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Three years later, his memory lives on.


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  1. Michael has always been a favorite of my, so sad his personal life was so mixed up. RIP MJ. he will never be forgotten.
    Been away and missed commenting about the Desert Books promo. I really don’t like it to be promoted as a religious album, so I’m hoping that it will be offered in itunes and other places. I support David, but I do not support the Mormon religion.

  2. Amazing that it’s been 3 years already. It’s still hard to believe. I was at David’s concert (Demi tour) and had no idea until he talked about it. My daughter was with me. She reminded me today that she didn’t know who Michael was before that day. Talk about a mom fail. I’ve since remedied that situation 🙂

  3. Not to take anything from remembering Michael, but Deseret Book has indeed changed the description for David’s upcoming CD, BEGIN.


  4. I don’t think they should have had to change a thing just to apease certain fans.

    • I agree. My issue wasn’t so much the mention of God, I just felt like the writing didn’t reflect what the songs were about. Hence, I wondered if writer was actually familiar with them. My other concern was that perhaps the writer was taking liberties. Regardless of the faith or who one prays too, i feel uncomfortable accepting someone’s presentation, as fact, of how another individual relates to a higher being. Maybe things will be clearer for me when I see the liner notes.

    • Don’t think that is why they changed it. The desire is for it to have wider appeal.

    • Sassypants, did Deseret books change the description to apease the fan? Boy as a non-Mormon fan, I feel like we have to walk on egg shells all the time, geez.

  5. IMO, I think David has to hide a certain part of himself (the very religous and spiritual part) just so he does not upset a certain part of his fanbase and I find THAT sad.

    • Me, too.

    • He doesn’t have to hide that part of his life, just seperate it from his public singing career.

    • I don’t think he has to hide the spiritual part at all and he hasn’t. He has used the right approach all along. Being able to appeal to a broader audience without sacrificing his beliefs is ideal.

    • David’s beliefs are my beliefs too; I was simply noting the difference.

      Deseret Book has 40 retail outlets in about 9 western states, and they have a huge online business. Although they sell many things, their products are assumed to be specifically religious. Deseret Book may have had some comments; but I have to believe there was some reconsideration for a more accurate description (“ some of modern music’s most moving songs”) to let fans–and potential new fans–everywhere know what they can expect to hear on the CD.

      Now, if they would just write the title accurately. BEGIN.

    • I doubt that Deseret Books was reading opinions on David’s fansites regarding their descripgtion of the CD.

      • I am glad that deseret books did change it regardless of what the reason was for the change. I agree with heidijoy that being able to appeal to a broader and diverse base is very important for David’s career. It really is more of an marketing issue as opposed to a religious issue IMO. Appeal to the broader fan base if you can in any way you can. Good point about getting the title right. lol

      • WUT? We don’t have the power to influence his marketing strategy? I had no idea, lol.

  6. Isn’t that the same description that was out there when the track list leaked? I wonder why they didn’t use it all along?

    • No the original text was what Deseret had posted initially. Its the same text as from the “leaked” tracklist, which obviously was not a final copy since one of the song titles was listed incorrectly.

      • Which was listed incorrectly? I’ve fallen behind on my archufacts, lol.

      • Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. It was erroneously listed as Somewhere Only We CAN Know on that original tracklist. Small difference but would be pretty embarrassing if all the CDs got printed up with the song title incorrect lol.

      • Yes, it would be as that is the cover I want to listen to the most. lol

      • Thanks Ali. Inclusion of “can” changes the whole meaning of the song.

      • Oh, I see. They tweaked the leaked text quite a bit. Still, why not just wait to put the correct one up to BEGIN. with? Praying for quality control in 2014. lol

  7. I never said I thought Desert Books was reading fansites,but I am sure people from David’s team are. I am also not a mormon. I guess I just get tired of people complaining when anything religous comes up.

    • I would have been ok with the first description if it had been all religous songs but only one song was so the description didn’t really fit.

  8. I also want to add… RIP Mr. Jackson

    • Hard to believe it’s been 3 years. That means the next 2 will fly by even faster…right? Somebody please say yes, lol.

