What is Your Favorite Snippet from BEGIN.?

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  1. David had me at “I” , Broken all the way. Now to wait and see if the love fest continues after hearing the whole song…..so excited to hear the whole album.

  2. Wow, so far over 60% voting on the poll have picked Broken. I picked it too. I love the little snippet. I always thought that David had it in him to write a beautiful melody because of “Falling” that he wrote at fourteen. I love the haunting melody of that song. I hope I love Broken even more when I hear the whole thing.

  3. I really love his voice in all these snippets. Broken, Somewhere Only We Know, and Don’t Give up are the 3 I keep listening to over and over although I like all of them!

  4. “Broken” and “Everybody Hurts.”

  5. hell0g0rge0us

    My favorites are definitely “Broken,” “Beautiful” and “True Colors.” Can’t get enough of them! CANNOT WAIT for the album! 😛

  6. goodkarmaseeker

    “Broken, “True Colors,” “Everybody Hurts,” and “Angel”!!! I want them all, right now.
    I haven’t yet ordered my cds and am waiting a little to make my decision. Has everyone else ordered?

  7. “Broken,” “Everybody Hurts,” and “True Colors.” Is it Aug. 7th yet?

  8. “Broken” and “Somewhere Only We Know” are my fav snippets. Re. the CD, I haven’t ordered one yet. I’ll download from iTunes and pick up a CD on the day the album is released.

    A fan or two will be attending D’s concert on Sunday. I can’t wait to hear their updates!

    • Me too. I don’t think we will get a video of it but I know we will get a detailed report from Gladys from Argentina who is going.

  9. Haven’t been in this neck of the woods for awhile, just want to give a quick wave.
    “Broken” by singer, songwriter David Archuleta….sounds exquisite.
    Going just by snippets, “Broken,” “Beautiful,” “Everybody Hurts” fav three.

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in on JB discussion from previous thread. Based solely on the very little I’ve seen (and I mean very little), the kids just find him “cool” or “bad” or “rad” or whatever the term is today – cute, flirty, he dances, hip hop style clothes, sings about girls and love (most don’t care if he can sing or not), cute celebrity girlfriend, sings about girls and love…has a tattoo that shows he’s a good guy and flashes an occasional middle finger for those who don’t want him to be too goody goody. Not to mention you started from day one with Usher and the big dogs behind you, and you’re willing to go along with the dog and pony show, seems it would be tough not to become a megastar.

    Hope we get some word soon on Gladys’s Great Adventure.

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