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Taking a Blogcation! Soul David Series Re-Run Starts Today!

Hey there, Soul Davidians! 🙂

I’m excited to begin my official summer vacation today, which means I’ll be away from my blog for the next few weeks.

In the mean time, I’ll just leave you all with a nice “re-run” of another Soul David Series.

Because BEGIN. sounds like we’re getting BALLAD BOY back with a vengeance, I thought I would schedule in advance a series of posts highlighting this aspect of David, which I happen to believe is his BEST feature (not his weakness).

Also, in light of the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado yesterday, I couldn’t help but think: we ALL need to hear more of the Voice – to sooth and to comfort us.

To start us off, I thought I would begin with his classic performance from his Idol tour days. Remember this one?


Enjoy! I hope to be back in time for the release of BEGIN.! 🙂

BEGIN. Worldwide Trending Party!

David Talks about BEGIN.!

And the surprises keep rolling in! 🙂 (Thanks for sharing, Astrid!)

Over the Moon for “Broken”

From the most recent poll, around 53% voted for “Broken” as their favorite snippet (iTunes version), but the fact that the rest of the voting was dispersed across other favorites (like “Everybody Hurts” and “Somwhere Only We Know”) means that the Voice is in top form! 🙂

Most impressive is learning that David recorded this album at the 11th hour (according to Dean Kaelin) and that he provided the original music for “Broken.” It’s a great sign that so many of us are more enthusiastic about his “new” music than for his covers.

But I think it’s more than that. Take me for instance. I spent all of yesterday playing the iTunes snippets (downloaded on my ipod) on a loop, whether I was driving around doing errands or doing my walking exercises or chilling at home in the evening.

There it is, folks! O.D.D. is back in full force! GAH!

Most of that obsessive loop-playing has everything to do with the promise of what sounds like the perfect song for The Voice. Just knowing that David produced the music behind “Broken” gives me so much hope that he has total and full understanding of what he’s doing musically and what he’s doing to and for us, his fans!

When I listen to “Broken,” it’s like falling in love all over again. It reminds you of the “first time” (“Heaven” for some, “Imagine” for others) you let the Voice wash over you like a baptism. The tenderness and vulnerability in the falsetto, the conviction in his tenor, the seduction in his vocal runs.

“He-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-r-e’s our wish just to exist/it’s more than alri-i-i-i-i-g-h-t…”

I’m absolutely bonkers over the way he enunciates “here” in this song, a hint of his falsetto caressing a word like a skilled lover. Like someone telling you, softly, tenderly, “I got you. Trust me.”

And I’m right back at my “Trust the Archulator” faith like a giggly schoolgirl. Trusting, believing, even when common sense tells me not to.

Never have I anticipated the full version of a song like I’m doing with “Broken.” I absolutely cannot wait to hear the intro, and the bridge (where will it take us sonically?), and the vocal runs David will add to this baby.

Mostly, I’m already eager for 2014 to get here so David can give us a version of the song live.

LIVE!!! Can’t you just imagine?

Once again, I feel so blessed to be a David fan, where an idol, so committed to following his call to serve his church, is nonetheless equally committed to his fans that he actually took time out of his very super busy schedule to lay down tracks for new music.

And he gave us BEGIN. Seriously?  What genius are we idolizing here? What greatness are we witnessing here?

He continues to justify my  dedication as a fan and my faith in his brilliance.

Can’t wait for what lies ahead! 😛

Fan Art: “Broken” by Juan

Different Preview of BEGIN.

Thanks for sharing this video, Astrid! 🙂

OK, Time for a NEW POLL now that we have longer snippet versions. I’m curious to see if you would vote differently based on these previews. 😉