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I’ve been looking up and refreshing my memory on the songs listed for BEGIN. Somebody wants us to bawl our eyes out while he’s away! 😛

Here they are in the order that they appear on David’s official site:

1. Beautiful

2. Somewhere Only We Know

3. Everybody Hurts

4. Don’t Give Up

5. Angel

6. Bridge Over Troubled Water

7. Broken

8. True Colors

9. Pride (In the Name of Love)

10. Be Still My Soul

Obviously, we all anticipate the new song “Broken,” but I’m curious about which of the covers you are most excited to hear.  Please take my latest poll! 🙂


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  1. Great post,hg. I really like most of the song covers so it was hard to choice. I picked “Somewhere Only We Know’ as I loved the song after I heard it on” Glee” this year. I still really like “Everybody Hurts”, “True Colors” , and “Pride”. I am very impressed with the choice of covers for this album.

    • I picked that one too. I really love it! It also has an alternative rock feel, which I love. It also just spoke to me as something David would really identify with. I am not sure about second choice. It is going to be interesting to see what he did with all these songs.

  2. Thank you so much for the great post with all the covers of BEGIN. The only one I really didn’t remember was Somewhere Only We Know, but after listening to it, I love it and can’t wait to hear David’s version.
    I chose True Colors because I love the song (actually love all of them) and wondering if David will give it a modern twist.
    I’m so happy with the Forevermore album of love songs that I thought that BEGIN couldn’t top it,but it did. So excited to hear all the covers, but most excited to hear Broken.

  3. I am so happy, yes happy that he is back singing what he believes in and what drew me to finding him so awesome. I have the songs on my laptop on my desk while I work, so thanks HG for bringing them together.


  4. Just read that both David and Kari confirmed on twitter that the Forevermore album went GOLD the first week in June. Was that in the Philippines and how many copies does that mean to go gold there? Great news. David is doing better in album sales than most of the other idols that are signed to a major label. lol

    • It’s really great ! I don’t know how many copies (maybe 10,000 ?) but for an album that wasn’t made easily available it’s a good news. I’m sure that it could have sold more if it was on itunes and I wonder if they counted the ones sold on CDwow. The release of “I’ll never go” and the new music video for it will help to sell more albums. It surely helps that his songs are played on the radio there.

      • I agree.

      • Gold in the Philippine is 10,000 copies per JR from TDC. I believe that would just be the albums sold in the Philippines and wouldn’t include albums sold in other countries. There obviously was some contractual problem with selling on iTunes since it was on for a few days and then taken off.

  5. I really love this tracklist and I’m glad that it’s an official one. I can’t wait to hear “Broken” and his interpretation of the other songs. I’d love to hear his explaination about the album title. Why “BEGIN.” ? I thought it would be an original song but apparently not. It’d be great if he does the same thing as with TOSOD, a little introduction for each song and why he chose to cover it.

    I voted for “Pride” because I always wanted him to sing other U2 songs since he sang “One”. I imagine him bringing to the song his special soul touch like he did with “One”. But TBH, I’m excited to hear all the songs on this album.
    I read that there will be songs with an orchestra and one with David playing the piano. I think that we can trust K Bestor for the production. I wonder if the one with the piano will be “Broken”. I can imagine him doing a great piano version of “Beautiful” but all the songs would be great with just his voice and a piano (especially “Everybody hurts”).
    Also, his “Be still my soul” live rendition is already so great. I don’t know if it’s possible to record an even better one. It has the emotion he perfectly conveys when he sings live. It’d probably be an orchestra version but I’d love an acapella one because his voice is enough to bring the power and the passion on this song or to start acapella and then add the instruments progressively ( something like his cover of “And so it goes” in AI).

    • Zara, Kari confirmed that the picture she tweeted of David on the piano was when he was recording Broken.

      Also, I voted for Somewhere Only We Know. Really getting excited for this album. Gonna try and avoid snippets, though. Wish me luck. lol

  6. I like the album cover. David is a handsome guy and his face on the cover will probably help sell more albums lol. But when I heard that Katie (I don’t remember her name) was chosen to do it, I saw some pics of her work for other artists. So I was expecting something different.

  7. I thought the voting was interesting so far. Beautiful and Angel lead the pack, but all the songs have some votes. It just shows that David picked songs that we are interested in hearing. The great thing is that we haven’t heard him sing any of them except “Be Still My Soul”. He didn’t pick covers that he’s already covered!

  8. Speaking of great covers:

    • That is a great cover by Robin Thicke. I am really enjoying watching “Duets” as I love hearing Robin, Kelly, John, and Jennifer sing with their duet partners. I never knew Robin’s music until that show. I think the voting on the poll is interesting too.

  9. Thanks for that gem Peter. Really, really enjoyed it.
    I absolutely love the songs chosen for BEGIN but would have still liked to have seen inclusion of either a Stevie Wonder or MJ song to hear a full bent “soulful” David on record. As for Don’t Give Up – I wonder how the Kate Bush part of the duet was addressed.

    • I agree with Joymus re: hearing a full bent “soulful” song. I don’t quite get why he avoids it like the plague. lol…And the song I’m most looking forward to hearing…since he wouldn’t pick a soulful one…is Beautiful. Yeppers.

