David Talks about BEGIN.!

And the surprises keep rolling in! 🙂 (Thanks for sharing, Astrid!)


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  1. So nice to see this! I just wish it was longer; perhaps there are more of these to come. Re. the BEGIN. contest, last night I dreamed that I sketched a picture, submitted it and won! 😀

  2. Go for it desertrat…

    You had a dream, I had an encounter. David makes strange things happen.


  3. David sounds so mature here,,,,

  4. I thought the little contest on the OS was a bit lame, but looks like lots of Archies are submitting entries. It can’t be because of big prizes. It makes me happy that David has such supportive fans.
    new attachment to BEGIN photo contest!


    Note: Because of the popularity of this contest, we had to create a new email address to handle submissions. If you sent your photo to fans and got a “mailbox full” warning, you should send it again to contest Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting David and BEGIN.

    • grammyj, thought the same thing, but I guess any promo is a good thing.
      Again thinking in terms of promoting, David saying it was easy listening might have some people think it’s boring and from the snippets it’s anything but boring. I’m thinking it might be the best album to date from our man.

      • I agree. I believe it will be his best vocals on an album and the production seems to be top-notch. Of course, these are all proven, hit songs except for Broken. I know I will love this album, and I hope that others will hear about it and buy it too.

  5. begin album promotion

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