Ballad Boy Series #6: To Be With You

‘Member this ultimate “ballad boy”?

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  1. AWE, To Be With You, one of my favorites from his first album.

    So happy that BEGIN. is in Itunes US. with free download of Broken.
    Broken is just beautiful and his voice, STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, where is everybody!

    • Thanks for your posts here. I’m reading them along with twitter to keep up with all things David while away. It takes too much effort for me to post from my phone. Maybe lots of folks are away on vacation like HG.

    • I’m still here! Just been super-busy, & don’t have much to post these days. But I’ve always loved TBWY..”To be with youuuuuuuuu”. Uggh. And I actually haven’t listened to BEGIN yet. I’m gonna wait ’til I can buy it in a store. 🙂 My plan is to let the DJ’s know that it & Broken are on iTunes soon. Just for the fun of it. I’d love for this CD to get a little promo. He works so hard for it.

      I miss him.

      • Oops. That was supposed to say “much time to post these days.” I’m typing too fast. lol.

  3. I’m on travel with limited Internet access. I cant even listen to Broken. 😦
    FOD, the Voice and TDC take too long to load on my cell phone. CQ, what are peeps saying about Broken???

  4. I was away for a bit, but back. Now, I’m desperately trying to stay away from the internet for the next couple of weeks. I already know who won today’s ladies team gymnastics final. I hate when that happens!

    I suspect I will be very chatty on the night of August 6th, AKA download BEGIN. night. lol

  5. I am still on vacation with limited internet use but I did get the free download of Broken. I really like the song. I can’t wait to hear the other songs in August when BEGIN is released. Great to hear new music from David!!

  6. Part 3 of the preview:

  7. I just got home and bought “Broken”. I have been playing it non-stop since I purchased it. It’s such a beautiful song. I think it would make a great song for a couple to dance to on “Do You Think You Can Dance”. I’d love to see some great choreography with this song as the music. It has such a haunting, beautiful melody. Good job, David!

  8. I finally heard the full version of Broken. The melody is beautiful and powerful. The song makes me think of the book “Say You’re One of Them”‘ a former Oprah book club title. And as an FYI, Oprah has supported Invisible Children (IC) in the past. Anyway, the book consists of short stories from the perspectives of kids who are from different countries in Africa. The themes speak to the dreams kids have and the tough decisions they make in order to survive in their environments. the kids in the story are broke in many ways but theyre also resilient.

    I wonder if the song was written for the IC or if it refers to the blind eye some adults have re. the difficult circumstances many children must live thru. (eg, Penn State’s disregard for the abuse victims).

    • Desertrat, great version of Broken. It’s such a beautiful, yet powerful song.
      Imo, if he was free to be able to go sing this song at different big charity events it would impact a whole lot of more people for the good, rather than the very few that he is impacting in Chile. I guess I feel this way because I’m not behind the whole proselytizing thing.

      • Some food for thought, maybe the Invisible Children agency, Bestor or the songwriter will promote the song while David is away.

    • Desertrat, I love >>>> “or if it refers to the blind eye some adults have re. the difficult circumstances many children must live thru.” A whole new thought and I really like it.

      Your whole comment rings with such great sounds concerning Broken. I can’t get enough of this song! ♥♥

    • Lots of Great lines relatable for many people. Messages for all of us!! 🙂

  9. The more I listen to Broken, the more I adore this (imo) hauntingly beautiful, powerful song that David sings with all his heart and soul. Desertrat, isn’t the wailing just devine?

  10. I hope “they” — if “they” exist — will promote “Broken.” This song needs to be heard.

  11. I’m waiting to see what connections Gina and Kari have and use to give this song and the album more visibility. David’s a precious gem and I’d like to trust that those two will treat him as such. No comment on others who may or may not be on D’s team, lol.

    • I still think MIC is on the team, but at least if he is, he is keeping a very low profile. I hope it stays that way.

  12. I am trying to keep my expectations for the promo and sales of “Broken” and the album low. David is not here to promote it and he is with an independent label. The money for promotion can’t be very high. Music is not selling because of illegal downloading and internet radio. I’d love for “Broken” to get promoted somehow. Obviously it could be used for “Invisible Children” promotion and that could be in the plans. It is so beautiful I would love for it to be used in some big way so that many people would hear it. Well, at least, we David’s ODD fans have heard it and have fallen in love with it.

  13. Some fans have heard Promo at the Movies in New York, when there to see Dark Knight. Deseret’s Fall Catlog has David on the Cover with a Full page AD. I tunes so far has it on the Front Page of Orders. Kurt Bestor was on one TV show so far but that was early on. Some signs of Promo. Hoping for more of course. USA Today, MJ’s and most Idol blogs have been posting the Vlogs and new re: Pre Orders. Twitter has been ‘a twitter. Join in and help Promote David and BEGIN. Worldwide Trend tonight again.

    • You are right Heidijoy, there is some promotion. The fans are helping via social media – facebook, twitter, David fan-sites to get the word out. The Idol-related blogs and some others have posted about BEGIN. Deseret has put ads out in their publications and BEGIN is being sold through all the major music retailers except Target. It’s also going to be available overseas which is really good for an independent artist as distribution can be a problem. So, if you look at it from the perspective of an artist not with a major label who is also unavailable to promote, it’s really pretty good. The problem is that David ODD fans remember what it was like when Crush came out and the fans want that popularity back for David, but that is just not in the cards right now. We will see what happens when David returns. He may never attain that again, but I just hope he can continue to earn a living making music.

      • Actually, so far things are much better than I ever expected with David being gone. Sure enjoying Broken. David’s own song that he composed and Sings so beautifully. It touches my heart and soul and hope the World can hear it. Happy Crush Anniversary and over 4 years with David and fans. 🙂
        Sweet Dreams.

      • grammyj, I’m really so happy to have new music from David, but I won’t lie, yes, I would of liked the album to be a hit, that way the main media would surely pick up the story and it would be so good for his career.

        Being a fan of David is not easy and sometimes I question why I am a fan. I think to myself, he walked away from his fans, so why should I stick around, then I listen to Broken and other of my favorite David songs and I’m right back at being a ODD fan, lol.

        I sure hope you are wrong and he will have a big successful singing career when he returns, it will be so sad if it doesn’t happen.

      • I agree with you grammyj.

  14. Right now I believe that having a huge career in music is like winning the lottery. It’s really hard, but there are many artists that make a living at it but aren’t superstars. I think David can have a career in music but may never be a superstar. I’m sure he will be happy with whatever happens because he is such a positive person. No matter what he will always sing.

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