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Feast your eyes! 😛


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  1. gotta be honest- those eyes kind freak me out a bit.

  2. I was just going to post the link to this picture, so I’m glad you put it up in all its glory. Love the hair here and the clothes. David could be a heart throb if he wanted.

    An interesting blog was posted about how musicians are having a very hard time making any money because of piracy. It’s very eye opening and it looks like if things don’t change David may need to get training in another profession to augment his music career. Very few will be able to earn a living doing just music. Here’s the link: http://thetrichordist.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/letter-to-emily-white-at-npr-all-songs-considered/

    • This is revelatory? Really?

    • i haven’t read the article all the way thru but i don’t feel comfortable with the writer’s suggestion that illegal downloads (i.e., subsequent poverty) attributed to the suicides of two musicians.

      • Obviously with any blog you have to take it with a grain of salt. Those musicians committed suicide for many reasons and could have done other work beside just music. I just thought it was an interesting blog. It’s not easy trying to earn a living as an artist be it dancer, singer, actor, etc. Usually you have to have other work to support yourself and do your art as a side job or for the joy of it. I know David will always sing but may not be able to support himself through singing.

    • Interesting article grammyj. It sure is a tough road for musicians in the music industry. Kari is doing a great job considering David is away on a mission for 2 years. That is pretty tough keeping fans interested when David is not here at all. I agree that his OS is not what it should be but it has not been in the 4 years I have been a fan of David. lol This is very off topic but it is interesting that high school basketball star Jabari Parker is getting so much publicity now because he will have to choose in a few years whether to have an NBA career or go on a mormon mission. It is also because he is a very talented basketball player. I just saw the parallels between Jabari’s story and David’s decision to go on a mission. It will be interesting to see what Jabari does decide to do. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/06/mormon-jabari-parker-17-might-be-next-big-thing-in-nba/

      • When I watched the Katie Couric interview with Jabari and all these other articles what really stood out to me was that Jabari was really praised as a great role model with good values. It was a positive thing that he had his faith and that was was more important to him than NBA stardom regardless of his choices. Even though I don’t agree with David’s decision to leave his career for 2 years I do wish that he could have had more positive media coverage and interviews like this prior to his leaving. David’s team never used the the media and marketing to their advantage as much as they could have. Even though I am not a fan of JB I thought Kari was smart to make a tweet about David and Beiber’s album coming out in the same tweet. That is a smart use of social media: ‏@kariontour
        You got to BELIEVE out NOW by @justinbieber to BEGIN. out AUG 7, 2012 by @DavidArchie

  3. I wonder how much Kari is getting paid to tweet with the fans and release these photos. Meanwhile, nothing has been done to update the photos’ section on David’s OS in ages. It should be a no brainer to expand the photo section and to categorize his pics by year and then by professional (photo shoots, tours, appearances, etc.) and personal. He should have a sample representation on his OS of his best photos.

    Is anyone excited about another cheap video being released in which David gazes earnestly into the camera while standing around, sitting in a chair, sitting on a sofa, walking down the street, zipping up a suitcase? I can’t bear the poor presentation of his music. If you count NA, this is the 6th bad video in a row.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Anon, eagerly waiting to eat up another rushed music video (creatively put together or not) is like a starving person happy to eat crumbs and not getting too picky cause, you know, there’s no real food available.

      It is what it is, and sometimes, it does make me sad that David’s fanbase really has been reduced to crumbs. 😦

    • I respect your right to your own opinion but I’m not sure where you get 6th bad video in a row.
      I thought Crush, ALTNOY, TMH were all reasonable videos off the 1st album although obviously TMH didn’t take much imagination. I thought SBL was a good video and I also like Wait.

      Forevermore was very simple as I think we will see with I’ll Never Go and the rumored Rainbow video. I won’t spend time defending them as great videos — I mean, they essentially shot footage for 3 videos in one day while also doing an album photoshoot and a concert appearance. It is what it is.
      Was there an official NA video?