  9. I wish we fans had the kind of influence on David’s management as some folks seem to think. If we did, David wouldn’t be doing his missionary thing in Chile, now would he? :p

  10. *Sigh*…. I was doing OK till I got in my car to drive home from work… turned on the radio… heard Michael singing ‘Heal The World’, and all the shock and sadness and utter disbelief I felt 3 years ago when hearing of his death seemed to wham! all hit me again, and I started crying… grown ass professional woman sobbing like a baby three years later… over someone I never met, didn’t know personally, but whose death hit me like a ton of bricks… felt like a chapter of the biggest part of some of the best memories of my life had ended… what??? Michael is DEAD??? nOOOOO… But sadly, it was and still is true, and though life has moved on, I don’t think those of us who were there w/the J5 from the beginning, watching him grow from that cute little boy into megamegastar, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, we never stopped LOVING HIM. And our hearts still ache sometimes when we hear his music… RIP Michael Jackson, King of Pop… you are irreplaceable.

    • If Cirque du Soleil’s “Immortal” comes your way, I highly recommend it! 🙂

    • I feel the same way. Sometimes I just sit and watch his videos on YouTube wondering how one could be born with so much talent.

  11. One of my favorite televised performances from Michael… does the world, not just the world of pop music, realize how much they’ve lost?

    Go on with yo baddd self Michael!

  12. Miss your comments GG! I went to the Jackson Victory Tour and I am so glad I did. Who would’ve known then that MJ would be leaving this world at such a song age. I don’t think they the world knows when they televise the blasphemy of the fetus daring to compare himself to MJ and not crying foul. Well I did lol Never in any way shape or form.

    • And therein lies my hostility toward the Bieb. Did you know during his tour he had the audacity to sing “Wanna Be Starting Something” and then introduced his band during the song? Grrrrrrrrrr

      • Seriously, are we taking our ‘David has gone away’ frustrations on an 18 year old who is singing, touring, just right out there with people (giving them a concert to go to or simply a face to see)?

        If one is looking for perfection in a star it isn’t going to happen, hasn’t happened yet.


      • I’m not.

      • I am not just frustrated with Bieber’s popularity because of just David. David has made some choices that I don’t always agree with in regards to his career. I am a fan of other struggling music artists that could use even quarter of what the Biebs has made in sales and everything else. I also agree that it is ridiculous that he has the nerve to compare himself to MJ. That the music industry actually promotes and supports this is ridiculous. lol The only smart thing I did see was that the Grammy for new artist went to Esperanza Spalding instead of JB in 2011. He belongs on the Disney channel and the tween/teens shows. He does not deserve it, is over exposed ,and I hope 1D replaces him but such is life in the music business. JMHO.

      • I forgot to add that my issue with the Biebs is that he really can’t sing IMO. lol The problem is that many of the music artists on top 40 pop radio station can’t so he is not alone. It seems auto tune really works for many. lol That is why someone like Adele or Bruno Mars stands out in pop music as they can sing and have amazing vocals. Just like David does.

    • Let me add that the frustration is not at Bieber directly but indirectly. It’s the entire industry who has hyped, manufactured and attempts to shove him down our throat at every turn. And with comments like the ones he’s recently made he’s believing the hype and has not an ounce of humiity. Reminds me of the story of the emperors clothes haha Well done venting lol Back to the task at hand David Archuleta.

      RIP MJ

  13. I have been fans of many pop and rock and music stars with a little dirt under their nails… makes them more interesting, relatable and human. Perfection is overrated and boring. Give me the HUMANS, everytime 🙂 I feel nothing for Beiber and the others in pop music who must follow in MJ’s wake except pity… he’s the gold standard, and like The Beatles or Sinatra, he’s the standard in POP music by which all after him will be judged. That’s a pretty daunting task, one I’m sure everyone in the business now or to come know they will never meet. No reason we can’t find something to enjoy in their efforts. 20 y/o classic MJ trumps anything in pop music present day for this music lovah, lol.

    • We are lucky to have been around for MJ and the Beatles too and they are near impossible acts to follow. Entertainers are all so different and comparing them is futile. Some have huge musical abilities and some provide fun for the fans. So who would we pick on if there wasn’t JB? Heads don’t turn to too many others right now.


