Flashback: Dancing to the Voice

Since some folks mentioned the moment, I got nostalgic:


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  1. I do remember this moment. Just beautiful.

  2. Thank you Hg for the flashback, beautiful voice, beautiful dancing. The two things I love to do listening to David sing and watch great dancing.

  3. Love it!! Yessssss!! David singing and great dancing.

  4. Off subject here, I have to vent and I feel comfortable venting on this site.
    Yesterday I read a tweet from Kari stating that there might not be a single from BEGIN. I realize that the cd is all covers except one original. I just feel why not release that one original song as a single, what the heck, all it could do is bomb, BUT, maybe it could be great, why not take a chance.I think that there is a big opportunity if it become a hit that he will get megia buzz (idol away, but is turning out great music for his fans). The megia eats up that kind of stuff. I’m just a fustrated fan….I want David to success so that I will be able to have lots of music from him. I will hang on, but I just get a bit mad at the way things are handled at times. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • cq – Unfortunately the way radio works today you need a major label to push your single to radio and even then it is extemely hard to get radio play. No Idols today are getting much radio play except the two established artist – Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. David is with a very small independent label so there is no hope in getting any radio play so there is really no point in putting out a single.

      • grammyj, I get your point and understand, but I was thinking in terms of something out of the box. A song so good that it would get enough buzz that would carry it to the mainstream attention, that’s all…the little engine that could scenero, lol. As I said I was just venting. It just fustrates me that other artist are moving forward and David (mega talent) is going nowhere.

      • I am looking forward to see what type of album David produces when he returns to his career. It is great that he is releasing new music but grammyj is right about there being no point in putting out a single right. Yep, is it frustrating but unfortunately it is what it is. I agree with you cq. The problem is that many of these idols, like Kris and Adam, did have a major label behind them and received no radio play and no hit singles on their current albums. Very few music artists are really getting the consistent radio airplay and hit singles now. I think that song that would attract the attention of everyone will have to wait until David returns to his career.

      • I understand your frustration Cq but as Grammyj said, it’s extremely hard to get radio play (even more for a singer with no label and no real management). Even media buzz became manufactured, and unfortunately, I think that a singer like David needs more than an album of covers to get some interest. And it’s the same with youtube views. Maybe they should try to give one of the songs as “the free single of the week” on iTunes to attract new people.
        But I don’t think it matters that much because David is not even available to do the promo. His marketing in the US was never on the same level as in Asia. He never seemed to find (after Crush) the same support as over there by the radios and the promoters. I know that it’s easier in Asia for David (and for other singers in general) but I don’t think that they tried that much everywhere else. Too many missed opportunities (I still don’t understand the lack of promo in Europe after the great reception he got during the McFly tour or why he didn’t release songs in Spanish for the Latin market).
        TBH, I have really low expectations about the marketing of this album and the buzz it’ll generate. Only hopes and wishes. So I hope that it will be well produced and that it will showcase David’s voice. I also hope for original interpretations and “fresh” arrangements for these well known songs (and old for most of them) like he did with “Imagine” for example. And I hope too that they thought of something out of the box to promote it to create some interest but I doubt it will happen. Like a contest to win (as a major prize) a trip to Chile if you find the golden ticket hidden in an album. It’d encourage the fans to buy a ton of copies.

      • I totally agree with you Marie.

        I think that what will be really important for D when (if ?) he resumes his music career is to clearly define his sound and offer good quality music. I think that he’s capable to differentiate himself from the other pop singers (he already has a unique voice) and bring something new to the genre he’ll choose. Also, a good professional team to make his music heard and known would be a great move from him because unlike the other idols you mentioned I think that David has a wider appeal (than Lambert) and he’s more charismatic (than Kris Allen) IMO. We talked about his image in the MJ thread (I think ?) and I really think that he doesn’t need to change his image to attract a new public, just to know how to present himself to the non fans. I think that there’s a huge difference between the image of him known by the fans and the representation the people outside of his fanbase have of him. He matured a lot since AI and he’s more confident on stage and in interviews but many still think of him as the kid on idol.

    • grammyj, Maria and Zara, thank you for giving your perspective, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I actually, in some level, agree fullheartly with all of you, but I’m always wanting that magic to happen and always want it sooner than later, lol.

      • I did leave a note on Kurt Bestor’s Facebook asking about a Single and also about Promo. I agree, no one other than Kelly and Carrie are getting Radio play. Many don’t even listen to the Radio anymore. There is also reason to believe that even those that do get Radio play pay big bucks per year to get it. I heard Daughtry say once something about paying $300,000 a year to get the radio play he gets.

        I’m enjoying all the buzz and music we are getting, considering David is Away for Two years. I think it will mostly be Fans buying David’s music while he is gone. I have however read of at least several new fans since he appeared in NanditoAko and released Forevermore. He still gets lots of Radio play in the Phillipines.