      I’m also no apologist for David’s OS but to be frank I find the current site a hell of a lot better than the one he had under Jive. That site was a monstrosity. At least current news is posted to this one and information is pretty easy to find. Could it be better? Yes. But I would name it as better than some “signed” artists.

      • I agree with Ali, the OPM album was done in a matter of 4 to 5 days and that includes the pics for the album and the music videos. I’m actually surprised they were able to come up with 3 music videos at all! All of these were done primarily with the fans in mind, so could we not be a little more appreciative of their efforts rather than being over critical? From what I’ve read in other sites there was initially no set plan on David’s part record an album before he left for his mission. But maybe because of “Forevermore” he realized that it was possible to come up with a decent enough album in a short span of time and now we can expect another one (“Begin”) on August 7 because of this.

      • The current OS is pretty good, but the point I was making is they haven’t done any updates — except to the news section — in ages. The picture section is a no brainer to categorize and expand. Instead of releasing bad photos via twitter or doing other strange things to supposedly keep fans entertained, they could work on the OS. The charity section also lacks imagination. That’s where David’s heart is and all they have is “Check out these charities!!!!!”

        As for videos, the string of bad videos IMO began with TMH (can you imagine a video with a story line instead of that b/w disaster?) and continued with SBL (David walks around a neighborhood), Wait (had lots of potential but was reduced to the broken glass windshield look of a drunk driving commercial), NA (music video, David gets clocked in the head with an oar or paddle or something), Forevermore (David sits in a chair) and I’ll Never Go (David packs a suitcase).

      • LOL I didn’t even realize that NA video counted as a music video. I’m gonna take a pass on that one since its not posted to David’s YT.

        I actually like the SBL video fairly well (the party scenes especially) but HATED all the product placement. Come on, Sony, stop being so tacky. I think Wait might be my favorite video. Well, maybe tied with Crush. That was a good one but maybe I’m sentimental because it was the first lol.

        I really like your idea about expanding on the charity section of David’s website. As you said, we all know where his heart lies and it would be awesome to see more done there.

  4. Haven’t posted for a while but this picture was disturbing in that the light is missing from his eyes. He must have been very tired or something was weighing heavily on his mind.

    He is so dear to us. Hope all is well in Chile.

    • It is, indeed, strange that his manager keeps releasing photos in which he looks tired and worked to death by her.

  5. David looks like he’s in some sort of hypnotic trance; he was definitely in need of sleep.

  6. i find these “confession” tumblr blogs interesting.



  7. Man, we as fans want pictures, songs and videos of David and when we get what we want, all some do is critisize. First of all how can he get quality/complex video in the time he had, I bet that the concept was being developed as they were filming…I for one am happy that I have things to look forward. As far as the picture goes, it probably was taken during the video ING, so it makes sense the sad face/eyes.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      I’d rather the fans criticize the quality of songs, videos, photos, hairstyles, and his OS than criticize the fact that David’s currently on a mission! 🙂

      I’ve been missing those conversations, to be honest.

    • Amen to you cq!! I am happy for whatever video, picture, music I can get while David is away. I thought it was great that they were able to film three videos for his OPM album to keep his fans happy while he was away. We could have had NOTHING. Maybe that is what some of you want. I am going to love to see angsty David in the next video. I sometimes don’t like the really artsy out there videos that get made by other artists or the really slutty ones. I guess I’m easily pleased because I’ve been happy with David’s videos.

      Also, I think the OS does what it is suppose to do. Informs people what is going on with David. The news is kept up to date and it looks good. Sure, more pictures could be posted but there are lots of fan-sites that do that. I look at the OS of other artists when I’m seeking information about them or just to check up on what other Idols are doing. David’s is one of the best or at least as good as most of them.

      • I agree that many music artists OS are not that great. David’s is probably as good as most of them. I think that his OS should have been better when he was with Jive. I never understood why it was not but that is in the past.

    • It’s a tired argument, really: quantity vs. quality. I would argue that over a two-year span it’s better to release one good video than a string of bad (or rushed or simple or whatever euphemism you want to use) videos. You can tell by the # of views which videos fans like or are interested in — the same with vlogs.