    • GGDoorsfan, I’m curious about your opinion of David, do you feel he is to clean and maybe unretatable?
      I’m a diehard fan of David, but I feel at times that he might be a bit unretatable.
      Bty, I totally agree with you about MJ…..gold standard for pop.

      • I’d think his devout nature and piety could be unrelatable to large segments of some music listeners, but there are niches for those who find those traits attractive and relatable, so to each their own. I’m the type who has usually preferred my faves to have that literal and metaphorical dirt under their nails, which begs the question of how the heck did I become a David Archuleta fan, lolol… I heard that voice, and it was game over. OVAH, lol… I do believe he is living out his convictions and I respect him for that immensely. I just can’t shake this sense that he’s been holding back in the total ownership of his natural, God given singing abilities and creative voice. I feel he has relied too much on the ‘safe’, the ‘familiar’ – two words that are anathema to artists from a creative standpoint. David’s voice is one of the most powerfully pure and superb I’ve ever heard. I will be brutally honest and say that I am bored with the musical output over the past year. I’ve not felt the magic in Forevermore, and I’m trying to get the feeling again with BEGIN… everything feels too safe… familiar. So I wait until the day when/if he decides to resume a music career, to see if there will be new music that really stretches him vocally, creatively, artistically. I want to see and feel and hear what lies beneath the smile, the smiling eyes. I want him to be open and free and share some of the emotions he feels as a person, a guy, a struggling artist – the good, the not so good. Real stuff. That is what keeps me a fan – I’ve heard and seen the potential in that voice, that instrument. I want to see hear music and songs that rekindle the ‘magic’. I’m making pasta tonight with red sauce, so tomatoes are welcome, heh.

      • I agree with both of you GG and zara. I too am really looking forward to the music David produces when he returns to his career if he pushes himself vocally and artistically. Well stated GG.

      • No tomatoes from me GGDoorsfan, I too am waiting to get that magic from David again. I will say one thing, I do love the forevermore album….I’m a sucker for love songs and those are not his songs, so I give him a hall pass, lol.

  14. It’s a good question CQ. It’d be great to read GG’s and the other SDers’ opinion about it.

    Before giving my opinion, I’d like to say that I don’t think that David is necessarily too unrelatable because I can relate to him in some ways and to some of his songs.
    What I think is that David only shows a part of himself. Publicly, he’s the happy guy with a permanent smile on his face. Also, his music focuses mainly on positive messages. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the positive messages and there’s nothing wrong with being happy and smily. But it doesn’t represent life in general IMO and it offers only one dimension to his music. I’m not saying that to be more relatable he needs to show a dark side but just that sometimes, a balance is needed. Being a fan from the beginning, I know that he understands loss and suffering, I can hear it in his voice when he’s singing (Apologize, CELD,…) and I know that his life wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. I think that some of his writing was inspired by the hard things that can happen in life like for “Things are gonna get better” but the message is too general , too vague IMO.
    Also, I’d love to feel more the vulnerability, the sadness in his songs. He has the voice to convey it IMO (I think it’s Kara Dioguardi who said regarding David “give him a melody and you can hear the cries in his voice”, I can’t remember exactly lol). That’s maybe why I really like “Senseless” or “Desperate”.
    To be clear, I like inspirational songs with positive messages, I like love songs too. But I’d love to hear more personal feelings, more specific (?) to what he’s living. I don’t think that being a “clean” singer is a problem. Other young (and not young) singers are considered as clean (The Jonas or Taylor Swift for example). I really think that it’s all about what he’s intended to share in his music. I’d love him to open up more and feel more free to write deeper songs. That’s just my opinion.

    • Kara, yes, open up through his music. I really feel that will happen.

    • Thank you Zara for making better sense than me, lol… you hit on everything that has been ruminating around in my head for a while… whew… I love David Archuleta, the singer, the artist. But right now I’m a little bored. That is something I deal with, and work with, but I’m staying hopeful that after he returns, and does whatever he’s going to do, the spark for the music will reignite…

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