Ballad Boy Series #5: A Thousand Miles

Thinking of all of you no matter how many miles might separate us:

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  1. Awe, A Thousand Miles, what wonderful ballad boy posts Hg left us while she is away on vacation. Can’t wait for her return and all the fun articles she will write. Miss you Hg.

  2. Great Memories!! I think this was the first time many of us saw David perform this song. Well get walking David , we would like to see you!!Tongiht (ha ha) Guess we’ll have to wait one year, 8 months. Congrats on 4 months of Service!!

  3. One of my fav performance of a Thousand Miles by David was when he sang it at the Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. He admited being nervous before going on stage and he was genuinely so happy when the public started singing with him. I remember his huge smile on the big screen, great memories as a fan.
    But TBH, I can’t stand this song anymore. I think I listened to it too much, it was like the only song he liked to cover lol

    • Zara, I get you, A Thousand Miles was a great song for David to cover, but it wasn’t one of my favorites to begin with, so yes, after a while, I too stopped listening to it all the time. Now it’s one the few that I don’t listen to by our man.

      One thing I know for sure is that I will be listening to all of the BEGIN. album and won’t be skipping any songs. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BEGIN. available in Itunes US. YIPEE!!!!

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