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Since I’m bringing up the possibilities of musical collaborations, please take my latest poll concerning David partnering with other Idols. 🙂

In other news, it was posted in the previous thread that BEGIN. is #16 in Wal-Mart’s pre-order sales and #1 in the Deseret Books pre-order.  Congratulations, David! That’s how you keep faithful ties with your fans! 🙂


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  1. For the Walmart bestsellers, BEGIN. moved up to #14 in overall music sales overnight, woo! It’s actually #5 among preorders 😀

    I voted for Kelly here because I love her voice but also because she’s likely to generate the most buzz (lol at me angling for the career) but I would love to hear him cut loose with Melinda. She was my favorite of her season.
    I also would not mind another collab with David Cook. I think our David can really belt a rock song when he wants to (i.e., Don’t Stop Believing, Roll with the Changes) and its always fun to see him do things people don’t expect of him.

    Thanks for all the fun polls, HG!

  2. This poll was easy for me. I like this poll. I voted for Kelly because I always wanted to hear them sing together. Kelly and David are my two favorite idols. If I had to pick another idol for David to collaborate it would be Casey Abrams or Phillip Phillips because they are both creative musicians IMO. I agree with Ali that I like to see David do things that are unexpected. Of course David would sound great with Melinda.

  3. I voted for Melinda, but I would also like to see him duet with Kelly. Melinda has a great voice and was my favorite on season 6.

  4. I have to admit I voted twice. Once for Kelly because this would be great for sales etc. She has a little trouble with duets because she is such a Strong Solo singer. Love her and oh they met when David was 11!! He would be so thrilled.
    I also voted for Melinda. I love her singing and this would be a great Collaberaiton Musically. Talk about Soul!! They have like humility and talent!!

  5. All of them! But it would be fun to hear him with Carrie, too because I really like her voice (and now I want to see Vince Gill in concert – loved his voice and guitar!) Also, I love the way she powers up her voice

  6. I voted for Jordin because they were so good together singing No Air, but yes, Kelly would be great for his career because of her fame. I really think that David would duet so well with anyone because he compliments and harmonizes so well with all the duets he has done so far, I wouldn’t see any difference no matter who he might duet with in the future.

  7. Adam Lambert!

    No, lol, I voted for Jordin because they just seem more suited to one another, vocally, age-wise, and also, they’re friends.

    • cc halo, I would think Lambert would be a weird match. I do think Lambert can sing well, just not my cup of tea. Even thought I think David and Adam both have very powerful voices, I think that Adam would completely domonate the duet by long screeching notes. Now come to think about it, David always has adjusted to anyone that he has sang with, so we’re good to go with Lambert, lol.

    • I actually did think of Adam. lol j.k. Adam did make a smart move to sing lead vocals with Queen over in Europe for some concerts. Queen draws huge crowds whether you are a fan of Adam or not. If Adam can’t get a single from his new album played on the radio with all the support and promo he has then I think it just shows how difficult it is for artists to get radio play. His sales for his new album were not that great either but you need to explore all options available to you in the music industry. I hope David does that when he returns. Jordin is yet another good choice.

  8. i thought of adam and fantasia but then i decided that those two would better collaborate with one another than with david. to be honest, there isn’t an idol that i’d like to see david collaborate with.

  9. I voted for another…. had Jenifer Hudson in mind..

    • Yay, raelovingangels, good one. She really can sing so well. She is one of those that came out of the AI machine, not even close to winning and made such a fabulous career for herself, but I do believe that her acting in Dream Girls was the career maker, who knows, maybe she wouldn’t of been approach with the part (or gotten) if it wasn’t for AI.

  10. Actually, I think an idol collaboration would be too reunion-y. For maximum legitimacy, he should duet with someone outside of the AI circle–at least in the US where there is often a bit of a respect problem with reality-show contestants.

  11. I’m with you there DesertRat. I want to see some real out of the box thinking, please Lord, in his musical direction if he plans on picking up the reins when he returns. IMO the Idol choices are more of the safe, predictable, same old same old he will need to rise above if he’s going to have a shot at a real career. Kelly or Carrie are the only collab choices IMO who could benefit him careerwise. Everybody else to me feels like a regression, or more of the ‘safe’ that would keep him locked in an Idol time warp that he’s outgrown. Or put him on the road to Branson, like some other Idols recently. I. just. don’t. want to even think about right now, heh.

    • I’m with your GGdoorsfan , I too want him out of that idol time warp. I heard him say in an interview, I think it was with Forbs, that he didn’t want to be thought of as just that kid that was on AI, so I’m hoping that his musical direction will seperate him from a very crowded field of AI (and now a lot of other reality show) contestants.

  12. How about Adele? He once named her when asked who he would like to Duet with. Yea! for the idea of someone not from Idol!!

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