Who’s Excited to BEGIN. Again?

It’s always the coolest to return from a holiday vacation and hear the Voice delivering new music. 😛

Here are the snippets! 😀

True Colors:

Somewhere Only We Know:


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  1. Loving the Snippets. David sounding great!! Masterclasslady.com and Pamela Pike have a great Retrospective on “When You Say You Love Me” Brought tears to my eyes. David loves his fans and we love him.

  2. YIPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM, I AM, I AM!!!!!!!, lol.

  3. Yes, the snippets sound great. It is funny that you mentioned vacations as I am about to leave on one. No internet for awhile. I am anxious to hear and purchase BEGIN and I sure hope that it sells fairly well. Even if it does not it is nice that David is leaving his fans some new music to listen to while he is away.

  4. hell0g0rge0us

    Here’s the next snippet, “Don’t Give Up”:

    So, that’s two ’80s songs out of 3; when will we get a snippet of “Beautiful” or “Angel”

    • So far we have been getting one a day so maybe tomorrow? Unless Kari is going to wait until Monday to release another one. I really love this daily little music treat. I just wish the clips were a little longer. It especially wasn’t enough on this song. It seemed like it almost had a country feel to it, but the clip was too short to really know for sure.

      • Loving all the snippets! Not bad at all considering the album was recorded so quickly as if it was almost a last minute decision & a great decision it was!

        Also, I doubt Kari is the one who is releasing the snippets. And I doubt she is his “behind the scenes Manager” who is working hard for David making sure his name stays as relevant as possible while he is away. Only one person I can think of who David would trust enough to leave his career in his hands and that person has to be his father. If I’m right, his father is doing a heck of a good job for David so far. I do not believe Kari is acting as David’s manager as she has never been addressed as such by David or Kari herself. She is the liaison between David & the fans. However, there must be someone behind the scenes, wisely staying low-key who is managing David’s career because his career is not managing itself. So whoever it is, I say good job!

      • Another person who could be a part of the team is Gina Orr. She used to be an executive with Jive and she was head of publicity for 19 Entertainment.

      • I agree with you desertrat about the possibility of Gina Orr being part of the team.

      • Yes, Gina Orr is part of David’s team. He thanked her in the notes on the “Forevermore” album and she was also listed as part of his team in the Stadium of Fire program. She really keeps a low profile.

      • raelovingangels

        I agree. David has always said his dad is whom gets him musically and whom he trusts to look out for him. I could be wrong but sort of assumed his dad would be keeping up the website also.
        behind scenes best however.

    • jus’sayin, I agree with you that Jeff is most likely working on this album. Someone has to be coordinating everything. I believe that Jeff was the executive producer of CFTH so I assume he is doing it again on this album. Anyway if he is then I’m glad he is wisely staying out of the limelight and having Kari be David’s spoke person. The fans all love Kari.

      • I agree that David’s dad could somehow be involved in this album grammyj. Kari did just send this tweet and the Gina she is talking about is Gina Orr. So Gina may be involved with the team too. just saying lol. ‏@kariontour
        Hanging with @MelindaWEG and Gina about to see a special performance of Crystal Bowersox. First time to see her live.

      • I’m pretty sure Jeff is managing David’s career while David is away. Obviously Kari is on David’s team & Gina was involved in the work he did in Manila. But his dad is most likely the one calling the shots and making the decisions needed to keep David’s career alive, not only involved in this new album but everything else during the two plus years David is away. Jeff was with David on his MKOC Tour and at first I was surprised he didn’t go to Manila with David but it started to make sense when David said he was “working on projects” before leaving for his mission. David was very busy while in Manila so obviously someone on his team here at home had to have been working on getting the projects ready for David to get off the ground when he returned to the US. Everything which has been released including music, photos, vlogs & even his tweets since David left has been planned and approved by David’s Manager. We are talking about HIS CAREER. I just don’t think David would have left without leaving someone he trusts, literally, in charge of his career. David worked his butt off from the beginning of his MKOC right up to the day before he left for the MTC and even though the mission would be his priority after he left, obviously he still wants a career to come back to. Whatever our personal feelings about his father may be, I doubt there is anyone else who wants David to have a career in music when he returns and will work to make sure it happens,

        I could be wrong though. 😆

      • Makes perfect sense financially and logistically.

