Ballad Boy Series #3: Apologize

We’ll always have Hartford, circa 2009:

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  1. can we realy surive the next 20 months reliveing in the past ??????

    • Ray, good point. Hoping that BEGIN. will keep us in the present and hoping for more goodies from David’s camp throughout the next 20 months.
      I do understand his need to go, but dang, I just wish he had made the decision to go for a shorter time. The idea that he would be back to working on his career buy the middle or end of next year would of been perfect. WIN, WIN for all.

    • That is something to think about. Funny thing is, I also don’t want to survive the next 20 months trying to predict D’s future. Maybe I just need to pull away for a while.

      • desertrat, please don’t pull away, love to read your comments. I feel your fustration, I too was hoping that David would give us a feeling of what direction he would be going when he returns, but he is so worth waiting for…I have a feeling that we are in for more wonderful surprises, I just don’t think that BEGIN. would of been released so early after he left if nothing else is in the works, but you knows, I could be wrong….yes frustration overload?!?!?!???!!!!!!

      • cq, i may have been misunderstood. i’m not pulling away out of anger or frustration and i support d’s decision to go on a mission. i will always be an uber fan. however, after 4+ years of participating in discussions of all things david, i just think a it would be good for me to pull back a bit more, esp. since he’s not here.

      • desertrat, sorry I misunderstood. I too will always support David the singer. I however, don’t support the mission thing and it has nothing to do with his career.

      • I agree with you desertrat about the need to pull away for awhile at times. I continue to be on vacation but I do think being away helps put things in perspective. Of course I want David’s album to do well and will buy my copies of it. But David is not here to promote it and my expectations for sales of the album are low. David being gone for 2 years from his music career is just too long IMO but it was his choice. I agree with you there cq. If David wants a career when he returns then it is up to David and his team (hope he hires professionals like Kari) to figure it all out not the fans. As much as I am a fan and appreciate David’s talents I am also a fan of other music artists just like David is. I saw your comment about Paris Jackson’s tweets desertrat and I am following her tweets. Very interesting Jackson family drama going on.

    • I think HG provided this while she is on Vacation!! We have this and also new Music coming out. Best of both worlds. David is also getting buzz for singing “When You Believe” since Idol hired Mariah Carey. @AmericanIdol @mjsbigblog have all been discussing Season 7 under Mariah Carey. I’ve also been busy with a photo for the contest (to represent the older folk and a new Hobby I picked up when David left on his Mission) Lots of new things to do including learning a few Spanish words. Working with youth in our community etc. Live in the Present while enjoying many great memories of the last 4 years and the gifts David has left us.

  2. Tons of artists go way more than 20 months without releasing new music. And it looks to me like David has taken good care of us with leaving stuff behind that we haven’t even heard or seen yet. Who would have thought back in December that he’d be putting out TWO albums in the next year?
    I love watching the old videos and am excited hear the new stuff too. 🙂

    Hartford is definitely the most emotional Apologize for me. If we wanna go REAL old school (ha) I also love this one from the final night of AI tour:

  3. I meant to add that JR pieced together the iTunes snippets and the new Amazon snippets into longer preview clips! We’re gonna have the full songs out in clips before its all said and done lol. Here they are:

    I’m still dkjf;aisjf;aisdjfoasdijfoaisdjfoaisjfd about Broken. I don’t think I’ve been so excited to hear a new song ever. I generally slowwww to like new songs because my brain is weird like that.

    • “We’re gonna have the full songs out in clips before its all said and done lol.”

      She also made digital files for ppl to DL. Maybe some fans think because they buy multiple copies that there aren’t tons of casual fans who don’t buy anything at all. 7.5k sales of Forevermore should have told her otherwise. That CD should have gone platinum its first week IMO.

      • Ahhhh the glorious world of illegal downloading. Its pretty equal opportunity to all artists and they’ve adjusted the certifications accordingly. This is a new world we live and we have to adjust to it as well. I don’t have an answer to illegal downloading but I will say that I doubt anyone other than deeply invested fans are bothering to download snippets of these songs. And since the snippets themselves aren’t available for purchase…

        I actually have been impressed with the sales of Forevermore. We’re talking about an OPM cover album from a non-Filipino. To go gold in a country where people tbh really don’t buy music is pretty great. Got my fingers crossed for platinum though!

