Meanwhile, Back in Chile…

Who’s giving David his regular haircuts?


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  1. LOL! Whoever it is needs to lose their scissors.

    Seriously, though, I’m just happy to see his smiling face. I miss that dude. Obviously we’re still getting surprises from him with music and pictures and such. But I miss HIM. idek what I’m saying. But its sure nice to see him. 🙂

  2. Yes, he does look nice, but I sure miss his fluffy hair. Please come home, David, we need you, lol.

  3. i miss the superstar hair from the Bench photoshoot, lol. regardless of the haircut, it’s nice to see that david still glows. 🙂

    • I bet David loves having his hair short and not having to worry about how his hair looks. lol Just a guess but it seems to me that he might have gotten tired of styling the hair. Of course, I do like his hair much better fluffy and longer. However, he does still glow. I agree desertrat.

      • Marie, I think you might be right, he really is a no fuss type of guy. David a little tip,,,,when you become a superstar, you can hire a stylist to take care of all your needs, HAHAHAHHA!!!! see it’s as simple as that, you will have PEOPLE to take care of everything, HAHAHHAHA

      • Cq, Exactly. lol

  4. I was just looking at pictures of my missionary son, and I was thinking “That haircut is so unflattering.” Now I just checked out the above pic of David, they have the exact same haircut! I think parting it on the side is a way to get more mileage in between cuts.

    • That style has got to go when he gets back to the U.S. There was a picture going around when he skyped with his sisters on Mother’s Day (I didn’t see it) that some thought it looked like he had a buzz cut. I’d like to see what he’d look like with a buzz cut out of curiosity.

      • Me too, grammyj. I’m thinking it might be better than this one, lol. That side part, plastered down looks like an older man would wear. It really doesn’t matter how his hair is because of what he is doing, but he better change it when he gets back to his career.

      • If you contact me at : youeyesdontlie at gmail dot com I may be able to point you to the photo. To me, it doesn’t look like a buzz cut but more like a shorter version of what’s at the top of this page; I thought the pic was really cute.

      • Email correction: youreyesdontlie at gmail dot com

      • I work in a college town and see lots of young men with buzz cuts or very short hair. It’s a more popular hairstyle than that plastered down side part he is sporting in the picture, but maybe that’s the style in Chile. I doubt it though. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t want us to see pictures of him now anyway. It gives us something to talk about.

  5. He has a very high forehead. Or is that a receding hairline???? LOL. Sorry.
    I can understand why he doesn’t want us to see photos of him now. But no matter what state his hair is in, he still looks cute. And I would certainly open my door if he came knocking. : )

    • I have see that high forehead in a lot of pictures throughout the four years. I’m hoping that he gets his hair from his mother’s side. From what I’ve seen of men on his mother’s side…good hair. When it’s fluffy, it is always with hair on his forhead, so I’m thinking he does have a high forhead.

  6. It is hard to believe that David is going to release a new album with no promo from him as he is away for 2 years. Begin is mostly covers and I think it will be mostly for his hard core fan base because without David here in person to promote it I think the sales will be low. Wonder what plans David and his team have for next year to keep fans interested? I still think in terms of his music career David should return to it next year and go to a music college, Just IMO.

    • Marie, you are probably right, the sales are going to be low, but then again the promoting he did on the TOSOD ablum didn’t help much, the sale were low for that album. I’m still hoping by some miracle, Broken will be a real powerful, intertesting, with a hook that will catch general public attention.

      • To be fair sales are low for most music artists now. Just look at the low sales for the idols that have released new music. The money is in the touring for music artists regardless of what genre they sing and not in the sales of their albums anymore. It is still good that David is releasing music this year but I hope he has something planned for next year.

    • I think he need to “fan” the embers of his career upon his return. Music classes on the side is fine- but he already has a pass to the party so best to use it before it expires. lol…

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