  5. I found this version “Of Don’t Give Up” by John Legend and Pink. I wonder if his version will be like this one and will he have a duet partner? If so, who will it be???

  6. I don’t think his father is capable of anything this organized.

    • Who then?

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I was thinking the same thing but was waiting for someone else to say it (thanks, Peter).

    • I could not agree with you more Peter.

    • Care to make a wager on it, Peter?

      Why else has there been virtually no mention of who is actually working behind the scenes for David? David is not directly involved anymore so he HAS to have someone who would have his best interests and his future with no other agenda but to make sure David has a future in music. His father is the logical choice. David also knows there is a low opinion of his dad and because of the scandal three years ago, David wisely keeps his father in the background and low key now as he was during the MKOC tour.

      So what if his dad is working for David? David has other priorities now and most likely is not kept up on the day to day happenings as that would be a distraction to the work he is doing. I doubt there is anyone who knows David’s mindset when it involves his career better than his father. If there are others who are making the important decisions regarding David’s future career, why not just announce it at the time he left. All that was said was Kari would be the twitter go-between and would be sending David the fan mail periodically, nothing less & nothing more. There was never a hint that she would be “managing” his career for two years unless I missed it.

      Jus’ sayin’

      • I disagree. Things have been much more random and chaotic — with David missing radio interviews and whatnot — whenever his father has been in charge.

        Also, his father lacks any organizational skills and has no music industry contacts beyond Utah.

      • “has no music industry contacts beyond Utah'” That is so true Peter. His dad’s past history as a music manager in the industry is just not that good. That is a fact. Does he manage other acts now??? Also Kari and I believe Gina ( she is smart to keep a low profile while he is away) and Ivory/Sony records did a great job with David over in he Philippines as Forevermore and NA were a big success for David. Kari deserves much credit with the job she has done for David both in the Philippines and now in the US. Kari has worked with NSYNC, BSB, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Britney, Tim McGraw and now David. Very Impressive!!

      • I agree. Kari deserves all credit for the work she is doing. Never before during David’s career have things run this smoothly.

      • Kari lives in Florida and was probably quite busy in Asia when arrangements were made with Shadow Mountain Records, who are in Utah. I doubt that Jeff has been sitting twiddling his thumbs. Perhaps it’s why he didn’t go to Asia. The more Jeff does, the more money stays in the family instead of going to outside sources.

  7. New snippet: “Don’t Give Up”


  8. Well, whoever is involved on David’s team now that he is gone is doing a good job IMHO. I also am giving credit to David’s ODD fans. His fans were able to trend on twitter again last night. His album has been #1 at Deseret and #2 at Walmart music sales because fans have been buying. His advertising is pretty much via the internet – twitter, facebook, fan-sites, online @ Walmart and Deseret. Also word of mouth. I heard that at Deseret Books the sales associates are asking customers if they want to pre-order David’s new CD.

    I guess we will see when the CD comes out if Jeff was the executive producer, but that is still my guess. I will be surprised if Jeff isn’t still involved in David’s career, but I’m glad he is behind the scenes. As I said before, Kari as David’s spokes person is working well as she is diplomatic and the fans love her.

    • Yes, much credit goes to David’s ODD fans, grammyj. His loyal fan base is very impressive and his fans deserve that credit. Actually David deserves some credit to have been able to attract such loyal fans from his time on AI. I also am quite sure that David’s dad is involved with this album. We shall soon see.

  9. I think #mic is helping with the album but my guess is that he’s too busy to maintain the level of input he had 3-4 yrs ago. Also, D is at an age where you begin to realize that parents mean well but they don’t always know what’s best for you.

    On another note, D’s website is owned by ACG (Arch Consulting Group). Their address & contact info is at the bottom of the page.

    • ACG was Jeff’s company but I don’t know if it is even still in existence any longer. I really have no idea.

      • Yeah, I googled Arch Consulting Group and it is MIC’s business. He is listed as the owner, and it was the the business he had for used computers before David was on AI.

  10. Kurt Bestor and John Hancock are the Producers of the Album of Classics according to Kurt Bestor’s Facebook. Shadow Mountain Records is the Label.

