it either way but, I think David is at his very best when he can feel the song as a whole rather than the stop and start of many studio recordings.

    • Skiffrower, I got the impression from what Kurt said in that TV interview that David recorded many of the songs straight through. He said that would definitely give the album more of a live feel. Just the thought is making my poor heart go pitter patter as I type!

  8. Thanks Astrid, I didn’t hear about the interview from Kurt. That’s etter than basing my hopes on a chance pic in David’s vlog. I know many of is have been dreaming of a live album.

  9. It’s actually better than basing my hopes…

    • Skiffrower, I thought Kurt said that in this interview, but I was wrong. I’m still pretty sure he said it, though. I’ll ask around to see if anyone remembers where the quote came from.

      • i think you may be recalling the interview with Dean Kaelin where Bestor is mentioned.

        For David’s part, he did an amazing job. On the recording session I attended David sang the song 4 or 5 times so that Kurt would have different takes to choose from. I felt that any one of the takes could have been used for a finished product. David’s tone, interpretation, pitch and control were so great that each take sounded like it was ready for the album This is EXTREMELY unusual in today’s music world. Most singers go over and over a section trying to get it close, then the engineers use electronic tools to tune the voice and make it sound good. The fact that David did this so quickly will definitely give the album more of a ‘live’ and an honest feeling.

      • Yes. Thanks Desertrat! Sorry about that, Skiffrower. Sounds like Dean was only there for one song. Looks like I was also projecting my own hopes. Still, there’s hope he recorded all the songs straight through. Having to work so quickly on Forevermore must have helped in that aspect.

  10. wow, lots of pics i had never seen on that “Ology” site. In this one, D looks just like a Ken doll, lol.

  11. Hi everyone!!! Long time no post LOL!
    Was out of the country for a couple weeks and returned to HG on vacation, so just decided to take a break from frequent posting. But of course had to join the excitement of waiting for Begin to load up on ITunes. Check in on everyone later 🙂

  12. Ladies and gents. Make your way to iTunes! BEGIN. has arrived!

  13. Good grief I am in love with Somewhere Only we Know! Can’t even say why. Maybe I am simple… lol.

    • Not at all. If this were an album of the original artists, SOWK would be my favorite. It still might be! Only on Bridge Over Troubled Water. Everything is killer so far!

  14. It’s Utahmom’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! Won’t you come out and play? lol

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