Patriotic David Week Continued

This is my absolute favorite “America the Beautiful” from David (it doesn’t hurt that he was so dashingly handsome in his red, white, and blue):

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  1. Love all of David’s patroitic songs, but yes, Hg, this one stands up to me too at the top. It was such a moving performance.

  2. hr is just the best

  3. One of my favorites of all time!! Listen to it often :))

  4. David did a terrific job and his hair was all sparkly too, lol.

    From twitter, David wishes to know which song on BEGIN. would we like to here a snippet of. I vote for the one he wrote himself.

    Sad news, Andy Griffith passed; he was 86 yes old. 😦

  5. I agree with those who think that this should be our national anthem rather than the warlike SSB, however David’s SSB version almost makes me change my mind. He takes a difficult song and makes it sound amazing. I love the ATB medley with My CountryTis of Thee best of all.

  6. This probably deserves a post of it’s own,hg. lol The exclusive preview of “Somewhere Only We Know” from David’s upcoming new album BEGIN. I really like it. I am pleasantly surprised.

    • I was just going post this but you beat me to it Marie. I love the clip but I knew that I would. I can’t wait for David to sing all these great covers. I fell in love with David singing covers on AI so I’m sure I will enjoy this album a lot. Can’t wait until it’s out.

      • I just knew that someone would post it but I really am pleased with what I hear from the clip of the song.

    • Thanks for the link!

    • Boy are we in for a treat!!!!

    • Gaaa!! I loved that song from the first listen BEFORE i heard David.

      David sounds AMAZING. The song to me just felt like something I could see David really singing so well…. youthful, cool, fresh and not something that was a hit/known in the US. I thought the video was clever and cute… and a bit of a message but not over the top. And I love alternative which the original band is. I would love if it could be released- as it was not a hit in the US- so it could be like Kris Allen’s Live like we are dying which was originally recorded by Script and released but not a hit in the US…

      • Interesting that the song was not a hit in the US, rae. I did first hear it on Glee. I hope the song does very well for David.

      • Well I guess I should clarify and say not a big hit. According to the Wiki article it peaked at 50 on billboard hot 100… 🙂

  7. the website below allows people to post their explanation for what song lyrics mean. I like this one:

    “…. to me this song is about being lost and alone, in a metaphorical sence, and knowing that your life has changed without consulting you first…”

  8. HG- gotta agree that is one of my favorite America the Beautiful… I think my favorite SSB was the one in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl… And yeah, he looked kinda handsome that day also.

    • I agree, rae, I love David’s version of America the Beautiful and the SSB at the Pro Bowl was fabulous. He is tops in singing patriotic songs. I was making a list of all the occasions that he sang the SSB or Patriot songs since Idol and came up with: Utah Jazz Basketball, Ohio High School football, Pro Bowl, Women’s Tennis, NASCAR, Soccer, Arena Football, Celebrity Football, Rays Baseball, Stadium of Fire, Capital Fourth of July, Hockey and the Sun Bowl. It’s quite a list. What did I miss? Too bad he won’t here him do a new appearance this 4th of July or next.

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