More Snippets!

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  1. David really sounds amazing on all the snippets .

  2. Loving listening to all 5 clips on Soundcloud!!

  3. really fantastic. Can’;t wait for the full version of all of these songs…

    Ok, have been listening to the background vocal on true colors- and it sounds like it may not be David… thoughts?

    • I wondered the same thing but I think it is David. I love hearing him do his own harmonies and background vocals.

  4. It may not be David. I’m not sure. The Soundcloud is great.

  5. Yeah, that Soundcloud is fantistic!

  6. David is sounding beautiful on these clips. Can’t wait for the album to come out.

    • good to see you posting again! let us know if you will have problems obtaining the cd/iTunes in your country.

  7. Sigh – such a wonderful man, such an amazing gift he’s giving us. This is the David music I was hoping for back when he was fresh off AI. He was too young then, I know, I know. What are the chances that when he returns to us and records a new album he’ll ditch the teen bubble gum pop and move to the soulful, ‘runs that give us chills’ music we love? I don’t want to rush the future, but August 7th I’m ready for you to arrive.

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