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  1. Beautiful article HG. Thank you for expressing exactly what I’m feeling, but would never be able to express myself as eloquently as you.

  2. Great post Hg! Your excitement for Broken has helped ignite mine even more! I respect your critiques and know that as much as you love David, you always give honest evaluations of his work and songs.

  3. HG, ITA! Actually I have a confession, Broken is really my favorite, I just wanted to make sure Pride got a vote, because it’s my second favorite, so that’s what I voted for.

  4. HG, ITA Great article.

    THIS > “Seriously? What genius are we idolizing here? What greatness are we witnessing here? He continues to justify my dedication as a fan and my faith in his brilliance. Can’t wait for what lies ahead!”

    THIS is why I am here. Because deep down, I KNOW it’s coming. I am always watching … and waiting … for what I know will be something unexpected and extraoridinary.

  5. My David ODD never left, but it got worse with hearing the clips for BEGIN. Broken is magical and I can’t wait to hear the whole song. David’s vocals on all the songs is just fantastic. Really there are no words to describe it. I also love the production I hear on the clips. Kudos to Kurt Bestor and John Hancock. David should work with them again. David’s duet partner’s voice is remarkable too. I am just happy about the whole album. If David had to go away for us to get this great music then I’m not so sad that he left any more.

  6. Amen! Soooo true.
    “And he gave us BEGIN. Seriously? What genius are we idolizing here? What greatness are we witnessing here?
    He continues to justify my dedication as a fan and my faith in his brilliance.”

  7. I enjoyed your article very much HG…

    I would like to know from anyone what you think that ‘Broken’ is all about. I am guessing that there will be differences of opinions, but that would be good too!

    Thank heavens he is away from the imaginary world. I hope he stays true to himself.
    One can try to fabricate him into someone he is not, but why?


    • I’ ve been thinking about what “Broken” might mean. It’s hard for me to make out the lyrics but when he says ” I never want to open up your heart/eyes”, maybe he’s saying I don’t want to hurt you or put you on the defense by exposing your insecurities. But to heal, even though its painful, one has to open up and address those things or they will hold you back.

      It reminds me of the line from the song by Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget Abot Me”: “I won’t harm you, touch your defenses, vanity and security.”

      • Back when I thought David had written the lyrics, I was thinking of the tour he did with Demi Lovato not long before her meltdown and during a time when she was rumored to be cutting. The words seem so compassionate and I remember his supportive tweet to her when her new album–UNBROKEN– came out. Guess that’s pretty far out speculation.

  8. What a wonderful post!! Thank you HG. Like others, I once again have to commend your writing skills

  9. HG, I love this post! We all know of David’s vocal prowess but maybe another aspect of his musical brilliance lies in his ability to convey messages and evoke feelings via melodies and music arrangements.

  10. Broken sounds like a beautiful song and I look forward to hearing the whole album. It will be fun to go running to it!

  11. I still haven’t listened to Broken, but it’s interesting to me that everyone loves the song but doesn’t know what it’s about. I know that’s possible because I loved the song “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” for years before I understood it.

    Broken promises, broken dreams, broken heart — it doesn’t sound like it’s any of these.

  12. Love the vlog, but that contest is kinda pre-teenish and imo, doesn’t really go with the album. picture of puppies, kittens newborn babies are all very cute, not a mature theme like I think BEGIN. has. Oh well, I might be the only one that has this feeling. In fact, I should just be happy that at least something is happening.

  13. I can hear some of Eva Cassidy’s ‘Danny Boy’ in the bars of music that accompanied his video, especially in the last bars. There will be more to the video I am guessing.


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