I’ll Never Go Music Video Teaser? Really!


Thanks for sharing the link, Desertrat!

Looks like we’re getting lots and lots of angst-ridden David in this! Yippee! 😀


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  1. I figured David’s Forevermore CD had 3 minus tracks for a reason. Those were probably the songs chosen for music vids. I bet Rainbow’s turn will be next. Way to go David! Nandito Ako and the whole experience is indeed the gift that keeps giving.

    I accidentally found this video on Charlotte Church when I clicked on a YT link posted on one of her of her early classical performances. She was in the process of reinventing herself which is what David might do on his return. She mentions several things relative to David and even the snippet of her song – Snow seems to relate to her struggle. Thoughts?

  2. BTW – the name of her album was – Back to Scratch. Something David will have to do indeed.

    • Interesting video. Yes, I agree that David will have to kind of start from scratch when he returns to his music career in 2 years except he still has many very supportive fans. That should help him. He is going to have to create a new sound for his music like Charlotte did.

      • Yes, Marie I think he will have to rev-up his career when he returns. The importance of keeping his fan base interested in David thoughout the hiatus is HUGE, imo. With a healthy fan base to come back to will really help his career.

      • Yes I agree cq.

  3. I decided to check out Charlotte Church on Wikipedia. She was discovered at age eleven and as you all probably know was very popular at a young age with her operatic voice. As an older teenager she tried to go for more of a pop sound, but it didn’t sell as well. IMHO it sounds like the British tabloids about destroyed her. She was criticized for smoking, her weight, and of course things she said, etc. On 27 February 2012 Church accepted £600,000 in damages and costs in settlement of a lawsuit arising out of the News International phone hacking scandal. She had claimed that 33 stories about her that appeared in the News of the World were the product of illegal hacking into her family’s voice mail.

    Again it shows that great popularity often comes at a price. I hope that Charlotte has some success with her new music although the album in the video above was released in the UK in 2010. For David I hope that he continues to put out great music for us to enjoy. I don’t care if he has great popularity like Justin Bieber today or Charlotte Church in the past.

  4. I don’t think David would want Beiber’s popularity. I read somewhere that the average age of a JB fan is 14 and female. I believe it. I would have guessed a 10 yr. old female. lol

    • Marie I agree that David doesn’t want the kind of popularty that JB has. He probably wants to be known for his music, not popular for being cute teen idol. The problem is that he is so good looking that there are going to always be fans that just like him for his looks, lol. I really hope that he will use his charm and good looks to help perpel his career forward. Fantastic singer plus good looks….pretty good combo.

      • I think David’s younger fans are great and David needs fans of all ages. I thought it was great when he was a teen himself and was popular with the tweens and teens. However, I would think that as David gets older that he does not want to be known as just a teen idol but as a music artist. You are right.

  5. David’s BEGIN. tracklist http://t.co/AY6ZgquJ

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