My Expectations for BEGIN.

I find it interesting some of the conversations had on this blog in terms of BEGIN.‘s sales prospects and the like. I’m just glad the pre-order sales are so impressive. But do I have any expectations for decent sales for BEGIN.?


It’s not about my lowering expectations or anything. I think I just accept this music project for what it is: a love letter to David’s fans and an attempt to heal us and appease us with some “new” music while he’s away on a two-year mission.

If it does well, great. If it doesn’t, then that’s on us, his fans, and not anyone else (not #MIC, not new management, not the local label or whoever is putting out this album).

I mean, when you think about it, there really is nothing to get that excited about for this album if you’re a casual music buyer. For the average Archie, most certainly!

I can’t wait to hear the full versions of “Everybody Hurts” and “True Colors” for example, but just from the snippets, I’m hearing nothing completely unique in either musical arrangements or in David’s vocal improvs (which is news to me).  There is some “magic” missing – no goosebump moment for me yet (then again, how much can I judge from 20-second material?).

I’m just glad we’ll be getting new music, even if they’re mostly covers, from The Voice, but I’m also aware that this rushed job to give us music to tide us over is not going to have any real magical touches. I simply appreciate the gesture to give us something to remember him by.

So, while we hope for great sales (on an album of covers, in which the musical arrangements are not that different? Really?), I think it’s prudent that we all just focus on getting ourselves a copy and enjoy it on that personal level. If you’re a fan, of course you’ll buy it. But if you’re not already a fan, I see no reason why this would be a deal-breaker.

So why wring our hands about sales?

I think we will always have “Crush” as our continued measuring stick. David hit the top of the Billboard charts as soon as his very first single hit the airwaves. Alas, that highly successful moment (when David had 19 management and Jive behind him right out the gate after Idol) has made us aim high whenever he has new music to promote. I think I’m resigned to realizing that the professional folks behind him at that time were invested in striking while the iron was hot as far as their popular Idol runner-up, but after that initial moment, they were done.

Everything else was up to David (note that once he switched management, promotion got harder). It is what it is.

Maybe David will invest in professional management when he returns (it’s the only way he’ll get maximum exposure), maybe he won’t. It depends on how bad he wants that mainstream success.

And it has nothing to do with his faith (have you seen that ridiculous Jesus tattoo on Justin Bieber’s leg? The Anti-David puts his faith out there more than David, and that certainly hasn’t deterred his international popularity).

I’m just glad to have some new music with this BEGIN., and I’m still withholding judgment on what I think about the album until I hear the full covers and the original song. But projecting sales? Why would I do that?

Honestly, I don’t care.  There’s no “sign” we need to measure if sales are good or bad. The man behind the music isn’t even available to promote his new music. We his fans are, and so far, it looks like we’re doing a good job on Twitter and other social media.

I respect that David is putting this part of his life on hold to do what he must, and again, I totally love him and respect him for doing what he could before leaving to give of himself.

That’s what BEGIN. is about. Nothing more, nothing less.


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  1. It’s been awhile since I posted. I have been enjoying the wilds of New Zealand. Being so far away, and getting totally out of my routine, helped me totally emotionally detach from anything surrounding David and just enjoy his music. I’ve been listening to his music more than I have in many months. His voice is very comforting to hear down here! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the insightful article, Hg. It did make me a little sad that you have such low reviews of the snippets and of course, you are intitled to your opinion. I for one love them and I do feel David’s emotions. IMO, changing up the arranagement might of needed way more time and I really think that David wouldn’t change a already perfect song, just make it more his own interpretation by how the song makes him feel.

    From what you said we should be prepare to have this album trashed, if, of course, anyone wants to even bother trashing it. Oh I sure hope you are wrong.

  3. hell0g0rge0us

    Good to hear from you, Freo! 🙂 New Zealand sounds like fun!

    CQ, the snippets sound fine, just not out-of-this-world fine (yes, I still hold high expectations for David musically, even if I lowered my expectations sales-wise).

  4. New Zealand is a beautiful country! There are some David fans here, but I will not have time to meet them. Next time!

  5. Oh, and how could I forget Glad Christmas Tidings!! 🙂

    That “Silent Night” is just completely and utterly untouchable!

