Ballad Boy Series #8: Nandito Ako

Proving the Voice sounds romantic in any language:


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  1. david explains why he added “Be Still My Soul” to the album.

  2. Love Nandito Ako. Listen to it regularly, in fact, I listen to Forevermore regularly, however, after 8-7, it will be all about BEGIN. Exciting stuff!!!!

    Desertrat, David talking about BSMS, doesn’t surprise me, that one video of him singing this hymn, I think BYU concert, says it all. Even though I’m not behind this whole mission thing, I have nothing but admiration/respect for David, the man is deep.

  3. I love Nandito Ako, too. His voice is so silky smooth on it.

    I see a couple of fans who ordered from Sears received BEGIN. today. Jealous!!

  4. Love Nandito Ako and Vlog Part 5. A little jealous too Astrid. I ordered from Sears etc. and was sure mine would arrive too.:(( Just about got in the Mail Truck to ask the Mail lady to be sure to check her Bag again. oh well ordered from Itunes too. Both fans that got the CD are ecstatic and love the photos, Thank you’s etc. Back to Broken, Nandito Ako, Forevermore and Chilean Music (from TheVoice)
    Also Highly recommend a visit to TheVoice/DavidArchuleta today. Bebe did a lot of research of the Music and artists in Chile and one from Argentina. Very enlightening. Love some of the songs. think one was posted here recently.

  5. goodkarmaseeker

    Does anyone know “stores” that will sell the Cd? I will purchase through itunes but also want a few actual copies and haven’t ordered online.

    • I’m in the same position; I don’t think the Walmart and Target stores near me even sell CDs. Weird but I’ve seen Bieber’s CDs at the checkout counters in Whole Foods and Starbucks.

  6. Hope that Hg is having a wonderful time on vacation, but I miss her, hope she is back soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love what she left us with while she is away, but still miss her articles.

  7. I’ve been reading some of the comments for #5 vlog and somehow that whole gay thing is the main topic. I tend to believe David is straight, but only David really knows his true feelings. Besides isn’t it against his religion to be a practicing gay person? It really irritates me when sensative men are marked as being gay, not that I think there is anything wrong with being gay, I say live and let live.

    • For some strange reason some people tend to want to say that every high profile male celebrity that is unmarried or does not have a girlfriend is gay. Even some that are married they insist are gay. lol. I think it is an insult to people that are gay that others tend to make it sound like it’s a negative thing. Who really cares anymore? Interesting news that Nick Jonas might be an idol judge. That would be a big boost to his career if it is true. We will know soon. Good for him. Nick is managed by WEG so if he does get it I would say that WEG is not such a bad management team as many of David’s fans thought at one time. I never did.

      • Marie, I also alway thought that the Weg was not a bad management team, I believe they were looking for a little edgier thing from him. To tell you the truth I always wished that David would have a little more edge to him, but I feel he wasn’t ready to show that side. Hoping that with maturity, he will be able to show that side without compromizing his befiefs.

      • I agree cq that David was not ready. We all now know that David wanted to go away on a mission for 2 years and that had to be somewhat frustrating for any music management team to deal with.

  8. Kari is doing a fabulous job with David’s twitter to promote Begin. That is what David should have been doing with his twitter to promote his other albums. Way to go Kari. It sure is not an easy task for Kari to try and keep fans interested for 2 years while David is gone.

  9. an excerpt from D’s liner notes … (courtesy of fanscene).

    The next group I’d like to thank are the very talented arrangers/producers/musicians. Kurt Bestor and John Hancock, thank you for having such great attitudes about this. I know it has been alot to handle in such a small amount of time, but you guys have been such troopers. John with your cool choices and ideas you always keep things interesting. And for Kurt, your humor always gets to me. The heart you bring to a song is magical. This would not have been possible without the two of you. I also want to thank Mike Green and Blair for helping out in the studio.

    I’d like to thank Gina Orr for helping make things happen, and keeping me in the direction that I feel good about. Thanks for always being caring in how things are done and decisions are made. Also thanks to Kari Sellards for your hard work, helping me stay on track and keeping on top of things. It makes things so much easier to get through with an easy-going personality like yours. Thanks for helping me make sure I have everything I need, too!

  10. my last spam,

    please, nooooo to a jonas as an idol judge, lol. i’d rather see aretha franklin.

    • I know. I am not so sure Nick has the personality for it. I do like him better than the Biebs if they are going for a judge for the younger demographic but they could do better than Nick. lol I would rather have Darius Rucker or Keith Urban for the country judge but it looks like it will be Brad P..

      • I was just teasing about the JoBros. I honestly don’t think any of them are exceptionally talented but then again neither is One Direction, Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc.

        I’m not sure there’s anything AI could do to get me invested in the show like I was during AI7; I doubt if the producers would care cuz I’m not in their target demographic, LOL.

      • Come to think of it I am not either. lol

  11. I don’t think that todays younger generation even knows what ture talent is , or cares!

  12. Is Susan Boyle still popular?

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