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In light of the previous discussion on the singing style David should pursue when he returns to music, I was curious to see what most people think. Please take my latest poll! 😛


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  1. I picked “a mixing of styles”. I’m sure whatever genre he sings, he will bring a soulfullness too it. To do RnB/Soul music, I don’t believe David has to be marketed primarily to a Black or urban audience. What I hope for is that his team understand that his vocal stylings connect with a segment of that population.

    From the previous thread, Idolfan, I enjoyed reading the info you shared re. Teena Marie; I didn’t know all those details.

    And, re. the photo of David between Ghandi and Martin Luther King, that put a smile on my face. I wonder what that parade was about, lol.

    • That is a very good point desertrat that David will bring a soulfulness to whatever genre he sings. Even some country artists are soulful with the exception of Scotty M. who is a WGWG that does not have an ounce of soul in his music. lol. I just don’t ever want David to limit himself and think that he can’t do pop music or R&B/Soul music because he won’t have success. Like Idolfan mentioned he has to have a passion to articulate the music and I think if he does then he can still do whatever he wants. I just remember in earlier interviews that David clearly told interviewers that he was doing “pop” albums. If he just had more soul in some of those songs then I do think he would have had more success with hit singles IMO. I hope that if that is what he wants to do when he returns that he still does that. I still think he should go in the Bruno Mars or Adele direction as their music is considered pop music with soul/R&B. Of course not like JB as his music is a joke IMO.

    • I voted for “a mixing of styles” for the same reason as you Desertrat.
      I hope that David will showcase more the soulfulness in his songs. What I hope for is that his team will help him develop as the artist he wants to be and will think of a real marketing plan to help him sell his image and his music. The singing was never an issue regarding David, but most of the time, some things related to his career seemed to be too amateurish for a professional singer like him. It’s like David and his team didn’t know how to reach the next level (or didn’t wanted to).

      Also, I think that the Urban/R&B audience is diverse. Different type of persons like that genre. I really think that music is universal and can touch people no matter the country they are in or the color of their skin. David can certainly sing soul/R&B. I think that he can appeal to the Soul/R&B lovers because of the special tone of his voice but also because of his ability to make you feel what he’s singing. Will he be accepted by that audience if he decides to go that route ? It’s not impossible. Others did it before him. I think that the pre-established boundaries that existed in that genre are not as “strict” as they were. Maybe because the music changed so much and that there are more and more mixing in it today (pop singers singing the chorus in a Rap song, a Pop/R&B singer featured in a pop/rock song, Urban/R&B singers adding a dance beat in their songs, etc). Or maybe because success in any musical genre has more to do with money (and over exposure and excessive marketing) and has more to do with politics. Otherwise, how can we explain that someone like JB was nominated for a BET award for “new best artist” without it being a sort of April fools.
      What I wanted to say is that with the right songs and the right team to support him, David can fit in any genre he wants to. The general public will buy it if it’s made easily available and the “connaisseurs” will appreciate it if it’s good quality music.

      I also think that it’s more David who is putting boundaries and limiting himself than a problem of acceptance by different audiences.
      I hope that these two years will help him open up more and help him to express more freely his feelings in his songs. I understand that he wants to write his own songs but sometimes, when I listen to the TOSOD songs for example, I feel like he restrained himself, that he didn’t dig as deeply as he would have wanted. Sometimes, I want to know what he has to say when he doesn’t hide behind his permanent smile. I hope that we’ll get that in his songs in the future (no matter the genre). That’s why I wait. I wait to see (and hear) what the more mature and more free David can bring to his music. I wait because I hope to see him making the best of his talent. I wait because I think that the best is still to come.

      • To stay in the “Soul” topic, I remember when David sang “Ribbon in the sky” for a small group of persons in a restaurant. They expressed spontaneously their appreciation for his singing ability. They seemed to have been amazed by him. The version he sang after that in one of his vlog is one of my favorite by him and I still listen to it.

  2. Anything not involving MIC, Sunny and Ricardo or other local talent.

    • Peter, Great Point!

      • I guess you could say Kurt Bestor is local talent. He is involved but he has also won grammys and is a highly regarded producer so I’m on board with him.

