Ballad Boy Series #4: Fields of Gold

In honor of the Summer Olympics which starts today (an event that David himself says he hopes to be able to perform at one fine day), I thought I would highlight the song that introduced him to Eva Cassidy when he first heard it at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics back in 2002. Of course, by the time the Voice got a hold of it, he spun more gold!


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  1. AWE!!! Love Fields of Gold. I have to say, seeing all these videos from past concerts just makes me miss him that much more.

    I hope someday David will get his wish and get to sing at the Olympics.

  2. Thanks for the memories!! Eva Cassidy singing and Michelle Kwan skating -SLC Olympics
    Hoping David’s dream of singing in the Olympics comes true. How about Rio de Janero 2016 ?? Next one David would be available for. A girl can dream #Bucketlist

  3. Cute story… A fan recalls meeting David 4 years ago when the Olympics were on tv.

  4. Off-topic (well, not entirely; you can hear “Everybody Hurts” in the background): Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

    Contains inappropriate language.

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