    Kari is much more than a Tour Manager as evidenced by all that she coordinated in the Phillipines with David taking on New Contracts while he was there. I believe David also has a Team of Lawyers as referenced by TV 5 in interview when David signed the Contract.

    He seems to have a very good Professional Team working for him and keeping us informed.

  11. What jus’sayin has laid out is very logical and makes sense – does anyone REALLY believe Jeff is not not still heavily involved in David’s career? Albeit maybe in a more circumspect role than he may like, I can’t believe David would entrust huge chunks of the oversight of his career while away to anyone but his father… it’s been the nature of their relationship, and the nature of the culture and environment in which he’s grown up in. Personal feelings regarding him don’t matter – Jeff will IMO always occupy a large role in David’s career. Kari and Gina and Shadow Mountain Records have done a yeoman’s job so far in the transition keeping the business and fan side of things running more smoothly than we’re used to seeing. Never for a moment however do I feel they are acting independent of David’s or his Dad’s wishes… That’s just the way it is, and forevermore shall be. Amen.

    • Amen.

    • I will say I am more interested to see what happens when David does actually return to his career in 2 years. Right now it really does not matter if #mic is involved or not as David is not here to promote the album. When David returns to his career at the age of 23 I do think it would be better for #mic to remain in the background. Kari and Gina would be a good team for David to remain with if he is comfortable with them. JMHO.

  12. I’m also VERY interested in the shape and direction of his career AFTER his return – if it’s his decision to resume a recording career. I too long to see the likes of Kari and Gina and other hard working PROFESSIONALS aboard the team helping to do a more effective job in taking care of business this go round. I must temper that desire with the gut feeling that his father will more than likely have involvement in all that transpires. At what level, what degree and depth will likely remain unknown. My own personal (and selfish, I admit) desire would be for him to remain out of the spotlight as he’s been the past few years. But it would be IMO denial of the highest order to think Jeff won’t have input into a lot of the decisions career wise going forward… Kari and Gina and Shadow Mountain deserve MUCH credit for the outstanding jobs they’ve done, and I hope continue to do for David… they IMO are the faces that are more palatable and comfortable for large swaths of remaining fans to deal with – the ‘power behind the throne’ so to speak remains outta sight, but never out of mind, heh. Hurry back David, I’m ready to see what you have in store for us going forward….

    • I agree with you GG. I believe that MIC is involved in David’s career but I hope he continues to stay out of sight for the most part. At least David and MIC realize that it’s best to have Kari as the visible person in David’s career, and Gina probably helps with the contract negotiations, etc. I did notice that Jeff was not thanked on David’s Forevermore CD. He obviously had nothing to do with that one.

  13. I just don’t understand the whole mic (Jeff) thing. Is he a bad influence on David’s career because of his indiscretions or he just isn’t capable of managing a singing career? Not that I want him to be part of David’s career, but really there are a lot of stars that have family as part of their team.

    • It’s just that he is completely and utterly incompetent. A walking disaster.

      • That’s pretty OTT……..hey, maybe Peter is really mic himself just here to mess with us?

      • Well, event organizers have been complaining about him to fans, and it takes quite a lot for something like that to happen, IMO.

      • I think Peter is the real deal, cc halo. lol He is always spot on in his comments and observations IMO.

      • His father seems to be a touchy subject — much more so than the Mormon faith, for example.

        I hope BEGIN. will be a great album. The snippets sound good.

    • I can only give my own opinion but for me it has nothing to with #mic’s “indiscretions or scandals” . I could really care less and honestly the music business could care less. Chris Brown’s career is just thriving and that is but one example. For me it’s #mic’s total lack of management skills, past mismanagement of David, and no connections in the music industry (except Utah). I am very realistic about his involvement in David’s career but again it does not really matter much right now to me. I do think having professional management does matter in the music industry.