      Of course, sometimes you get neither quality nor quantity….

      • You’re right about quantity vs quality.
        I’d prefer one quality album than several ones made in a rush. I think that what will help David with keeping his music career going is the quality of his work.
        But it’s an exceptionnal situation with him gone for two years on a religious mission. The material he’s releasing during this break is mainly aimed to his fans, the ones who care enough to wait for his return. It’s not a big deal in the sense that it’s not going to make or break his career. It’s just for the fans, to help them wait.
        What would be really interesting for me, is to see what kind of music he’ll do when he’ll comeback and how he’ll decide to handle his career. I hope he’ll take his time and that he’ll focus and work on all the aspects of his music career (songs’ lyrics, production, image, marketing and promotion, etc).
        I wish him to make a great comeback. I wish him to be recognized for his music and acclaimed for his undeniable talent. He has it in him so I hope that he’ll surround himself with the right persons to make it happen. But to be clear, I’m not expecting him to be a Beiber or to sell his soul. I’m not expecting him to try to be a mega pop star (even if I’d be OK with him becoming huge lol but I know that for some fans the words “pop star” have a pejorative connotation). I’m just anticipating the day he’ll make the best of his talent because it will make the difference at the end. I think that there’s no shame about being recognized for the right reasons and I think that the quality of his art will prevail over the quantity of albums quickly released.

  8. I find it very depressing here today.

  9. I really like this picture. I still don’t care for the BEGIN. cover. I guess I’m a strange bird.

    • I like this pic too. I’m just gonna say *bedroom eyes* LOLOL. I also like the shirt(s). And the necklace! And the dude wearing them!! 😀 hahaha at me

    • I really like this pic and I prefer it to the one used for the BEGIN cover. I’m probably a strange bird too lol

  10. I agree with Ali – bedroom eyes!!! He can’t be smilely all the time. Sure some would say he looks tired and maybe he was. But I choose to see bedroom eyes! LOL. I am happy to see new stuff, doesn’t matter what.
    I also agree with you Ali re the shirts, the necklace and the dude!

  11. Marie – Thanks for the info on Jabari. I just read the SI article and thought to bring it here to share. He does so many David-like things.

  12. The BEGIN. tweets from Kari continue. So deep and philosophical! One day David will no doubt record an album in which he doesn’t sing the phone book but, instead, sings a book of famous quotations.

    Some people are so afraid to die that they never BEGIN. to live. -Henry Van Dyke

    To be surprised, to wonder, is to BEGIN. to understand. -Jose Ortega y Gasset

    The way to get started is to quit talking and BEGIN. doing. -Walt Disney

    I BEGIN. with an idea and then it becomes something else. – Pablo Picasso.

  13. From the very moment David touched down in Manila he was working in front of the camera for the series. Resting was not an option.

    His smile has made him famous and so many greats have said to never change, well yes he could have kept smiling which is part of his being. but then again he was acting for them. It was their call.

    The clip of the video soon to be released shows a very tired person but fulfilling a contract. This is when I like Chile.

    When he returns home, his personality will be strong so anyone trying to change his looks and his ways, might be out of luck. You have to like Spanish!


  14. I would love for David to still be in the U.S. recording under a major label with a hit song. Unfortunately that is not the case right now. I guess I am looking at the OPM album and videos as a gift to us. I will enjoy the videos and I love listening to the OPM album. I can’t wait for the album BEGIN. If David decided to sing famous quotes or the phone book or just hum I would probably like that too. Okay, I am a David ODD fan. I am bringing some optimism here instead of negativity. I think for an independant artist that isn’t even in the country, David is doing great. His twitter followers keep increasing. His OPM album is certified gold in the Philippines, and he has a new album coming out. Not bad, David.

    • I like the OPM album a lot, too! I’ll Never Go is one of my favorite songs on it, and I just wish it had a better presentation.

