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Check out this promotional video put together by JR:

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    • “Everybody Hurts” sounds amazing. Judging from the snippet, BOTW is my least favorite arrangement so far.

      • Cannot wait to hear the full version of EH.

      • Peter, I have to agree with you. Everybody Hurts does sound amazing, can’t wait to hear it. But I was very disappointed with that snippet of Bridge over Troubled Water, partially because it was one I was really looking forward to hearing, and I really don’t like that arrangement… orchestra is way too heavy, and it gives a completely different vide.

    • I love them ALL!!! So far, by all the snippets, so much better than I expected and I expected it to be awesome.

  1. I like them all but my favorites so far are definitely “Somewhere Only We Know “and” Everybody Hurts”. Really like those snippets the best so far. My guess is I will also like Pride (In The Name Of Love).

  2. Love them all and will CRAVE hearing them LIVE!! Love the Production with David’s Voice being front and center!! Bring on the rest!!

  3. I wonder if it is possible that BEGIN. will have good mainstream success or am I reading to much into the fan excitement? It really would be unreal, especially without a label, but it really doesn’t matter to me, I know I’m going to love every single note.

    • No, I’ve wondered the same. 🙂 And I wonder if that’s why there’s been such a steady stream of snippets – there’s been decent buzz. I mean the stats on Deseret and Walmart don’t lie. I don’t recall TOSOD sitting pegged on the bestseller list like that. Time will tell, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the first week sales for Begin are higher than TOSOD, though I’ll admit I have no expectations of it.

      It all boggles my mind, really, but sometimes I feel like the mission situation has actually led to more interest in David.

      • I really don’t anticipate first week sales of BEGIN to be higher than TOSOD. While Jive’s promo royally sucked there was at least a little national exposure with it and David did the radio show tour leading up to the album release. With this album, I have yet to see any promo outside of some signs in Deseret Book and the snippets being posted on the usual AI blogs. I’m also not sure how many retailers will have the physical CD or even if it will be on iTunes.

        Online sales at Walmart account for a very small percentage of overall sales. While its definitely not a bad thing to see him ranked highly there, I wouldn’t take it as an overall indication of big sales.

        Having said that, I think it would be awesome if he was able to get decent sales out of this album. I also think it has the potential to grow if they market it correctly. We’ll see how it all goes.

        Since we’re talking about sales, there’s this idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while. I have no idea if it might be correct but I almost wonder if maybe they don’t WANT this album promoted much? Not like they don’t want people to buy it but more like they want the fans to know its there so they can access it and people who visit Deseret since they made the album but maybe they’re not aiming for any real outside promo? I was just thinking maybe in conjunction with David being on his mission if it would feel almost…um…gauche to widely promote an album at a time when he’s supposed to be sacrificing his “real life” and focusing on the mission?

        As I’ve said before, I’m not LDS so I’m not completely familiar with all the particulars of mission psychology but I’ve been watching comments on the Deseret Book FB page and their twitter in response to their posts about the album. Obviously their audience skews very heavily to LDS followers. And I’ve seen comments from people not just wondering how he’s releasing an album while on a mission (which can be explained) but why he’s able to. Some of them seem kinda ticked about it — like it shouldn’t be allowed and David’s is getting special treatment. It confuses me honestly. I mean, to me David’s sacrifice comes in being physically away for 2 years. But some of these people seem to feel like that means his career should be shut down during that time too. Like he’s not making the proper sacrifice or something. Sigh. I don’t know. And maybe I’m reading more into these few comments than I should since I tend to be quite defensive of David lol.

        Maybe if we have some LDS commenters they could weigh in on this. Does it seem wrong that David is releasing an album, and essentially making money, while he’s on his mission? Is it just the money thing that’s bothering people? Is there some kind of rule about that?