    • oh hg, the live one, the live one the live one was OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. i’ve not heard definitively which performance was used on the cd but the live performance of silent night on sunday morning, the last performance of the show, the culmination in my mind….just without words.

      there was a man near me there with his wife and family with tears rolling down his face after that song. and we had to sit there in utter silence after the last echo of david’s voice faded away because they had made a special request before he sang that they really needed a clean recording and to hold all applause until they gave the all clear at the end. as crazy as it sounds, i think that made it even more amazing. instead of focusing on clapping or yelling or saying “wow did you hear that???” we all just sat there, feeling it after. i can’t.

      sorry, i try not to get on a gush too often but you mentioning silent night just brought it all back. and to think that after finding out my “lucky ticket” i won in the lottery was ~just~ for the sunday morning performance i was kind of disappointed. i mean, i knew how very lucky i was to have my name drawn at all for a motab ticket since so many wanted to go but a tiny part of me was like, um sunday morning? isn’t that when they just do parts of the show and its not all together like the 3 evening performances?? wow. i could not have been more wrong. and i’ve never been happier to be wrong. sometimes fate knows us better than we know ourselves 😉

      ok. gushing over. i promise.

    • Yes!! Mam!! ..and I was fortunate enough to be there!! The GCT DVD is the greatest too!!

  6. Not getting focused on Sales either. Love that David left this gift for us!! Loving the Clips!! Loving the Buzz David is getting even though he has been gone for 105 days. (Whose counting? ha!)
    Thanks for your perspective HG!! Happy for David that he is getting to sing. Devotional Concert July 15!
    Some of your favorites are the same as mine. Let’s face it David LIVE is best. Hopefully he’ll record a LIVE album some day. Of course GCT is LIVE and Contigo was LIVE. The MKOC was LIVE. Rumor has it that someone was Filming one of the Eastern MKOC. Would love to see a DVD of that!!

  7. P.S. So thankful that Fan Sites are still active and Much more Accepting these days!!! Thanks HG!

  8. HG is so right. I’ve been trying to imagine any other artist putting out an album of covers–would I buy it? Nope, not at all likely. I’m only insane for this artist. (I do really like the arrangement on the Pride clip, without the twangy guitars of the original).

  9. Reality tells me the numbers won’t be good, but the delusional stan in me can’t help but dream. lol Been loving the snippets. D’s voice was obviously in a good place during recording.

  10. We Are Beautiful!! David says so :)) #9 posted

  11. All the cover snippets are out. So glad David didn’t go the Christina original version route with Beautiful, so far loving it…I’m so intrigued and so excited to hear the full album. Now I wonder if we will get a snippet of Broken.
    As much as I’m enjoying the preview of the songs, I’m kinda wondering why all them so soon, especially if there is no plans for promos. I just hope the high level of excitement from the fans continue until we all start spazzing over hearing the album.

    • I agree cq. Based on the snippets, I think I’m really going to enjoy the different arrangements on Beautiful and True Colors.

  12. hell0g0rge0us

    I will admit: “Beautiful” is definitely my favorite of the snippets:

  13. All so interesting. Now that many have accepted David’s religious faith I suppose anyone else’s is ridiculous especially if it is another singer who is younger, very different from David, rolling in the millions heaven only knows why and is performing worldwide. Oh I forgot, his humanitarian efforts are all fake and self-serving. I suppose that a tattoo of Jesus on the back of his leg must be then, ridiculous. What would anyone say if it was on the back of David’s leg?? Dang the millions of people who have been entertained around the world by going to one of JB’s concerts. They must have rocks in their heads! They need a wake-up call! They could all be waiting with us for David for two years or more! What is wrong with them?

    If David was here with us now, on tours, on tv & talk shows would people still be so hateful towards another singer? How are these fans of his so blind? They must have it all wrong!

    The two singers can not really be compared so why do we care so much, why do we notice, why are we so very critical?

