29 comments on “Valuing David’s Values: No Proselytizing Needed

  1. Thank You so much for being able to state what many of us feel. You have such a gift for writing with such depth. I admire David for his broader appeal while staying true to what he believes. Attraction not Promotion for the Win!!

  2. “David’s “universal” appeal: his magnificent vocals transcend the local and parochial, the divisions between religions and faiths, even the divisions between different worldviews (sacred and secular). When different people listen to David, some feel that “connection to God,” others feel Spirit, or oneness with everything in creation, and still others feel David’s sincerity and open heart” HG, you described the reason for David’s very diverse fanbase – thank you for your eloquence. And you are right that David and the drums was very powerful.

  3. “…if David had actually said those words, my reaction would have been very different”

    This identifies the crux of my discomfort with the original description. Thanks, HG, for your respectful analysis. I agree.

  4. Fabulously stated HG, I wholeheartly agree. You are such a gifted writter, I away look forward to reading your awesome posts.

  5. David is a man of values. You are right there hg. He is also a huge talent. I am just glad that BEGIN will be available at itunes and Amazon for purchase. I believe I read the album will also be available in local stores like Walmart . It is really important that it is available at all outlets for fans to purchase. The international fans need to be able to buy it as those fans are really helping keep David’s career going while he is gone.

  6. For anyone interested for any reason, JB is being interviewed on ABC Nightline tonight.

    • If I don’t happen to watch Nightline tonight then I will have to dvr it . j.k. lol It’s nice to see the Biebs is getting some needed promo. lol

      • Lol ! Are you sure you want to miss his interview on TV, Marie ? He’s so rare, who knows when it’s going to happen again…
        And you never know, maybe they’ll ask for an impromptu song and maybe he’ll sing in tune. I personally live in that expectation and I’d love to be able to say “I was watching when it happened” lol
        I’m just joking but I’m still not interested :)

    • I’ll pass thank you, lol. He is the flavor of the times, everyone want a piece of him….money, money, money. Actually I get enough of him everywhere I go, so really don’t want to come to a David site and be see his name , overexposed to the max. I’m sure I might be in the minority.

    • SandyBeaches, me thinks you “wanna be startin somthin”, lol. jb (and his buddy usher) better not mention mj tonight.

  7. hg, i agree with your post … what a way you have with words. i love that photo of david on the drums. i haven’t watched many of the mkoct videos since the announcement but that pic tells me i need to listen to “little drummer boy” again. :)

  8. “Love. Faith. Acceptance. Joy. David Archuleta returns with his fifth album filled with beloved covers, both secular and sacred, placing his unique stamp on songs only his magnificent vocals could deliver.” HG, David should have hired you to write his album description. I love that for the description of his new album.

    I watched a little bit of Bieber’s special last week of his world tour. I believe his appeal is the connection he has made with his fans – being very open with lots of videos and tweets so that all the young girls feel like he is their boyfriend. He is very cute and can dance. What I can’t believe though is the excessive amount of exposure he gets.

  9. OK kids!! You are all very funny besides interesting! I thought that you might get another laugh or annoyance by watching him or find another wacky thing that is outrageous or maybe him pretending to be someone else!

    Anyway… HG, your post is a great read today and very much appreciated!

    Deserat, thanks for the video but I passed on it tonight! The truth of it is that I want to see for myself if he thinks he is in the league of the greats.

    But better yet, I must get back to reading the post!


  10. I checked on my Deseret order this morning (no idea why, honestly) and I noticed the description of the album had changed. It reads “Fans everywhere are anticipating the new release from vocal pop sensation David Archuleta. The new album, BEGIN, is packed with some of modern music’s most moving songs. ”

    Someone apparently got the message, HG. :)

    (I hope I’m not regurgitating old news, I hadn’t seen it mentioned yet…)

  11. I nominate HG to become David’s PR person – another excellent post HG!

  12. i just glanced at mjsblog, kellie pickler has “parted ways” with sony and jessica sanchez has signed with interscope..

  13. per djafan (thanks djafan!)

    BEGIN. by David Archuleta preorder now available at Walmart Online.
    $12.88 List Price: $14.98 You save: $2.10

  14. Glad to see that BEGIN is available at Walmart for preorder. I still like to purchase the physical copy of the CD while I can and they are still around. lol Everybody seems to do the digital downloads on iTunes now. Interesting about Kellie.The music business is just brutal these days. Some of the folks that comment at mjs and Rickey’s blog are really just so critical and judgmental with their comments except if it is their favorite idol. Kind of like the “mean girls” at school . lol David might be somewhat safe on the blog comments as he is away on a mission and is not a threat to their favorite idol . Or maybe not. lol I think sales are only really good for just a few idols so they really can’t be critical of lack of sales any longer. Times do change as Cook used to be such a favorite on the blogs but not so much anymore.

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