Ballad Boy Series #2: WYSYLM

Here’s another classic from the Idol Tour days, circa Salt Lake City:

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  1. goodkarmaseeker

    Now I’m smiling and crying. What an overwhelming experience that was for a very young David.
    I have to say I love hearing such a huge and cheering crowd. He deserved it. Thanks for this great trip back in time.

  2. Love this performance for the Hometown folks!! Great Response. He is so appreciative. Nice to get another Vlog today. David is following his heart !! Bless his heart!!

    • That vlog did me in….left me with such a heavy heart, when he said he didn’t understand why he had to go on a mission, but he knew he needed to go. I guess it will effect me more because I am not abroad of this whole mission thing.
      ALL organized religion is very POWERFUL! That’s all I have to say.

      • Kinda OT, but we just saw the King Tut exhibit in Seattle, and I was thinking just how POWERFUL their religion was to cause them to build those huge pyramids and to mummify the bodies and to bury immense fortunes and fine art, all from an unshakeable belief in how to achieve an afterlife.

  3. This was such a great moment among many. WYSYLM is the performance I always watched first during the Idols tour.

  4. I was so glad that Utah showed David the love that evening. I still remember reading posts at Rickey’s from those who were in attendance. Some said they could see the tears coming early on.

  5. Mariah Carey is coming to idol. Before you say, “who cares”, check this out. I wonder if David was the “source”. <– jk! 😉

    Mariah Carey was a “nightmare to work with” during her brief stint as a guest mentor on “American Idol” in 2008 — this according to sources on the show.

    Sources tell TMZ, Mariah — who made her mentor cameo on “Idol” Season 7 — was incredibly late for her shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” not very nice at all,” and ridiculously nitpicky about tiny details.

  6. Ok between today’s vlog and the video above, I’m done. Can’t understand why I’m feeling so sappy today.

    • In the words of David: “Look what he made you do.”

      Jokes aside, it’s rainy today where I am and the major news stories are rather overwhelming for me. The two videos have me feeling a little sappy too, wishing for brighter times.

  7. No, no, no. Do not post that video. lol. I don’t have enough kleenex boxes to make it through that one.

  8. RIP Sally Ride and Sherman Hemsley.

  9. And Michael Jackson’s daughter is posting family drama info on twitter. sounds familiar, lol.

    if you want to follow her (and the drama), go to: @ParisJackson)

  10. This still sounds good:

  11. BEGIN. clips are up; they use different segments of the songs (than what we’ve heard).

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