    No one has written for David a song that is enormous like BOTW, unfortunately! Those are the calibre of songs that match David’s voice but that is my opinion. That may be why it is so exciting to hear him sing and the words convey the messages that he wants to give. Going out on another limb here, but having David sing love songs is not who David is to me anyway. I know that because he doesn’t write love songs of that nature.

    He raised the bar for himself!


    • Excuse me…’that is the calibre of songs…

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Eh, I think the Bieb’s Jesus tattoo is ridiculous, IMO. And if David had one, I’d call that ridiculous too! But something tells me David wouldn’t.

  14. Good point about the No-Talent Kid.

    • Maybe not the talent there, but he is entertaining the fans in his own way, obviously.

      • I guess fans compare David to Bieber because he came along right after David and got the big fame that we thought David would have, but didn’t get. David got the hit with “Crush” because of Jive and his first management firm with was not 19M just to correct HG, not that anyone probably cares. 19 M never managed David. Of course, JB does not have the vocal talent that David does, but JB does have a certain charisma and had management that got him noticed. I don’t think David ever wanted that kind of fame. It’s really does no good to compare singers, and we can love many singer not just David.

      • I agree with your post hg. Great Points! grammyj is right that 19Management never managed David but 19Recordings was very involved in his debut album. #mic and Azoff mismanaged David after AI. lol I actually like the snippits. I am honestly not a big fan of David’s Christmas album. I am aware that my opinion is in the minority on that and I hesitate admitting it. lol His voice was amazing on it but I would rather have had the efforts at the time put into his second pop album. Love the arrangement on Beautiful.

  15. It is a good thing that vocal ability wasn’t the only marker for a successful singer when Johnny Cash was around or he would have had jail as the highlight of his life.


  16. IMO, his most striking quality is his phenomenal lack of any talent, which is why I find the hype to be annoying and try to avoid it as best I can (which has nothing to do with any artist I like).

  17. Imo, being a successful singer doesn’t always mean you have to be able sing well, you do need to have what the masses want…I will give JB props for having such chrasima and know how to entertain. David is in another league altogether.
    I really hope that David is able to let loose and except his senuality and bring it to the stage. If he is able to do that, with his genius vocals, he will be unstoppable. BTW, by senuality I don’t mean sex.

  18. no expectations-on a personal level just really excited for some new and newly covered pieces… but gotta be honest that I will be pleased if sales are respectable enough to show David still a viable force in the music industry, even during his absence.

  19. My daughter and some of her college-age friends LOVE JB (and David, too, for that matter) so I can’t rag on someone who’s given them so much joy and fun. SB’s right that not every musician needs to be judged on pure vocal talent. I admit that my daughter’s crowd skews younger and less sophisticated than many college students, but who’s to say that one person’s taste is right and another’s is wrong. It’s music, not brain surgery.

    However, I do think the tattoo is pretty ridiculous. Jesus is looking up at Beiber’s rear end.

    I was kind of phased to see that BEGIN. is on the Amazon Easy Listening list. Have I gotten that old now? I like easy listening? When did that happen?

    • Bieber isn’t the only singer wearing different things.

    • CC – I thought the same thing about the Easy Listening but I think it was re-categorized. That was just the first day or so, I believe. When I look now I see it under Adult Contemporary and Vocal Pop. But honestly Amazon confuses me with how they categorize things. And then they don’t clearly label the item with that they’ve categorized it as…you have to find it on a ranking list to even know how its categorized. They used to have clickable genre tags at the bottom of the page.

  20. I an glad to know that I’m not the only one that thought Johnny Cash couldn’t sing!

  21. As David fans we are lucky because he has recorded FIVE albums in four years and that doesn’t even count the MOTAB CD where he was the featured soloist. Very few artists record that quickly. I am looking forward to BEGIN. because David will be singing great songs, and I love covers. I like Glee, Smash, AI, and the other singing competitions and where covers are featured. Ok, I also loved David’s pop albums, CFTH and the OPM album. The OPM album was covers too but since I never heard any of those before it was new music to me. What can I say, I love music and David is all about the music.

    • …and to that I say Amen GrammyJ. David was also featured singer on Orla Fallon’s Album and threw in some Fan Packs along the way. Like you Forevermore was new music to me and David sang them beautifully. Loving the clips and so looking forward to BEGIN. We are Beautiful…David told us so!!