  4. I miss David… but he’s living his dream and I think he’ll become a better person and an artist during his journey. Still, I feel like I just want a simple “hey guys, it’s David here”… so here’s a video of my band performing “With or without you” earlier this month. It really expresses my feelings right now.

    • Embe – I looooove that song. What a great version you guys did!! And I think you’re right about it expressing how many of us are feeling now. I’m like a roller coaster tbh lol.

      Random comment: are there two ladies dressed up like peas in a pod at the beginning of your video?? hahahaha

    • very nice … i’ve always loved this song! i was actually singing backup to your vocals, lol. and those random pea pod ladies seemed to really be enjoying themselves,

    • Nice to see you Embe!! Hope all is well with you and your family!! Yes David is following his heart!!

    • Embe~ Hey there from me, too! Nice to “see” you again. 🙂 Tks for the video- you have a great voice. And I totally agree with your post.

  5. “I actually have been impressed with the sales of Forevermore.”

    Ali, comments like yours seem to be the norm these days. No matter what the sales or circumstances are (David spent a month in the Philippines, was on TV for a month, etc.) fans are “satisfied, impressed, expecting much less.” Yet they cry for the moon in terms of effort from David and his management.

    We’ve definitely lost our fire.

    Reacting to comments at the top of the thread about “reliveing in the past,” BEGIN. is very much in the present. Why should David be “back to working on his career” if his fans aren’t going to support his music? Mandisa is selling in the hundred thousands. Do you think David has less fans than Mandisa? David has fans that will fly to Chile to invade his privacy, but will they spend the equivalent of an airplane ticket and hotel room on his music?

    Fans are always crying for free goodies 24/7. Meanwhile, BEGIN. hasn’t even reached the list of the top 100 albums on Amazon.

    • You are preaching to the choir. We are all ODD fans that buy David’s music. Mandissa is popular on Christian radio. I’m sure David has sold more albums than Mandissa if you count all the albums in their careers. The state of the music sales is really bad now and I don’t know what the answer is but yelling at us who actually purchaSe the music is not helpful. I’m not asking for anything free. Id love to have a David concert to attend.

    • I really have no idea what you’re getting at here, anon. As grammyj said, anyone who posts on a fansite like this is clearly invested enough to be supporting David’s career. I can’t tell you how many of his albums I’ve purchased and sent to fans all around the world.

      What fire are you referring to?

      And, yes, I continue to be impressed with sales on Forevermore (gasp). This is an album of OPM covers, which clearly is appealing to only a portion of the market in the Philippines. It was recorded in under a week. It had little traditional marketing. And yet it sold gold level in about a month and a half, if my dates are correct. Yes I realize that gold in the Philippines is a much lower threshold but its there for a reason. That means its quite a sale accomplishment. I’d like to know how many other OPM albums went gold in less than 60 days this year. That should be the basis for comparison, apples to apples.

      I have high expectations for David but they’re also realistic.

      As for sales on BEGIN., I would ask where’s the promo before I start lamenting that. If they decide the cost/benefit is not there for wide promo on this album, then that’s up to them. We all know the main purpose of this album was for the fans. If being realistic means to you that I’ve “lost my fire” well you’ll just have to think that about me. I happen to know my fire is burning pretty brightly, thanks.

      • All thw promo for this album has been social media and online except one ad in a Mormon magazine. David is not here for promo and he has an independant label so to expect huge sales is being unrealistic. The fans are helping by spreading the word by social media and buying. That’s all we can do.

    • anon

      I am gladys and I traveled to Chile to see David and I assure you that the privacy of David, was not invaded. At the site there were only 10 fans, the others were Mormons. The cost of the trip and the hotel can not be compared with what I got from david.
      Regarding your concern, I have spent the equivalent of this journey in the music of David. Yes, I did and I can tell when I talk about David, it does not exist the word expenses is always a pleasure all the music that comes from david. Never is an expense.

      sorry for my english.

      • I always have felt the same way Gladys!! So happy for you and know David was happy to see you too!!

      • So happy you had what might be a once in a lifetime experience.

      • Gladys, your English is lovely and I’m glad you support David’s music.

        In your own words you lied and in your own words you asked God’s forgiveness. On top of your own private experience, you took photos and video, wrote a blog, and allowed a fan site to turn a devotional into a fan chat.

        I’ve seen comments that this has broken the ice and “lifted the ban” — and I think we all know what that means.

        I hope I’m wrong. At any rate, what’s done is done.