      I gave a Filipino colleague Forevermore. It was quite a gift because it cost me $20.00! He was very interested to listen to it and what songs were on it. He said that the songs chosen were basically the top love songs of the past 20 years, and he was surprised at the names of the producers because they were well-known to him. He was very complimentary of NA. In fact, he wished that there were more native language songs. Finally, about a week later, he told me that his wife had started listening to the CD.

      We also discussed the soap opera NA or mini series or whatever you want to call it. He said that David was chosen because he looks Filipino.

      I am not clicking my heels about the OPM album being certified gold. David spent a month in the country. Then he was on TV for a month. He appeared at the malls three weekends in a row and did a pre-signing. He was on a billboard and promoted in the Bench stores. You’d think that the total sales would be higher than 10k. I realize it was an album that was recorded in 3 days but still. And U.S. fans supposedly helped with this #.

  15. Well I guess in a positive light we are seeing in ‘BEGIN’ the songs he wants to sing such as ‘Be Still My Soul’, but then that is what we have known forever. The choices are not attached to anything but David, just a fabulous album.

    David is among many highly successful accomplished artists in North America and that makes one of the differences. Singers around the world want to be accomplished right where he lives.


  16. hell0g0rge0us

    Here is an interesting article I came across on musicians losing $$ because of technology (hmmm, methinks a new blog post is on the horizon):

    • HG –

      That reminds me very much of a blog post that’s been going around the last couple of days. Someone might have even posted it here already — I can’t remember since I’ve seen it linked on so many music related blogs. Some real eye-opening information here. I can’t say I completely agree with the author heavy handedness in some areas (the suicides, in particular) but definitely some good facts included about what all the music piracy has done to artists and the industry.

      anon mentioned above about being surprised Forevermore had sold only just over 10,000 copies so far in the philippines but I’m not that surprised. First of all, music piracy is HUGE in southeast asia. Its big all over the world for some reason that region is one of the hardest hit. For their recording industry body to make 10,000 albums the threshold for gold tells me that 10,000 is A LOT of albums sold there. That also tells me that artists that sell only in that market really cannot make a living on cd sales alone. They’ll probably be very lucky to break even on sales.

      I don’t know the answer to this problem, the stealing of music. I don’t understand where the feeling of entitlement comes from for people to think its their right to get music for free. It truly baffles me. Is it just because its easy? I know many people my age who haven’t paid for music in years. And they laugh at me because I buy my music from itunes. I don’t understand the complete lack of connection they have with that and stealing. I’ve asked them — doesn’t it bother you? They just say, everyone does it.

    • LOL, duh! I just read past the first page of that article you posted and see it was actually talking about that blog I posted. No wonder it sounded like the same type of thing! ;p

    • One thing that is puzzling is why the industry has not come up with a way that couldn’t happen. The real big superstars are not effected it seems, so I think artists need huge numbers of fans in order to maybe make it in that crazy business.

  17. I just want to be clear about my quality vs. quantity comment. I was talking about videos, etc., and the way his music is and has been presented. I was not talking about the music itself.

    Everyone understands that presentation is a big part of music. Think of a diamond or a piece of chocolate. Are you going to wrap it in clear plastic or gold metallic? A lot of times the packaging makes the sale. And if you don’t have a lot of $, then you need to think outside the box and do something a little creative. At any rate, shooting a video when David looks dead tired is all shades of wrong.

    • I’m going to disagree. I’m fine with my chocolate in a plain wrapper because it the chocolate that I want. With David the important thing is the music to me and that is what is important to me. The more music the better. I could care less how it is packaged. At this point I vote for quantity because David always has quality in his vocals. It would be crazy at this point to sink a lot of money in videos.