      Oh and if something leaks from the Devotional concert July 15th, I won’t be disappointed.

  22. LOL, at the Johnny Cash comments. I know he wasn’t the best singer but I liked the way he presented his stories thru music.

    Also, count me as another who won’t be upset if something leaks from the 7/15 Devotional concert. 🙂

  23. I did like Johnny Cash. He is actually popular with younger fans. My nephew loves him. His version of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails was great. Now to me a certain recent past winner of AI is not a good country singer.

  24. i have to agree with peter on (jb) wish they would call him an enteanier instead of a singer,MG he can,t even lip sinck,i even spell better than he sings HA HA,bet he could,nt pull off a tour by himself like david does ,

    • Ray, not even David could pull off a world tour as big as the ‘entertainer’s’ but then he doesn’t want to. In so many ways you just can’t compare so why bother?


  25. The album BEGIN. has me a little confused. If David wanted to just leave music for his fans and was not really wanting to make money why didn’t he just record 24 vlogs of him singing a song and have Kari release a vlog every month. So my point is if you are going go through the trouble to recording an album why wouldn’t you want to make as many sales as possible, so why not a few promotions at least.?!?!?!

    • My take is that maybe he wanted to leave something special for his fans AND sell as many copies as realistically possible. Perhaps his team estimates that there isn’t be a huge return on investment if they spend a lot of money marketing a CD of covers to the general public.

      • I agree. He needs to at least cover his expenses in putting the album out. Hopefully make some profit too.
        Also, even though someone else is tending the shop, he still as a business to maintain and employees to pay.

  26. We seem to be thinking that totally discrediting another human being will make something better for the one we like but it has no value, it doesn’t change anything or I should say doesn’t make it any better.

    • Really thinking someone is a good entertainer, but not that good of a singer is not really discrediting them, but thinking of thim in a different way. There are a lot of singers that are more entertainers and not so much great singers, but that doesn’t matter, they are making billions of dollars at making people feel good with what they have to offer.
      I happen to think that David’s strength is first and foremost his singing, entertainer second. Now if he would bring up his entertainment factor to the caliber of his singing, now we have something, lol.

      • I am sure that David’s team wants to make money on the album! I agree with your view that JB is an entertainer. He did go on a world tour selling lots of tickets to many screaming girls who love him he is a big teen idol.

        Anyway where is the snippet of Broken?? I’ve been waiting all day. I can’t wait to hear it.

  27. hell0g0rge0us

    Gee, Sandy Beaches, you’ve been coming to the defense of Justin Bieber lately. What gives? Just wondering is all, as this seems to be a recent thing – seeing as Bieber bashing is hardly a new phenomenon either here on SD or elsewhere on the Internet.

  28. sandy not compareing at all ,now if david went with all the bacj=k up dancers,and all the bell and whistle he would pull off a world tour,more then once lets wait and see what the beb does now,the fact is he the beb can,t sing,have you been to more then one of bebs concerts ????

    • There are just so many talented young struggling music artists that deserve the success more than JB does IMO. It is not just about David to me but that is the way the music business is. I think Biebs is a good teen idol for 14 year old teenage girls but other than that forget it. lol I actually think One Direction is better because to me they can at least sing and are good entertainers for the teen girls. lol

  29. my evening is now complete!!!! “broken” is up!!!!! 🙂

  30. HOLY MOLY……………I LOVE BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Snippet sounds amazing…. but way too short!

    • For some reason, it sounds like 2 secs and not 20, lol. I can’t wait to hear the whole song!

  32. Broken is much too short but WOW! What a falsetto! 🙂

    • If the rest of Broken is as good as the 20 second snippet, we are in for a treat. I loved what I heard!!

  33. Oh! My!! That Cry in his Voice!! Can’t wait for the whole thing 🙂

  34. Wow. Very different from his “Elevator” falsetto.

  35. That snippet was frustrating, I need to hear MORE…

  36. re. “Broken”, someone tweeted: The word “I” never sounded so beautiful!

    i concur! 🙂

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