Exclusive Preview!

Exclusive Preview!

Exclusive Preview!. (I’m late to the party but I’m ready to celebrate!)


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  1. Love the song. David sounds great in just that small clip of it. I can’t wait to hear the whole song. I am excited about this new album now.

  2. WOW, Iove the snippet!!! I’m beyond happy right now.. and so excited to get my hands on that album.

  3. Ugh. I was doing so well before the snippet. Being really cool about August 7th. Now I feel like a crazy fan again. lol

  4. Snippet luuuuuuuurrrveeee


    I might like it. A bit.

  5. P.S. Probably everyone has already seen this but don’t think it was posted here yet. Been posted all over the fan universe today though lol

    It was posted on FB along with this text: (translated to English not by me lol)

    “We invite you to attend our next Grand Jas Devotional Center Rancagua. This time the music will be the chief guest.
    We will have the opportunity to listen to: Elder Archuleta, Elder Coello, Jara Elder, Elder Taylor, Cotton Sister, Sister Johnson, Christopher Godoy, Paul Lamb and the Coro Center Rancagua Jas.
    KEYNOTE SPEAKER: James D. MacArthur, President of Chile Rancagua Mission. With the theme “The Mission of Our Savior Jesus Christ”
    See you!!”

    From here http://www.facebook.com/events/368548083208457/

    • I checked out the facebook page for David’s Devotional singing event and 96 have confirmed that they are going with some being David fans so we should hear something about this event. There is a request that the girls could only give David a handshake!

  6. It really is nice to see so many positive comments on David’s OS. Actually it is just nice to see comments as so many fans just did not seem to bother with David’s OS at all. I really was convinced that this album would be just religious/inspirational songs at first so I am more than happy that it is not. I hope for more snippets.

  7. Also I like how Kari is using David’s twitter as a marketing tool for his new album and his other projects. I know that was something I thought David should be doing all along with his twitter. Good job Kari. I hope they made a video of just the making of one of the songs for the album in the music studio but who knows if they had time. How did David have the time to do all this before he left? lol

  8. I love the snippet! As much as I like KBestor, I always fear that his productions will be somber like “Prayer of the Children”.

    And this photo is intriguing; what is David thinking, lol.

  9. Begin. is number 2 best seller in music at Walmart. He’s right behind JB. Of course the CD is number 1 in music at Deseret Book. I have no illusion of this album selling big because is it an independent release with David unable to promote it. I just hope it sells enough to make a profit which is obviously a lot lower than it would have to sell if it was a major label release.

  10. I’m so curious about the original song, Broken. I’m just hoping it isn’t going to a so, so song like Melody of Christmas. Of all the songs from the Christmas cd, MoC was my least favorite. I would love for Broken to be a deep, soulful mature song with a great arrangement.
    Mean while, I’m addicted to the snippet, lol.

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