    • LOL, it’s complicated CQ, and the MIC thing has been beat to death over the years, but JMO… his Dad took him as far as he could go professionally until David became famous on Idol. How far back David’s desire to go on a mission, and how THAT nugget of info influenced a lot of the decisions and things that were going on, causing the fans confusion and frustration is unknown… it all seems like such a moot point now that he is on a mission, but I feel that a talent the caliber David possesses needs to be surrounded and shaped and served by the BEST and most creative flexible minds out there… sure, sounds awfully selfish, but I make no apology for feeling that way, lol… is his Dad the BEST person to manage his career? IMO – If he wants to remain AND IS CONTENT being a regional Utah based singer, who occasionally ventures out into projects and puts out music that caters to his existing base – I’d say yeah. If he desires more of a commercial career as an artist, hoping to expand his fanbase beyond his hardcore base and Utah, he’ll need someone with more industry cred, contacts, power and money to make it happen. Whatever happens, or whichever way he decides to go, I think Jeff will be there in some capacity. I’d feel more confident, however, with more professionals on board and some collaboration with professionals outside of the ‘safe’ and ‘familiar’ zone I feel he has been professionally ensconced in up to this point. I have enjoyed the fruits that resulted from those efforts, but IMO for him to grow, maintain the interest of some fans, he’s going to have to show the desire to expand his music beyond his comfort zones artistically and professionally. Jury is out right now if Jeff is the one to be able to take him to that level.

    • I think that his dad (alone) can’t help him in making his career progress. I think that he’s OK for the local/side projects (like CFTH or the BEGIN. album) but I don’t think that he can do much for him at a national level or internationally. I just don’t think that he has the right connections in the music biz or the experience. Also, I think that he was involved a little too much in the fandom ( and he had the tendency to leak infos about D, even personal infos).

      think that David needs someone new to help him with his career. Someone who’ll be more like a mentor than just a manager; Someone who can offer new perspectives, new ideas. A new person (external to his usual entourage) can help him restart his career on a new basis, like a new beginning…

      • I agree with you Zara. I’m actually okay with MIC being involved somewhat in David’s career, but he needs more to his team than just his dad. Kari showed her worth with all the projects that she was able to get David to agree to while he was in the Philippines. I do think that David being an introverted person needs some push to agree to things. Maybe it was because of the upcoming Mission he decided that he had to do the things he did, but they all turned out great. The mini series, appearances, modeling, OPM album. Kari was there to assist in all these projects. When he comes back I hope he has the opportunity and is up to the challenge of trying new things like he did before he left. Of course, the most important thing is that he gets right back to recording some great music.

  14. re. D’s management, I actually agree (to some extent) with everyone’s comments. my intuition tells me that gina o and kari care about their clients beyond the working relationship. i bet both can get in contact w/D. re. unresolved business matters. gina has known D for over 4 yrs; If something is happening that she or kari think D should hear about, i believe they would go directly to him.

    i do believe that #mic will always assist in any way he can. but as for kari and gina, their loyalty lies with D. For example, if #mic were adamant about doing something that they know, for a fact, will not work in D’s best interest, i believe they would diplomatically defer to D.

    Gina was a VP and Kari has worked with Britney and Timberlake (both have managing parents). as necessary, those two can navigate family dynamics and industry politics to best serve their clients.

  15. LOL – I thought you did a better job summarizing what I was trying to say Zara… one thing David’s time away from an active career has done for me that’s been beneficial is to greatly lower the ODD-ness of my fanship… I still am nuts about him as a singer, but I am seeing things regarding him and his career and other things on the edges more objectively, more clearly, less emotionally than I used to, lol… My belief in David’s talent, and the still untapped potential for him to do great things in this business won’t let me quit him. I may get frustrated with some things, a little bored, but imagining the day when it all comes together for him keeps hope alive. Hopeful cynicism in action, lol

  16. Wow, thank you all for the all your great comments. I totally understand about mic limits, I too want David to have a career beyond Utah, his talent is to great to be only a local artist, imo. We shall see what the future has in store for our David.

    • Exactly.

    • I think he will have a career in SE Asian when he returns. They love him there and he has lots of good contacts there. He may even have some projects there lined up already for when he returns. Money made there can always pay for projects in the U.S.

  17. I agree with GG.. as usual.

  18. Two more snippets are up at David’s OS, Angel and Be Still My Soul. The clips are just too short!

  19. Abbra at The Voice had put all 5 snippets on soundcloud for continual easy listening here:

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