9 comments on “Music Artists I’d Love to See Collaborate with David

  1. I just went to see Esperanza sing at my local jazz festival this week. She was great. She was very popular with the crowd. I am a big fan of these jazz festivals as they are great summer venues for these artists to perform at. It is also not just strictly jazz as it is all types of music that perform there.

  2. Really like Esperanza!! A true artist. Must admit, I was estatic when she won over Bieber. Yes would love for her and David to get together for a corroboration when he gets back. She is very talented!!!…and of course, so is he. He might be ready for a little Jazz influence.

  3. I love your idea of a collaboration series, HG!
    I like Esperanza’s Radio Song. Kudos to her. I did look into Esperanza after she won her Grammy, but I’ve never been into jazz much either, unless you’re talking about Ella Fitzgerald or Nancy Wilson. There’s no denying her talent. It would be a very interesting collaboration with David. He certainly could pull it off. I just loved his jazzy versions of This Christmas and The Christmas Song Heck, his Happy Birthday was proof enough that he can do it!

  4. Well, you know it had to happen. I went and listened to The Christmas Song. lol I have this performance on my iPod and never get tired of it.

    • I loooooove this performance! He was in amazing voice at the Santa Rosa VIP. The same person that uploaded this video also has one of Good Place/Let It Be from that night that I used to make the mp3 I listen to all the time. Amazing clarity. It still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. /fangirl lol

  5. I enjoyed watching all of Esperanza’s videos; she’s very talented to say the least. I would love to hear David’s vocals paired with jazz musicians.

    Astrid, thanks for posting the Christmas clip; I don’t recall having seen it before. The audience is awfully quiet; perhaps this was filmed during a vip event.

  6. Yes Ali! I have GP/LIB on my iPod too. I agree that D’s voice was more incredible than usual in Santa Rosa. To the point where I was kinda disappointed with the Nokia show. That was a strange crowd though. lol

    Desertrat, you guessed right! It was a VIP :)

  7. I just read that David’s album BEGIN is #1 pre-order at Deseret Books and #16 pre-order at Walmart. Glad to see that high number for Walmart. I would say that is good and impressive considering that David is out of the country for 2 years and there has really been no promo for it.

    • yes, Marie doing a happy dance. I will buy several cds because I know I will wear them out quickly.I’m in the second Forevermore cd, lol. Man, I have ODD bad!!! I ‘ve loved David’s voice ever sense I heard it in AI, but now I’m obsessed with his more mature voice. I know I’m going to love BEGIN as much if not more than Forevermore album and I listen to Forevermore almost everyday.

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