  4. That’s a nice promo clip that JackRyan put together. Somewhere Only We Know is my fav so far.

    Someone tweeted this yesterday … a David and Cook karaoke CD. 🙂

    “Two David’s with Love: Songs in the style of David Cook and David Archuleta (Karaoke CDG)”

  5. I wonder how accurate it is to judge a song only hearing it for 20 seconds on whether you like it, love it or not prefer it at all? We haven’t heard any of the beginnings or endings or much at all really. David will not be fully understood until a few more years have past, maybe 4 more. He is not a common artist but the opposite.


  6. Sany Beaches, I agree about the snippets. Sometimes the songs you think you like the least are the ones you like the best once you hear the hole song. I also agree that David is not a common artist. Why do you think it will take up to 4 yrs before David is understood? Do you mean for him to mature and figure out where he wants to go with his music.

    • It will take nearly two years to get home, then a bit more to get where he wants to go. Although, he has plenty of time to figure that during his down time right now. I know that there is little time where he is but he is proving quite nicely that he can multitask.

      Sometimes I think that we are slow to change from what we see as the norm to ever believe that someone being different just might have it right.

      • This is true. One thing I always admired about David is the fact that he does things his way, what he feels is right, no matter what the norm may be.

  7. Re-reading my super long post above (lol sorry about that) and I just wanted to add that the sales aspect is not something I’m really concerned about with this album. I think it will sell just fine for its intention and will at least break even. Pretty sure that sales were not the focus on this one at all.

    And hang on while I spazz about the all the snippets!! David’s voice is sounding pretty amazing on all the clips we’ve heard. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT. Can’t wait to hear the last two! 😀

    Thanks for the link, Peter!

    • Haven’t noticed any of the comments you are referring to on DeseretBook Facebook or Twitter. One question surfaced to Kurt Bestor on Facebook and when he assured the gentleman his last contact with David was the night before he left on his Mission and that he wouldn’t see him for two years, he apologized for overreacting. Maybe I’m just blind to it as most of what I’ve seen has been postive.

  8. However many sales it ends up with, I still enjoy watching it march up any chart. On Amazon on their main music chart (all music) it was in the 600’s yesterday, then 200’s then 168 and now it is at 135 – almost onto their top 100 for all music. Amazon, to me,is a better reflection of how something sells because most people buy there as opposed to smaller outlets. (To see his current standing at Amazon – go to music and David Archuleta- Begin and click on it and at the bottom it lists his numbers

  9. So glad he went rock with Pride. LOVING ROCKIN DAVID!!! IMO, EPIC ALBUM!!!!

    • cq – me too!! I thought it might be a slower, more laid back arrangement but I should know by now that David rarely does what I think he’ll do. Excited to get home so I can blast the sound on that one instead of trying to listen on my phone lol.

      • Ali, I’ve seen the same comments you have from fellow Mormons on facebook regarding David releasing music during his mission. The thing is that the vast majority of young Mormons that go on a missions don’t have a career already. I think that’s why they are sent at age 19. Some people are sticklers for rules and so they comment as they do on facebook. Kind of like the Pharisees in the Bible is what it reminds me of when I read those comments. I fine Mormonism to be very, very conservative and very rules based. I would have a really hard time with the rule that you can’t drink coffee or tea!

        Anyway, I also agree with you, Ali, that this will not sell as much as TOSOD, but will probably break even or even make a profit. The good news is that it really doesn’t matter that much how well it sells but it will provide us with more great music from David.

      • Thanks for offering your prospective on that, grammyj! I will note that it was definitely not the majority of people who had an issue with the album being released while David was on a mission — just a couple. There were many many more positive comments and “likes” on the posts. But I guess its human nature for the negative to stick out in my mind ;p

        I also think the snippets have been very well received. Even sites that have been a bit of a mixed bag in the past ( like MJs) have had really good response to them. I’m loving them myself so that’s pretty awesome.

        Another thing to consider on sales is that I don’t think BEGIN. will need to sell nearly as much to break even as TOSOD would. As its a cover album, I think there were far smaller creation and production costs and obviously not much spent on marketing. Smaller labels generally have smaller overhead too. I think I read an article a while back that said an independent album (is that what this would be considered? I’m not completely sure on that one) needs to sell approximately 10,000 copies to break even. Don’t know how accurate that is but at least its a starting point of something to compare to.