  10. I just read the list of songs for the album. I am surprised he didn’t choose more popular songs, but sometimes that can be a good thing. I have finally given up on him ever embracing his soul side lol. I have always thought R&B was his niche. I hear it in his voice and love it. He is at his best then I think. For whatever reason, he seems to want to drop the soul man from Utah imagine….which he has never really embraced since idol. I would pay whatever it took and would surely die to hear him sing a good R&Bish song written for him or by him…

  11. You know VJ – I have been scouring YT for a professional Beautiful cover performed by another artist. I only found one by Kelly and it was a fan request. So I am intrigued by that one as well.

    My wish list for David is a full Spanish unleashing – a 4-song EP or something and a truly soulful one. I know after his mission the Spanish one is a strong possibility. I hope CQ is right that one day we WILL hear a full soulful song.

    • I am still hoping that David goes in the pop soulful R&B music direction when he returns to his music career in 2 years. I also think that a soulful Spanish EP would be a great idea. You can always have hope. lol

  12. Yeah DAFAN – I can only hope David realizes that he has fans of all ethnicities and a small nod to them now and then won’t hurt.

  13. VJ- I sometimes wonder if he isn’t avoiding it too! Gaahhhh….I have wondered why he didn’t go back to his roots and be who he really was on idol…the soulman from Utah. Maybe he didn’t like singing that type of music, maybe he wanted all along to go the inspirational direction. I don’t know. I just long to hear and see an all out R&B album with lots of hunkerdowns and vocal gymnastics…a whole lotta soul!!! I sometimes think David missed making his mark in music by avoiding what he was really good at. Just my opinion though…

  14. Joymus…I am actually white and never did really listen to that genre of music…but what little I heard him sing it…it made me take notice and now I love it! I do want him to sing different kinds of music, cause he is one of the few who can, but I wish he had started out with that kind of music and went from there. It seems that artists who are established in certain genres can then successfully cross over to do other music. What I am saying is that I wish David had of defined himself as more of an R&B artist and made his mark with that, and then crossed over to other music. It just seems thats how it works in the industry. David came out singing and little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  15. DAFAN – Please take no offense. What I wrote was for fans of all backgrounds regardless. He has recorded songs in tagalog, spanish, french, classical – latin so far, so why not jazz , r/b and a little gospel thrown in for good measure? As you rightfully said he is that good and he should only sing pop if that is all he wants to. My wishes however, are not unreasonable. BTW I am also not a native to r/b or gospel music as I am afro-caribbean and strange enough I have a background in classical but I have learned to appreciate those genres since being in the US.

  16. Joymus–I like R&B with a little gospel thrown in. He can sing about anything. I especially love R&B with a little jazz thrown in. Did you ever see the video at the Pyropalooza thing when he sang “Wherever You Are”? It was so much better live than on cd I thought. He sang it more soulful with a little jazz mixed in. I loved it! He did the hunkerdowns and the I’m telling you diva hand, and Jay Durias was awesome on the keyboard. I hope they work together again. I liked how he played according to how David sang…like he was following his lead.

  17. Yup. The songs on the radio all sound the same:

    • Brilliant! Too bad most of the commenters on YouTube can’t understand the satire involved.

      • Thanks for all the great videos you bring to this site, Peter. Keep posting them as they seem to brighten my day. Unfortunately this is the state of music played on the radio – all the same. I sometimes listen to a country station and you could do the same thing with country songs – let’s all go out and party and drink some beer and have some fun.

    • I agree with grammyj. Thanks for posting the videos, Peter. I had not seen this one.

  18. Yes, I agree with r/b with a touch of jazz and yes, that WYA was really special 🙂 Even that track on Forevermore though not as intense as the live performance, I usually play a couple times. It is soothing to me in inexplicable ways.

    Anyhow in no way am I despairing, I really, really love the tracklist. I know that David has a lot of music inside him. He has introduced me to alternative / folk / indie music groups like mumford, florence and now – keane. I also know he is a prolific recorder of songs so its just a matter of time and opportunity. He grants secret fan wishes (how long have we wanted a cd of ballads or wished to hear BOTW?) so until then I will keep dreaming and enjoying anything he has to offer. I’m just nuts about David period.

  19. David’s song, “Elevator” is being used as the background music for a Samsung commercial in Korea. The girl in the commercial is an Olympic skater. I was hoping that David’s music would be used in commercials. More cash for him. Here’s the video of the making of the commercial.

    • Yes, it is great to see David having some “commercial” success finally. David’s success in Asia has really paid off for him.

  20. I’ve been away on work travel and was lucky enough to get a ticket to a nearly sold out Neil Diamond concert. It was a great show! Of course, when he sang “pack up the babies and grab the old ladies”, I thought of David, lol.

    Jokes aside, Neil talked about being a struggling artist for 7-8 yrs before he hit his stride at age 25/26. Apparently during the 7-8 yrs, as a singer/songwriter, he was trying to conform his music to what the industry requested of him and to what was popular. It wasn’t until he discovered that he wanted to be a full person (vs. being a full musician) and until he learned to write about an emotion (vs. writing with the intent of delivering a message) that he came into himself. All this reminded me of the “Being 20/21” series.

    • more on ndiamond, lol. all the talk of his struggles during the 7-8 yrs lead to the big break he got when the monkees released a song he wrote, “i’m a believer”. diamond sang a ballad version so the audience would really listen to the lyrics and feel the emotion he was feeling when he wrote it. i didn’t realize until that moment what a beautiful song it really is.

      • I had forgotten that Neil Diamond wrote I’m a Believer. I was a big “Monkees” fan back in the day. I still can’t believe Davy Jones is gone.

      • i like the monkees too and have several of their songs on my ipod. my fav by them is “a little bit me, a little bit you”, which was also written by neil diamond.

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