Nearly 60% Voted for “Broken” as “Favorite Snippet”!

Thanks for taking the latest poll! 🙂


Here’s the full Soundcloud for BEGIN.


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  1. Not surprised, love Broken snippet. If the song is as good as the snippet, it will be the song I have been waiting for from David. The wait begins agaiin, lol.

  2. i can tell that the full version of “broken” will have me in tears. i so look forward to seeing the lyrics and interpreting the message david is trying to convey.

  3. I think we were all holding our breath before the Broken snippet was released wondering if it would be good. When I heard it I was overjoyed with how great it sounded. All the other songs are proven hits so it says something that 60% of us voted for “Broken” as our favorite.

  4. jackryan recently uploaded this clip of david’s arrival in Jakarta. what memories ….

  5. From a U.S. perspective, below is a list of TV’s 20 most powerful moments. Whitney’s death is listed at #11. My local radio station is asking “Why no mention of Michael Jackson’s death?” Like a true Archie, I’m also wondering, “Why no mention of D’s “Imagine” performance?”

    Here are the top 20 events, according to the survey:

    1. Sept. 11 tragedy (2001)
    2. Hurricane Katrina (2005)
    3. O.J. Simpson verdict (1995)
    4. Challenger space shuttle disaster (1986)
    5. Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)
    6. O.J. Simpson white Bronco chase (1994)
    7. Earthquake in Japan (2011)
    8. Columbine High School shootings (1999)
    9. BP oil spill (2010)
    10. Princess Diana’s funeral (1997)
    11. Death of Whitney Houston (2012)
    12. Capture and execution of Saddam Hussein (2006)
    13. Barack Obama’s acceptance speech (2008)
    14. The Royal Wedding (2011)
    15. Assassination of John F. Kennedy (1963)
    16. Oklahoma City bombing (1995)
    17. Bush/Gore election results (2000)
    18. L.A. riots (1992)
    19. Casey Anthony verdict (2011)
    20. Funeral of John F. Kennedy (1963)

  6. Re. Gladys, I just saw this on “The Voice”, post #84. Periodically she posts on this site too. I’m very happy that she will David in concert and I’ll be lurking on “The Voice” chat tonight to see what she has to say.

    “In other breaking news, Gladys arrived in Chile yesterday and stopped in to Unplugged to chat with us. She is in a nice hotel and said she feels like a queen. Her view of the Andes from the plane was breathtaking. She says she will take many pictures of the country while there. So far she is calm about attending the devotional event.

    The plan is that she will come back to Unplugged after the event, around 10pm edt tonight.”

  7. Here’s a fuzzy picture that was posted on twitter of David from the Devotional

  8. Here’s another picture from Chile: VaniaAndrea ‏@DimeSavania

    Hoy conoci a David Archuleta @DavidArchie

  9. And one more picture. He has a big smile on his face!
    ***NEW PIC ***

  10. Open iTunes and change your country to German or Mexico or Japan. Search David Archuleta BEGIN…. You can listen to longer version of the snippets 🙂

    • Wow, the 90 second versions are GREAT! The DGU duet is with Utah singer Libby Linton. I especially adore Pride in this longer version.

    • Everybody Hurts! So lovely. And I’m fascinated by the Broken lyrics–and it’s even more gorgeous than I thought from the shorter version.

      Thanks so much, Junnie!

    • Thanks, Junnie!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      How do you change your country on iTunes? And WHY oh WHY does Germany, Mexico, and Japan have longer versions of BEGIN than we do in the U.S.? Ugh!

  11. Can someone explain how to change your country in iTunes? I checked under “Preferences”, etc., and can’t find it. Thanks in advance.

  12. Here’s how I changed the country in my iTunes (I’m on an iMac). I opened the iTunes store and then scrolled down to the bottom on the right and clicked on the circular US flag; that led me where I needed to be to make the change.

  13. I listened to the longer snippets on iTunes France. They are all so great and I really really love the Broken one. I hope it will be promoted more to a larger public because this album sounds really great just from the snippets.

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