Taking a Blogcation! Soul David Series Re-Run Starts Today!

Hey there, Soul Davidians! 🙂

I’m excited to begin my official summer vacation today, which means I’ll be away from my blog for the next few weeks.

In the mean time, I’ll just leave you all with a nice “re-run” of another Soul David Series.

Because BEGIN. sounds like we’re getting BALLAD BOY back with a vengeance, I thought I would schedule in advance a series of posts highlighting this aspect of David, which I happen to believe is his BEST feature (not his weakness).

Also, in light of the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado yesterday, I couldn’t help but think: we ALL need to hear more of the Voice – to sooth and to comfort us.

To start us off, I thought I would begin with his classic performance from his Idol tour days. Remember this one?


Enjoy! I hope to be back in time for the release of BEGIN.! 🙂

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  1. Have a wonderful blogcation!

    Thanks for posting this “Angels”; it’s just what I need to start the day. I never get tired of “I look aboooove and I know I’ll always be blessed with love.”

  2. Thanks, HG. Enjoy your break!

    We ARE getting Ballad Boy back with BEGIN.! Maybe David can recapture some of the older fans from AI who thought he strayed too much from the singer they fell in love with on the show. No, right? lol I usually have one delusional fan moment per day.

    I wonder if David realizes now that his voice shines most in ballads? I’m thinking of the interview (or vlog??) where he said he wants to go back to emotionally, vocally driven songs. Does anybody remember that video?

  3. HG enjoy your vacation!

  4. Have a fabulous blogcation HG. Thank you for leaving ballad boy to keep us entertained until your return.

  5. Hope your vacation is as awesome as you are. I’ll miss your new posts but you DESERVE this.

  6. Many months ago at Myrtle Beach, some of us had a conversation with Jeff about David’s transition to what is called Adult Contemporary, but it would be a slow changeover. That night he sang “Blackbird” and a few others that turned our heads to the changes. A soap series and an album of Philippino love songs took some of his time since then, but he has had this move on his mind for a long time. He is a man on a mission and also a transition. I am very pleased that it has happened now.


    • Very interesting and good to know, SB. David’s voice was there years ago, but he had to be ready for such a move. He’s quite methodical. I remember watching a video of Jeff talking with fans about Desperate. He said he and David (for me that means D) didn’t want the song on the first album because they felt it was too mature. It was the type of song they felt he could sing a few years down the line.

      Also, SB, was it you who said you had a discussion with an industry insider who had great things to say about David and how he’s perceived in the biz? If so, could we coax you into sharing soon? lol

      • Yes, SB i would love to hear what an industry insider said about David.

      • The snippets have been sent to him but they were the 20 second ones. I am going to send the 90 second ones tonight. He drives back to Vegas on Sundays after writing or doing videos on the weekend in LA.

        If anyone has a particular question please tell me and I will ask him after he has had them a few days. You don’t know whether they have seen them on their own or not. That would be interesting in itself.


      • Thanks! Would love to hear what he thinks.

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