      • I vote for quantity too at this point because David’s on a break and he needs to keep the fans interested during his absence. I agree that David always has quality in his vocals. As a fan, I buy everything he releases because I just love his voice and because I really think that he’s the best singer I heard since a long long time. But for the casual listeners and the casual music buyers, I think that the quality in his vocals is not enough (or is not the only criteria to encourage them to buy a product). The important thing is the music but to attract people to your music (to make them check it in the first place), he needs to be more creative, to think out of the box. Unfortunately, it takes more than good music or good vocals to be heard. I remember reading an article about Adele and all the behind the scenes’ work done to make her album a success. It wasn’t just about the music or about the word of mouth.
        I think that everything about the project he’ll work on should be carefully thought of. I’m talking about the quality of the songs (lyrics and production), the cover art, the image he wants to project, the music videos used to help promote the songs, the eventual collaborations, etc… all this require more time than a rushed album can give him. I remember when he was talking about his first album and how he thought he’d have more time to work on it. Now that David doesn’t have a label, he’ll have less restrictions regarding his image and his music and the time he needs to work on his kind of perfect album. But I think that it won’t stop him from being a more prolific artist than many because he’s a gifted singer and he seems to have facility when it comes to recording music. Many said that he’s a genius and a fast learner.

    • I think anon has a point, when David returns, especially as it relates to growing the fanbase/career. Creative & unusual does not necessarily mean pricy.

      What we are getting now however, is clearly aimed at a most appreciative fan base whom he knew would be missing him.

      • I agree with your points Rae and Zara except that David actually has picked up new fans in the Philippines with his OPM album. Check out the article at The Voice http://thevoicedavidarchuleta.com/ about this very subject. I have found that there are new people posting on David fansites who just became fans because of Nandito Ako and the OPM album. It was a rush job but because these were beloved songs with David’s magical voice, new fans have been made. I believe the money made in the Philippines and his MKOC tour gave him the money to record BEGIN. I’m hoping that David’s vocals will sell the album. Because he is basically an independent artist he will not need to sell as many to make a profit. One of the articles that I read recently said it was around 10k. He should be able to sell that many I hope!

      • Some of these Idols, like Kris Allen, are releasing new albums on major labels with management in place and they are barely clearing 10.000 for their first weeks sales and are probably only at about 20,000 now for sales. I am not worried about David’s sales for BEGIN. He is away and the album was put together fairly quickly. I really am looking forward to what David does when he returns to his career and spends time producing an album. I still think that new music while he is gone is a good idea.

  18. Anon~ Hi. Are you a fan? Just wondering..

  19. I just finished the article re. Jabari Parker; he is a lot like David. It will be interesting to see what he decides.

    • I finally read the article too. Here is the quote that explains why I believe David went on his mission:“It’s not that the church puts pressure on you to do it, it’s just that there’s an expectation that young men in the Mormon church should go,” Benedict, who is a Mormon, told Couric. “And all boys in the Mormon church grow up knowing that, and certainly he feels that and so there’s a bit of a pull.” It’s that expectation that is drilled into the young Mormon boys all their lives. If your family is devoted Mormons I’m sure you are always expected to go, and that’s why David felt the need to go.

      I’m not sure what this young man will do, but money wise it could be big sacrifice as he could be looking at a big contract if he really is as good as they think and a pro-athlete’s career is usually a short time span and there is always the problem of injury.

  20. On an opposite note, I watched Justin Bieber’s World Tour part 1 last night. A concert in Norway for around 80,000 with the Red Cross on hand for the fainting girls.. He had to stand high on a balcony in France to address the thousands who gathered outside his hotel where he sang to them in French and they responded back and so on. He was on a boat and hundreds of small boats full of fans travelled beside him I think it was in Great Britain.

    What is going on with this guy? What is the draw? They are not all 14 either. Part 2 tonight. Over 20, 000,000 on twitter. The numbers speak something.


    • OBD? Obsessed with Bieber Disorder. 😉

      • Maybe in other countries the Biebs has fans over 14 but in the US I find it hard to believe that most of his fans are not teen/tween females. I don’t know many younger males that like him. I thought that most kids/young adults over the age of I would say 20 in the US think that the Biebs is kind of a joke and does not deserve his popularity. At least any of them I know do. He is an example of the power of social media and his management’s ability to communicate through it and that tween/teen demographic. That Scooter Braun, his manager, is kind of an evil genius with his ability to market him. lol I still think this popularity will not last as he does not have the talent behind it. I just wish David’s team at the time and AI 4 years ago had been smart enough to market David to that tween/teen demographic more while he had the interest of them. Yet another missed opportunity IMO.

