Different Preview of BEGIN.

Thanks for sharing this video, Astrid! 🙂

OK, Time for a NEW POLL now that we have longer snippet versions. I’m curious to see if you would vote differently based on these previews. 😉



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  1. Still love Broken the most, no matter who wrote it, David’s devine voice is hauntingly beautiful! Hearing the longer snippets makes me even more excited about BEGIN.

  2. Kari says that David didn’t write the lyrics to Broken–I had assumed that he did. i’m still interested to hear the story about it though.

  3. Not listening to snippets. I hope I can hold out until August.

  4. “Broken” is still my fav but “Pride” is a close second. For some of the songs, I never really liked the original but David is making me give them a second chance, LOL.

    From the previous thread, thanks to those of you who shared how to switch to another country in iTunes. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from this fanbase. 🙂

  5. I love all the songs. anon, you have a lot of self-control. I listened to all the clips as soon as I knew about them. The 90 second clips are a little bit of heaven. David’s vocals are stellar. There was a post on AFS that has disappeared so I can’t link it. Janey had asked Dean Kaelin about the recording of BEGIN. Dean helped David warm up his voice and was at one of the recording sessions. He said this:
    “David’s tone, interpretation, pitch and control were so great that each take sounded like it was ready for the album This is EXTREMELY unusual in today’s music world.”
    ………”The fact that David did this so quickly will definitely give the album more of a ‘LIVE’ and an honest feeling.” He said that David recorded the vocals in two weeks.

    Kari said that BEGIN. will be on U.S. iTunes soon. David wrote the music for Broken but someone else wrote the lyrics. He did this while in the Philippines! How could he fit that in with all the other things he was doing there?

  6. These long snippets are AMAZING~ My favorite is Still Somewhere Only we know.
    After that- WOW I am so loving Beautiful and Angel. i ADORE the part of Broken that I guess is the chorous? I-eyeyeye never…. amazing chord progression and lyrics and KILLER voice- so sensitive.
    His voice on Angel is sooooo goood also. He really put alot of love in these songs.

    In my dream- Somewhere Only we know is released- Radio people fall in love with it- as you see they don’t want money or dinners or stuff from label execs but want to play a really cool song, with an amazing voice that their viewers will enjoy. And they don’t care David cannot come around and promote and they are not interested in silly games and yes,,,,,,, PIGS FLY! haha…

    • lolol Nothing wrong with dreaming! 🙂 I’ve voted for Beautiful the last two times because D really put his spin/flavor on it. If this were an album featuring the original artists I would definitely go with SOWK.

      • Yeah we can dream but radio-play is not going to happen, except in Asia. Only in Asia do the radio people actually play David’s music. They have good taste there. Here it’s all about the party songs. Oh, well, I will enjoy this music a lot and can’t wait to hear the complete songs.

  7. oops- did not complete my thought above- I can’t tell for sure yet on Broken where it is going- so the jury is a bit out- but something to really look forward to….

    • Yeah, I’m not sure where the lyrics are going on Broken yet, but I love it so far. The chord progression and melody is just beautiful. I could even use the over-used “awesome” to describe it. I don’t care if David didn’t write the lyric because I think he did a great job on the music. He will still get a co-write on it since he wrote the music. I think it’s really hard to write a fantastic song so it’s good to have some help.

  8. I actually have to seperate Broken from all the other songs in the album. The otrher songs are proven iconic songs that were megia hits and Broken is new. I do still love Broken the most, but love all the other songs, of course. Now of all of David’s original songs, I think (love the snippets already) Broken will be my favorite by far.

  9. hell0g0rge0us

    Have you all visited this link to the preview downloads?

  10. I know that I have commented before about wishing the original song from BEGIN. would somehow become a hit, but I’m realistic and I know that possibilty is a far fetched. Now after hearing the long version of Broken, GAH!! to me, from the snippet, it’s so hauntingly beautiful that it really is such a shame that only a small group of people will enjoy this stunning piece.

    • That’s how I feel too!

    • Me too, but aren’t we lucky that we are the fortunate ones that will get to enjoy this song and the whole album. I guess never say never, maybe David will come back from Chile, sign with a major label who pushes the song to radio and it becomes a hit. Not likely to happen, but it has a tiny possibility. The song could be used for some other purpose like in a movie or T.V. show. Anyway, I know I will love the song and will play it repeatedly.

  11. Did you read Dean Kaelin’s comments on AFS? It seems David is always recording at the 11th hour, and he only had partial musical arrangements to work with. How common is that? At the same time, I know I’ve seen a pic of him recording w/musicians so….

    Also, he used a songwriter in the Philippines for the one original track. Did this songwriter write Broken for David mid January – February 2012? Does anyone know?

    • Per a tweet by Kari, David did not write the lyrics but he wrote the music. He worked with the lyricist while he was in the Philippines. I’m not sure that means the person he worked with was from the Philippines or he worked with someone long distance.

      Yes, David does seem to do most of his recording at the last minute. Maybe he works better under pressure. The only album he recorded where he had some time was TOSOD. All the others he’s recorded quickly under pressure. Even the TOSOD Asian Edition he had to record fast.

    • I love the fangirls at the Devotional! It was nice to see D looking happy shaking hands. I saw lots of cameras.

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