Patriotic David Week

Since I’m getting ready for the holiday week, I thought to start us off with some “patriotic David.” Remember the first time David performed the Star Spangled Banner?


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  1. I love “US Open – America the Beautiful” – I love the tone of his voice in certain parts and listening to him power up that song! (along with the great piano of Broadway’s Rick Hip-Flores)

    • I liked that US open performance too. Not only did he sound great but I thought that he looked great too. I loved what he wore that day.

  2. I love the Washington DC baseball game NA taken from a side angle with some random guy just staring through the whole thing.

  3. David’s voice and heart singing patriotic songs is so right!!!! So grateful we have a lot of videos with him singing them. Hope we will be blessed with a lot more performances in the future. Love them all!!!

  4. As I recall, I had not seen this clip until well after AI had ended. David looks so young.

    One of my fav patriotic performances has to be the Stadium of Fire medley. I like how it began with “young” David on the big screen.

  5. i missed the BET awards last night so i’m just seeing cissy houston’s singing of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Just wow – it has me in tears. Where her pitch is off, her emotion compensates. This is the first time I’ve really, really felt what this song means. I anticipate David’s version will be the second.

    • Glad you posted this. I did see this last night and I thought of what David’s version of the song might be like. We will know soon when Begin is released. Cissy’s version was very touching.

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