Track List for BEGIN.

This is indeed impressive! 😛 (Thanks for posting on previous thread, Junnie!)

  • Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
  • Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
  • Pride (In the Name of Love) (U2)
  • Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.)
  • Be Still, My Soul (Sibelius)
  • Angel (Sarah McLachlan)
  • Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
  • Somewhere Only We Can Know (Keane)
  • Broken (David original)

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  1. The scanned image also includes these:

    Marketing Highlights
    -Extensive national publicity
    -Frequent national radio play
    -National marketing via social media
    -Direct marketing via e-mail
    -Music videos shot prior to David leaving on a mission
    -Merchandising materials available

  2. HOLY MOLY!!! Can’t wait to hear David cover these iconic songs, but I’m especially excited to hear Broken written by David. So hoping that it stands out or at least as strong as these fantastic songs.
    One thing, I thought that the album was going to include two originals, oh well, not complaining, happy to have one.

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe they’re saving an original (or two. or three. lol) for 2013. That’s gonna be a loooooong year.

      Fangirl dreams. 😉

      • Ali, hope you are right. A few original releases will keep the fanbase happy next year. This year is covered for sure. Boy, David has big shoes to fill with all these iconic songs, but I trust him to fill them and also bring his own touch to each song.

  3. Sounds excellent! Cannot wait to hear “Everybody Hurts” (and all the other songs).

  4. I believe that there is also “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper..Most likely a few surprises being a video perhaps for another song of his.

    Listen to ‘Angel’ by Sarah M and just imagine David singing it. Songs so well loved and will be all over again.


    • There’s “True Colors” too ? I really hope that this album will be available worldwide !

      (I already have two versions of “Angel” in my ipod, the one by Sarah M and a french one by Thierry Amiel but I’m sure that David’s version will be my favorite lol. I think that I have all the original songs, except “Be still my soul” and BOTW. I really can’t wait to hear David’s interpretation of those songs and the original one too)

  5. I love the track list for Begin ! And it’s a great surprise for me because I was expecting an album of only inspirational/religious songs. Now, I really can’t wait to hear David’s versions of the songs (I love the variety in the song’s choice, it shows his eclectic taste in music). I’m sure that it will be good !

    • I do like the track list. I want to hear “Everybody Hurts” but I really like all the other songs too.

  6. I like the variety of the song choices too on BEGIN. I like “Pride” by U2. I was not familiar with Somewhere Only We Can Know by Keane. I found this version of the song that they did on Glee this year. I really like the song. Here is the link.

    • I love Keane. I remember listening “Everybody’s changing” on repeat .
      Is it the official track list because the Keane song is “Somewhere only we know”.
      I like the songs for the Begin album (I would have loved a cover of “Man in the mirror” or of a song by James Morrison or Paulo Nutini because it’d fit his voice so much. I would have loved a more current song too. I know I’m too demanding but I’m OK with what they chose lol).

      I just saw the cover. I think I was expecting something different. (I think that I had higher expectations for the cover than for the song choices but I’m glad that I prefer the tracklist lol).

  7. LOL! DRat I know, I know. WOWZA!

    I went off to investigate Keane on YT and fell down their rabbit hole. What a terrific band, what great music. Also listened to U2’s Pride – Powerful song.

    This album – I love all the material. Thank you so much David!

  8. Good Golly – his eyes are almost too much to bear. Laser sharp!

    • It just goes to show that with not even a button left open, chest hair showing or a tattoo in sight, David manages to be smoldering sexy with class.

  9. I thought I heard there is a David Archuleta new song called BEGIN. somewhere along the line.
    Love the list which has not been made official yet but was reportedly leaked from a worker be at Deseret.Co

  10. A very interesting collection of songs…

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