      • You also have to factor in the moms and dads of these kids buying Bieber’s concert tickets and merchandise to make their kids happy. I just wish he could sing. lol At least my teen idols MJ and Donny Osmond back when I was young could sing. lol

      • About JB’s fans, I read some really positive things about his new album on twitter and other social medias. I think that the JB’s fever is going to last longer than I thought because I think that he got a positive reception for his new music from non fans. His team seem to do a great job to help him transition from the singer for 8 years old little girls to an older audience (by older, I mean 18/20 years old guys and girls). the fact that he can neither sing nor dance does not seem to affect his popularity, and I’m not even going to talk about the fake swagger.

        The thing is that JB is a product and sold like one just like the boys bands from the 90’s or the Jonas Brothers or more recently One Direction. The music is not the priority here, the package is. And the marketing is on top with JB. He’s constantly making the buzz and not necessarily about his music. He’s on the cover of so many magazines that it’s hard to not notice him. It’s like there’s a general consensus regarding him by those who have the power in the music industry (I know it sounds like a sort of conspiracy but I really think that it’s all about the politics and the right connections). I can say the same for Lady Gaga who was helped by the media to achieve iconic status with only 3 or 4 albums released. JB is just a trend, and like for the others before him, his fans will move to another one (eventually).

    • According to scientists of the University of Ottawa, the Bieber fever is a legit disease lol. And they proved, using a Canadian mathematical formula, that the JB fever is more contagious than measles… Oh, and they also explained how the beleibers can be cured (apparently, boredom and negative press are the key lol). I think that some scientists have too much time to waste or they are, like me, just bored and annoyed by JB’s popularity 🙂

  21. I only read an article about it in French but I just found one in English that made me laugh

    (the tweet from a belieber is priceless IMO : “Justin Beiber is much bigger than Kurt Cobain, so shut up. Did Kurt Cobain ever have the biggest fanbase on twitter ? NO.” )

  22. Marie, David was marketed to tween/teens after AI. Don’t you remember his appearances on Hannah Montana, iCarly, his Build-a-Bear, and the touring with Demi Lovato? A lot of older fans at the time didn’t like that he seemed to be just marketed to the tweens/teens.

  23. JB is cute that is why he sells. He does what his backers want him to do and he goes out with another teen celeb, he has tons of money to promote him, he is a male Miley. The young boys I know Don’t LIKE HIM. Girls are silly at that age and some are lonely, so they like to dream. David on the other hand is better looking and and crazy talented but he is his own man and not a puppet.

    • Apparently the one to blame for JB’s popularity is David (I’m just kidding). According to his manager, David helped JB become a phenomenon lol
      ( http://www.rickey.org/david-archuleta-helped-justin-bieber-become-a-phenomenon-video/ )

    • I’ll say that on the other hand, David doesn’t have a team as involved and creative as JB’s team. He needs the right people behind him to make him develop as an artist and who understand him and really believe in his talent (at least just to balance David’s lack of confidence and excessive humility. It’s just my opinion).

      • Zara: Exactly. David’s never had a team as involved and creative as JB. That was my point. I do think that David is the one that has to have the determination and desire for success. I just see so many other talented music artists that are struggling, not just David, and JB’s money success does frustrate me. The music and entertainment industry are also behind the Biebs success at this point. I think he is great for the teens/ tweens shows but why put him on so many other shows.

  24. Johnny Cash, icon couldn’t we say? Dean Martin + cocktails and the list is long, very long of successful stars whose actual musical abilities could be questioned.

    It’s not just the money providing the management but a certain charisma (many categories of that too). But, there is also determination and desire that are key factors in their successes.


    • You’re right, determination and desire are key factors in their successes.

      You need to really want it. I give JB and his team credit for that. They are probably working really hard to make it all happen.
      There’s room for different artists in the music biz. JB and David can both have great careers at the same time, they can even share some fans lol.

  25. Exactly Zara and if David had at this moment the same musical success as JB, we might not be so critical of JB.


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