Well Played. WELL PLAYED!


Somebody knows how to play this fanbase like a yo-yo! 😛

1. Give us a music video teaser

2. Release a “track list” on an upcoming album

3. Give us the photo! Hot Dang!!!! Got me spontaneously crooning, “What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man!

(By the way, this is now my 1100th post!)


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  1. What a way to celebrate your 1100th post! Congrats and many thanks for giving us a place to hang out.

    Re. the photos, they played us with that grainy b&w photo and then unleashed this, lol.

  2. Congrats Hg on your 1100th post and as desertrat said, thanks for giving us a place to hang out. Love this site!
    SWOON worthy for sure!!!!!

  3. Yeah it was – this is regular b&w David.
    BOOM – now deal with POST Nandito Ako acting, Bench modeling experience, knowing exactly when and how to look into the light to make the fans faint David. Ha ha!

  4. Congrat HG on the 1100 post!! Thanks for your dedication.
    Love the Album Cover. Looking forward to BEGIN.

  5. All I can say is WOW!! I love the album cover. What a gorgeous man. And the track list is great and really wasn’t what I was expecting. I knew I would love whatever David sang, but this is not going to be a cheesy inspirational album. I can’t wait to hear his vocals on these songs. Congrats HG on you 1100 posts. I’m hoping for many more.

    • Love the album cover. I am surprised at the album track list as I thought it might be an inspirational album too. I am glad it is not as I love the song choices. Congrats hg on the 1100 post! What a dedicated fan.

  6. So I’ve been gone for awhile and come back to this album cover….Uhhh..I just…Am I supposed to be able to form words right now? lol.

  7. WoW… that pix!. David was a busy bee before he left… Did he even sleep?

  8. I kinda don’t like the pic. lol Rae, thanks for posting Somewhere Only We Know in the last thread. I didn’t realize I do know that song, just didn’t know the title. Love it!

    Congrats on another milestone post, HG!

    • “I kinda don’t like the pic.”

      Is it because of the vampire like eyes. 🙂

      • That’s part of it! It just doesn’t look like him to me. I had to stare at it for a bit to find David. He’s a lot more attractive than this pic shows IMO.

  9. HG, congrats on post 1100. You are a prolific writer to say the least. I usually end my busy day with a visit to Soul David. I always enjoy your posts, and feel compelled to read every comment. I finish my adventure with a resolve to return the next day and contribute to the discussion. However, that rarely happens because when I return a new adventure awaits me. Today was a special treat.

    Your fan,

  10. Hey guys! Its official! yippeee! Same songs. different order!


    • I’m hoping that Broken will be as powerful as the iconic songs David covers in the album. Now that would be something for all the critics to stand up and take notice.

      • Exactly what I am hoping for! I know David has it in him. With more life experience he will have the tools he needs to bring out the music that has always been inside. He is a “phenom” .. as Kurt said. He has only begun!

  11. David has over 19,000 likes on facebook on his album cover post. I guess the fans that don’t like it are very much in the minority. I like how David’s facebook is always up to date and includes his tweets too. He reached 1,111,111 twitter followers today. His OS is also kept up to date. He’s going to need his social media for marketing now that he doesn’t have a major label.

  12. goodkarmaseeker

    Congratulations HG, on your 1100th post!! I love your articles, insights and love of David. I also love that you have given us all a great place here to come and share our thoughts and ideas. I’m so happy you’re here during our time of waiting.

    Also I’m soooo excited about “Begin” and all the wonderful things coming up. It’s pretty impressive how David’s time away is being managed with all kinds of treats. Makes me hopeful about what’s ahead.

  13. I really like that the cover photo is so interesting–the eyes are a bit spooky, but in a good, attention-drawing way. He’s not at his Bench-model handsomest–his face shows more–I don’t know–maybe “character” is the word. Not only is his face looking up towards the light, but his hair is pointing that way also. The A’s in Archuleta emphasize an upwards direction, but also balance out the composition.

    I hope the PR doesn’t make the album sound more religious that it is. I was a little concerned from the initial reference to being about David’s “connection to God”, then saw that all but one of the song selections are more universal than that.

    • Good point cc halo that the PR should not try to market this album as religious sounding. I was so pleasantly surprised that it was not a religious album/songs given that the label is Shadow Mountain Records/Desert Book Company. I really don’t care what label is used right now as he is away for 2 years but if his team wants broader buyer appeal for BEGIN they should watch the religious references IMO. I like the album cover too. It’s much better than the cover for his Christmas album.lol

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