Ballad Boy Series #7: Contigo en la distancia

The untouchable and incomparable Ballad Boy in Spanish! 😛


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  1. David at his best! I just loved watching him sing this song on TV. Hope we get a lot more of TV time from David when he returns………I guess the only way is if his career takes off in a big way, hoping that will happen!

  2. Gorgeous! We will definitely be getting more Spanish singing!! :)) BEGIN. buzz is good!!

  3. Flawless. Still gives me chills.

  4. Contiiiiiiiiigo ❤ Perhaps his best live performance ever. I think some of the MoTab moments might rival it but the passion and feeling here are undeniable. This was breathtaking. Still is.

    Speaking of…new vid out!

    I don't know that Angel is a song that was super excited to hear off the album but David shows me the error of my ways. He sounds absolutely gorgeous. He doesn't look half bad either ;p

  5. I had this on my DVR for awhile and would watch it right before I went to bed. Simply gorgeous vocals. My husband was cleaning up our DVR list and deleted it. Luckily it is on you tube so I can watch it whenever I want but it was incredible watching on the big T.V. screen.

    Someone on another fansite was thinking that maybe David was videotaped singing “Broken” since he is wearing a nice shirt in the picture of him in the studio singing it. I sure hope that is true. It would be such a gift to us to see him sing it! Otherwise we will have to wait about two years to see him sing it. I love that song! Ballad boy for the win.

  6. Seeing David sing “Angel” reminds me of he talk that occurred after AI re. whether or not David was an angel. Lots of nice photos were floating around of D with angel wings. Remember this one? 🙂

    And I never tire of Contigo; I would love to hear him sing it live one day.

    From the previous thread, Tawna, thanks for the nice comment.

  7. One member of the men’s volleyball team is a Mormon. The announcers said that he served his Mormon mission in London so there was no language for him to learn, and that he really enjoyed the experience. I really hope that David is having a good mission experience too. It just underscores that the Mormon missionaries serve their two years and then go right back to what they were doing before they left.

  8. A little confession…………I get a little envious when I see other AI contestents on tv, movies and doing well with their singing, such as Jorden, jennifer, and of course, Carrie and Kelly. I also know that some of the male contestants are also doing well, but can’t name anyone off hand. It’s not the I don’t want them to do well, it’s just that I don’t understand why David isn’t doing just as well.
    I do understand that him being away does make a difference, but I just needed to vent. DANG!!!!

    • cq, You have to put it in perspective and look at all David accomplished at such a young age. He actually has had more success in music than most at his age – big hit with Crush, Gold album and almost platinum if you count world wide sales with his debut album. Also to have recorded five albums by 21 is quite a feat. He is a star in SE Asia and has been in a mini series, Bench spokesman. Of course, he has a best selling book, teen choice awards, etc. He’s been on successful tours, sang with Motab at Christmas. Even now when he is gone he has left us a new album of covers which is going to be fantastic. No, he is not a superstar in the U.S. and he is out of the country, but he is all about the music so I am happy that he has recorded so much for us. I have decided to cheer for all the Idol alumns. The music business is hard and there is a lot of luck involved in getting the opportunities that Carrie, Jennifer, Kelly and Jordin have had. I have decided to just be happy for them and quit comparing the Idols. The all have a different journeys and different goals. It was important to David to go on a Mission, and he is fulfilling that dream. He will come back and continue in music. As I said before, he may never be a superstar but I am sure he will always sing, and I will be around to listen.

      • grammyj, thank you for your take, you really have the right attitude. I, however, do want him to be a star and will be very sad if that doesn’t happen. I did say that I want them to do well, but cheering for them might not be in the cards for me, lol. I really don’t wish bad things to happen for anyone.

      • Oh, I had to do an attitude adjustment. When I first was an ODD fan of David I would feel bad when other Idols, especially Cook, got opportunities that David did not get. I realized that was stupid because the music business is not a sport competition. I think watching Idol gives us that dumb idea that one artist is suppose to win over another. I finally realized that it’s okay for others to have success and it doesn’t take away anything from David. I want David to be a star too, but if that doesn’t happen it’s not the end of the world. As long as he puts out music for me to enjoy I will be happy.

      • If David doesn’t become a star, yes, it won’t be the end of the world, after all, his career has become a sort of hobby with me, so if that hobby goes away, so be it…. I really am not invested in idol contestants at all, don’t even watch it and don’t even watch other singing shows, got bored. David was a cutie that had/has a magical voice when I watched him on AI and after the show was over, I went to my computer and searched for his name and the rest, as the saying goes, is history, lol. Sense then I have gained a different view of David. He is an artist, not a former contestant on AI. I want the world to know him l as a musical genius, not as a game show contestant.

      • CQ – I understand what you’re saying about wanting the world to know him for his musical talents. I share that desire. I don’t know that I’m actively wishing he was a superstar because that seems to really restrict a person, if that even makes sense. Paparazzi following you day and night, every little move scrutinized, can’t really live a normal life. I don’t know that I would wish that on anyone but if someone wants to take it on and achieves it, I am happy for them.

        But, as I said, I do sometimes feel sad that more people don’t see the amazing gift that David has to offer. I personally share his music with everyone close to me. Some of them like it, some don’t. It kind of bothers me when some don’t but I’m working on that lol. I mean, its only natural that not everyone likes it but I think the reason why I want them all to share my appreciation is that David and his music bring me such happiness. I think its only normal to want to share things that make you happy, you know? So that’s where my wish that more people appreciated David comes from. I just want the whole world to be as happy as me ;p

        Having said that though, I think David has done quite well in a very challenging industry. As fans, we all know the list of his accomplishments. There are some who would like to diminish what he’s done but the facts speak for themselves.

        I will also say that it makes me goofily happy to know that he’s still sharing his musical gift while he’s on his mission. Once again, that’s an offshoot of me wanting other people to have a chance to experience what has made me happy. I’m kind of ridiculous like that lol.
        I look forward to the possibilities of where his career might go starting in 2014 and the chance that many more people will discover his music and his unique spirit. Until then, I’m gonna be pretty excited about the fact I got an email this morning telling me my BEGIN album has shipped \o/

      • Ali, yay, am darn excited about BEGIN. ordered several hard copies and ordered from Itunes.
        One thing that I understand is that everyone has different taste in music, I might not like a lot of other music, but I respect and know that those singers are fabulous at what they do. That’s what I want all to feel about David. Even if you don’t care for his music, the respect is there that he is an awesome singer.

        The only way that David will become the artist that everyone knows and respects is to earn acalades, such as, grammys, etc. and that, as a fan, I want for David’s career, and I’m giving it a while for that to happen, but I have faith that will happen.

  9. The Voice has a great article about the music of Chile. There are videos posted and I am posting one of a popular song in Chile right now. After listening to some of the popular songs I can see that David could really be popular there. His singing style goes right along with what is being played on the radio there. This video even has a kite flying scene. Now who does that remind you of?

  10. speaking of other idols, jason castro’s new single drops 8/7. check out the cover for his single and look at the eyes. another vampire from AI7? 🙂

  11. remember this one? D spinning to “I got the music in me” at 1:06. I still recall the Snary’s caption to this video — it was something like “spin, bb spin!” LOL

  12. sorry to keep spamming, this is my last attempt …see D at 1:06

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