      • I know it’s human nature to focus more on the one or two critics, especially those who have a whole pile of stones to throw, but I hope we can focus more on the photos of David, who was obviously thrilled to be greeted by the fans of his singing.

      • P.S. If any “ban” was lifted, it was David and his mission president who lifted it by making a poster and advertising to the public, and then by allowing a public meet and greet with a sea of cameras everywhere.

      • cchalo, good point, public event.
        The whole take on this is maybe very different than other fans. I think it’s great for his career that we are getting a few tidbits for the next two years. IMO, David could of been completely left along by just shutting down, OS, facebook, and twitter and saying goodbye. None of us would be here and his career would be over. Thank God that he decided to not shut down his music career, but that being said, unfortunately, that does come with always having people wanting to be part of his life and I think he hasn’t had people chasing him while he is roaming the streets of Chile. Can you imagine if JB were to make the same decision as David, there would be no way that he would be able to do what David is doing right now without, fans and the media wanting to know his every move, so my take is that David is doing just fine.

  6. my fire for david,s music will never die,and for what i see this team has more ouylets for this alubm then jive ever did

  7. I really think that David not being able to keep contact with us fans is the BIG problem, so I say anything we get from David or fans that see David are golden. I know a lot of stars step away from there careers and have comebacks, but these are established stars and even some of them have a hard time getting back to their careers. I know that David needed to do this for personal reasons, but he needs to continue to take somewhat care of his ‘baby” career, imo.

  8. In response to Marie, enjoy your vacation!

    My Internet access will be limited for the next week. Given my comment above, I dont what anyone to think I jumped ship on David. 🙂

    • Thanks desertrat!! Time away from the internet is not such a bad thing at times. lol

      • Marie have a fabulous vacation and yes, being away from the internet for a while is a good thing. I alway love coming home and catching up with all things David, sometimes it’s even more fun, lol.

    • David is obviously following all the numerous rules of his Mormon mission so I think he did all that he could before he left. We will soon have new music from him soon to enjoy. After that we may not have much from him until he returns. I guess time will tell.

      • I must say, I am looking forward to the “rainbow” video as much as I am BEGIN. We get to check out D’s dance moves!

  9. Just want to say that I’m so grateful for Gladys’ story about seeing David! I was waiting with baited breath for her recap and it was so nice to relive those feelings of hearing him sing and meeting him. I don’t blame her one bit for taking perhaps her only opportunity to see him.

    I know everybody interprets pictures of him in their own way, but in the missionary photos I’ve seen, while he looks like he always has a nice smile, he looked a little tired at first (no wonder after a long flight), and then a little wary, like he’s trying to blend in, or like he’s just being nice to accommodate fellow missionaries. But the pictures meeting with the crowd after performing, speak for themselves–he’s just beaming. Looking at them, I don’t have any fears of him giving up performing after he returns.

    I’m also so grateful to JR for the snippets. I’m on summer break, and I don’t want to wish it away by longing for August 7 to come quickly, so it keeps me content to listen over and over to the 105 second excerpts, until I can have the entire song.

    • cc halo, I too was so happy for Glady’s experience. Yes, those pictures of him meeting with the crowd after peforming do speak for themselves–the glow…..that special gift needs to be given to the whole world not just a few people in Chile, imo. I just hope that whoever is in charge of David and his mission will realize that fact.

  10. i’ll take a lie with good intentions over facts delivered with the intent to hurt and shame a good person.

    and gladys, i hope you no longer feel you have to defend yourself. you and your niece followed your hearts and had a once in a lifetime experience. i’m sure the experience was meant to be.

  11. The person sometimes do crazy things for love or admiration, I have crossed the Andes, and do it again.

  12. Well…I’ve been away without internet access for quite some time. I was very excited to see and hear that one of David’s most loving fans was able to fulfill a dream of hearing him sing. I have read Gladys’s recap. I re-read it. I was quite impressed with the fact she checked to make sure she was “legal” to be there. It’s a sad state of affairs when we, as fellow fans give our opinions in such a way that diminish Gladys’s well-deserved and “legal” trip to Chile. I know feelings are tender about David’s decision. But, it was his decision. I honestly believe Gladys would never do anything even slightly invasive where David and his mission are concerned. This was a public event. Not anywhere in the picture did I see a David who was anything less than happy.
    Gladys, I thank you for sharing your awesome experience with us. I wish you nothing but the best for your October trip.

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