        America seems fascinated with stars like Bieber, Brown, Usher , Lopez etc. who dance and lip synch!!

      • Heidijoy, Yay radio play is really changed….I never listen to radio. When I want to listen to music (mostly aways David’s) I have my Ipod. When I entertain I put on music from my tv, no dj and commericals. Who knows what David has to do to get his music to be heard when he returns.

      • Also, Heidijoy, I really like dancing/singing acts such as Usher and Lopez very entertaining. Those acts are just fun and exciting to see. Actually David is the only singer that I love just for his voice without the dancing. David is unique and I love his voice.

      • I think that his team will have to be more creative to get his music to be heard (if radio is not an option for him). But he’s not alone, only a few singers get their songs on repeat on the radio. It’s always the same 5 songs lol. I’ll give a special mention to Rihanna who besides getting her songs played, is also featured in almost all the other songs lol (I’m not even exaggerating).

        I think that his music can be heard if it’s used on shows as background music or like in the video posted by HG. It can also help to have one of his songs used in a popular series or in a movie (my little sister, she’s D’s age, discovered Sara Bareilles because her song “Breathe Again” was used in Smallville) or to have one of his songs used in commercials (in my country, I heard at least 3 Bruno Mars’ songs used for different products). Also, I think that having other people covering his songs on youtube might help or having fans of other singers (like JB) to use them in their fan made videos. But the easiest way might be to tour everywhere all the year and even better to open for a recognized artist or to do a collaboration with a popular singer (who actually gets some radio airplay lol).
        I’m sure that there are other ways to get his music heard. I read an article a long time ago about the decline of radios and their influence. The internet (with all the social media) is a better way nowadays to be discovered or heard by a large public. Radio stations only play what’s already popular.

        Oh, an other way to get his music heard is to release a very bad song, with really bad vocals and lyrics. It worked for Rebecca Black. I can’t believe that her song Friday ( I thought was a joke) got so many sales ! (and to stay in the category of things that will unlikely happen, before releasing new music, he can also date a popular girl and pose for the paparazzi or be a judge in a reality show. Those things worked well for others lol).

      • Sorry for the long comment !
        I like Usher, I think that he’s talented and entertaining. I think that he can sing (unlike Brown) and dance (unlike Bieber). I hope that he’ll come back to R&B music, “8701” was one of his best album IMO.

      • I like Usher when he sings but lately he does the dances with what sounds like a track, putting himself in the category with Brown and Bieber. Would like him to get back to R&B.

  5. I like Dancing like SYTYCD but acts that pretend they are singing while dancing turn me off. Paula did that too. Don’t think they should call themselves singers. They are dancing well to a Track and moving their lips. Turns me off because it seems dishonest to me. Bieber is doing that more and more. Just not my idea of True Singing.

    • I agree, those are entertainers, not true singers. You really don’t have to be a good singer to get hit songs. David is a mega talented singer that doesn’t need to dance to entertain, but if he decided to add a bit of dancing, I’ll be a happy camper, lol.

  6. Zara~”I think his team will have to be more creative to get his music heard…”. I agree. He reaaaaally needs to work with professionals who know how to pull out all stops to put an artist on the map. Other than Kari, who’s technically his road manager (I think), he’s never had mgmt who acted like they gave a hang. It’s like…no one ever made the effort to make sure he had a chance. Even Melinda spent more time gabbing about JB.

  7. Oh hello, new pic of David posted on twitter 🙂

    Obvs don’t click if you don’t like *cough*mission pics*cough* lol

    • so glad to see him! but chicken nuggets, fries, and a red drink? what happened to our healthy eating david, lol.

      • lol, right? gotta be honest, its nice to see him eating like a normal person every now and then though. 😉 ((not that there’s anything wrong with eating healthy!! heh))

      • I am just glad to see David eating foods that are somewhat higher in calories. lol I thought he was too thin before he left for his mission. He looks healthier to me now.

      • lol- maybe fast food seems like home…

    • Remember that projected photo of a “heavier” David come 2014? 😦

      I hope he cools it with the fries (at least he doesn’t look like he’s gained much weight yet). 🙂

      • Haha! Good point! I would bet he’s probably doing tons of walking/biking around though. And bless his young person metabolism lol.

        But definitely not a good idea to be on an all french fry diet. I know from experience!! ;p Maybe this was a rare meal out. Doesn’t seem like I’ve heard about missionaries eating out much — most of what I’ve read is them being fed by families in the area or inexpensive cooking at home? I’ve never been on a mission though so idk.

      • I’m just happy to see a new picture of him smiling with a big plate of fast food! I’ll bet it reminds him of America. I’m sure he gets exercise walking all day. He always has been really thin so he could gain a few pounds and look even better IMHO.

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