Happy 4th of July!

Have a great holiday, everyone! 🙂

Here’s a bit of flashback to an earlier holiday salute (remember this Capital 4th performance?):


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  1. Happy 4th of July to everyone here at SD!

  2. I extend my well wishes for a terrific 4th too!

    I believe Phillip Phillips is performing at the Capital 4th this year.

  3. Javier Colon, the first winner of The Voice, just sang “Stand by Me” for the Capital Fourth. He did a nice job, but it sure made me miss David. I always loved David singing “Stand by Me”.

  4. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July.
    Been reading about performance by other ai idols contestants and other show’s contestant winners singing at different celebrations. Man, it sure is getting crowded with these singers, it kinda makes me glad that David being away might distance himself from the crowd. I’m sure they are all good singers, but people tend to lump them together. I guess being a David fan makes me feel that he is so much more than just a reality singing show contestant and shouldn’t be just a face in the crowd.

  5. It is getting crowded with all these reality talent show winners on these shows,cq. The odds of them having big mainstream long term success in the music industry are just so low. It really is just Carrie and Kelly right now. There sure are more struggling music artists that were contestants from reality talent shows out there than ever before. I thought Philip did a good job with singing Home last night. He was lucky to be able to sing his new single that was just released as opposed to another song. The perks of being the winner that last for only one year and then it is gone. lol

  6. I do think that P2’s new single” Home” is a much better song then Scotty’s cheesy ILTYTB. That AI was able to make that IMO awful song into a hit single on the county charts shows the power and money of AI that it put towards it’s current winner. But it was just the country charts. I am just not a Scotty fan and I do enjoy some country artists.

  7. David’s “Crush” was the best single ever released by a winner or a contestant from AI right after the show ended that was on their first album IMO. It was just pure pop perfection with perfect vocals by David.

    • Marie, I agree with you. I still listen to Crush at regular bases.
      Now as if there are not enough singing reality show out there, I just saw a new one where headliners pick unknown singers on the internet and have them as starting acts for them. It’s kinda crazy for these struggling contestants, now they don’t even have a chance to be opening acts, lol.

      • I wonder if that’s the show with one of the JoBro. At one time, Rickey’s reported that Jordin and Jesse McCartney were co-hosting a reality music show due out this summer. I agree, it’s too many of these shows on TV and the novelty has worn off.

  8. Next snippet is up at David’s OS. It’s “True Colors”. I really can’t wait for this album as I know I’m going to love it! http://davidarchuleta.com/home/?p=4556

    • grammyj, loving the funky arrangement of True Colors!!! Just two snippets and I know it will be my favorite album from David and I love all his albums.
      Here’s my order of love as of today:
      David Archuleta

    • I really like True Colors. BEGIN is shaping up to be a good album based on the snippets I have heard. I am guessing that this Elder in the video is someone who is a missionary with David in Chile? If he is then I am hoping for David to maybe sing along on a video and that maybe some of the other missionaries will play instruments. A band and David as the lead singer would be great vids to post. lol

      • Oh sorry I didn’t identify the clip I posted. Last thread Ali posted the info on the performance David is giving on the 15th. David’s companion, the one in the recent Chile photo, is also a featured performer, and I was curious what his talent might be–so this could answer that question.

      • That is interesting cc halo.

      • I found that video too when I tried to look up all the elders on the poster. Elder Coello is David’s companion now I believe since they were in that photo together. It’s nice he has a companion who is good at playing the piano. I wonder if he’s a good singer too. There was only one video of him.

  9. I also love the funky arrangement of True Colors. That snippet is better to me than Somewhere Only We Know because it’s not so much like the original.

    • CC Halo, yay, funky arrangement is so cool for True Colors. Somewhere Only We Know is a new song for me because I just don’t remember listening to the original, so it’s like a new song from David,lol.
      I know I will love this album, but I’m so curious about Broken…I just hope it stand up to all this great songs.

  10. I’m in the camp with those who like this new snippet even more than the first. We’re in for a treat on Aug 7! 🙂

    Off topic, MKrompass is producing an album for Smash Mouth; there’s a David mention too. I used to love their song “Walking on the Sun”; it had a 60’s vibe to it.

    • I read that too. Good for Mike. I also read that Mark Nilan got married recently. Steven is a drummer for Eric Hutchinson. Life goes on for David’s band members….

  11. I don’t know if anyone watches “Duets” but I thought that Kelly Clarkson and John Legend singing “You Don’t Know Me” by Ray Charles together tonight on the show was just great. Two great voices. I know it is yet another reality talent show but I do find it very entertaining.

    • I’m so happy for you that your favorite female ai is doing so well, at least she is a success and you’ll always have music to enjoy from her. Hope that our David will have the same success someday.

    • I watched Duets tonight and really liked all the performances. It was the best night of Duets so far. The theme was standards and the duets were all good. I did like Kelly and John Legend. Jennifer Nettles still has two contestants left and both of them were good. I do like singing reality shows but most of them are helping the careers of the judges and not so much the contestants. David really needs to be a reality show judge when he comes back – lol. I really can’t see that happening though. He could never criticize a contestant.

  12. Here is the link to the duet video of Kelly and John. I agree with you grammyj that Jennifer has the two best contestants and what a voice she has too. I do like Kelly but I just love John Legend and could listen to him sing all night. David would be perfect for this show as we know he has the voice except you are right he can’t be critical of anyone. lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUujxvZpdvw

  13. Kelly’s huge success right now does actually give me some hope that David can have that kind of success in his career someday if he wants it. Kelly won AI 10 years ago and has had her ups and downs in her career. That she can have a career like this 10 years post AI is great and I wish this for David too. David should do a duet with Kelly when he returns as it would help his career the most.

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