      • Ali, Yes this would be considered an independent release and won’t need to sell as many copies to show a profit. I read the 10,000 copies also, but that would really depend on how much was sent to produce, distribute and market the CD. I am going to try to just enjoy the music and not get all caught up in the sales.

      • If David can sell anywhere between 4,000 to 10,000 for this album I would say he did well. I’m sure it will not sell as well as TOSOD but I don’t think it really matters right now. The sales for most music artists are just awful these days. I can see where they get their money from touring and special appearances. Love the Pride snippet. I knew I would.

      • I saw that Phillip Phillips sold 18,900 copies of his Walmart EP the first week and Jessica Sanchez didn’t chart in the top 50 which put her somewhere below 9,000 for the first week. These are people off the current season of Idol so that gives us some perspective on first week sales lol. But, yeah, as everyone said I’m not gonna spend much time worrying about sales on this one. I think this album is all about the gift behind it ❤ (insert me being sappy here hahaha)

      • Kris Allen only sold 16,000 his first week sales and Casey Abrams (AI S10) album (that I think is very good) only sold 4,000 first week sales for his debut album. Casey is on an independent label. It is a tough business. I think I don’t care about sales anymore. lol David’s album is a gift to his fans is some ways.

  10. Loving all the clips and the buzz, rankings etc. David’s main concern was providing to his fans and most seem pretty pleased.

  11. As far as sales go for BEGIN. we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing I am feeling from the fans is so much more positive comments from the snippets of BEGIN. then the snippets of TOSOD. I love all of David’s work and TOSOD is no different, but I felt like David wanted to bring home the message of happiness and positiveness that it just didn’t hit the mark. Granted BEGIN, is not his music (except Broken) but, to me from the snippets, he expresses such emotion that it’s breathtaking.

  12. Ali – I have been a Mormon my whole life, married a missionary, and sent my son on a mission, and I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with David releasing an album while he is on his mission. I haven’t read the comments you are talking about, but I can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem with it! It’s not like he is doing radio and TV ads from Chile to advertise! and Kari is the person behind the twitter promotion….I really don’t know what the problem would be. I am loving the snippets and can’t wait to get my hands on the CD! 🙂

    • lurker — thank you so much for that info! I was just worried that maybe other people in the church thought David was doing something wrong and was feeling kind of defensive about it lol. Good to know its just personal opinions of a few people. You find those kind of people all over 😉

      • Yeah, you can never please everyone no matter what you do. There will always be someone who will criticize. It’s human nature. It just surprised me when I read those comments. It was only a few but I thought, wow, David gives up his career for two years to go on a mission and there are still people who are critical.

  13. I was reading the comment on David’s facebook post today and one person named her baby Josh Bradley because she loved David on Nandito Ako so much!

  14. Who are these controlling people who watch his every move? They say what he should be doing or not doing and openly criticize him or someone connected to him so that people like Kurt Bestor comment reassuring that a rule of some kind has not been broken. I always notice how relaxed David gets when he is out of country.


  15. Ali, more than likely the negative comments on the DB site are from people who are not in the loop when it comes to David. Some people like to jump to conclusions or comment without thinking things through first. Unfortunately there are always going to be negative comments and people are always going to criticize him no matter what he does

  16. and I always notice how at ease he looks when he is in his hometown. Different folks, different strokes

    • I think he’s used to that kind of holier-than-thou stuff and I agree that he seems very much at ease in his hometown. He seems to focus more on being controlled by people in the music business (Works for Me, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, etc.) He seems more bothered by that, than the religious-type judgments, such as being called a “freak” for being too casually dressed when meeting with his church president one time. I’d be the opposite, I think.

      That said, IMHO, he’s trying to set an example for people both inside and outside his church of non-judgemental behavior.

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