      • I agree with you Peter (but I’ll add Mike K to the list).
        I’m for diversity and change. I hope that he’ll work with different persons when he’ll come back. IMO, It’d help him have a different approach in his music, different views or new perspectives in his songwriting but also in the production aspect. I think that working with new people can also help him to take more risk in his music, to go beyond the security provided by his “local” entourage. I think that it can help him grow as an artist and bring variety to his music.

    • I’m hoping that they dont begin tweeting about working on “BEGIN”. They’re all talented but I prefer they share their talents with others.

  3. I have a question for IdolFan, if you’re still around. I understand your points from the last thread, & don’t necessarily disagree with you. But…if David would have such a hard time going Urban/R&B, what genre do you think he’d be most successful at? Where would he fit in the best? (As long as you don’t mention Groban, we’re good. lol.)

  4. I honestly do not see David as a strictly urban/R&B/soul artist and I never have. Just like I don’t see him as just a classical/inspirational/standards singer.

    • I have only heard David say that he wants to sing pop, but pop music can actually be just about anything because is stands for POPULAR music. Pop music is constantly changing so he could sing pop with an R&B flavor.

  5. I really don’t think Sunny or Ricardo will be involved in this album or we would have heard from them already. I do think that MIC is probably the executive producer of BEGIN like he was on CFTH. That’s just my guess because MIC seems to be keeping a low profile since the MKOC tour. I’ve only seen him in one picture just before David went into the MTC. Kari and Kurt Bestor are the only ones that have said anything about BEGIN.

  6. Zara, I loved your comment and agree with every point.
    One more thing. Studio David sounds so polished, less soulful. His live performances? Every note sounds beautiful and soulful. That off the cuff Ribbon in The Sky was gorgeous. My husband, who is not a fan, heard that and said “THAT is the type of music he should be doing. Then I’d listen.”

    I dream of a live album.
    Not many have the voice for it. He, as we all know, does.
    It would be a crime if this never happened, lol.

  7. I read something tonight that kind of bothered me and I just want you guys to tell me I’m being ridiculous. This is completely OT from the article so if you want to delete it, HG, that’s fine. I just wanted to mention it maybe just to get it out of my system.

    I’m a fan of David Cook as well as our David. Obviously I’m much more of a fan of our David but I’ve always liked Cook and thought he seems like a really good guy and a good friend to David. I’m not really into his music but I like him more as a person. Tonight I saw a comment on a YT about one of the songs on his first album and it really surprised me. The song is called Kiss On The Neck and its a hidden track on the album. There’s 12 minutes of dead air at the end of another song before that one comes on. Apparently Cook wouldn’t really talk about it at first but finally answered a question about why “12 minutes” in an interview (back in 2009 but I’m just hearing about it, lol like I said, not the most involved Cook fan). He said the 12 minutes represents the 12 million votes he won American Idol by.

    I just. I know its possible that I’m being completely ridiculous and I’m sure that is a tribute he was giving to his fans for voting that much but it just really bothered me when I read that.

    In all the interviews post-Idol he was very gracious to David and said how he couldn’t believe that vote margin and how great David did. It just seems strange to me that then he would use that 12 million/minute thing as some kind of a statement. I mean, obviously he earned the right but. I don’t know. Something about it just bothers me.

    Somebody tell me I’m being way too sensitive. Obviously I’m biased toward a certain David lol. Its just that I really like Cook and the idea of him doing that gives me pause. Sigh. Please convince me that’s its totally cool for him to have done that. 😦

    • Being too sensitive would be being like me, still bitter 4 years after the fact, LOL. Immediately after Idol, I found a few of Cooks comments re. David to be offensive and condescending. If the 12 min. thing is true, I’m not surprised.

      • Yes ,I agree about Cook’s comments being condescending but look where his music career is at now. Cook’s career is not doing that great. I always thought Cook could have kind of arrogant attitude. David was just always just so nice to him too. I still think David will have more long-term success as a music artist than Cook if he wants it.

  8. I agree with all the comments on this thread. Sometimes I think…if it’s this hard for David’s own fans~ who aren’t motivated by greed but because they truly care~ to have a grasp on the best direction for him, it must be frustrating for David himself & for those who want him to make $ off of his music. He doesn’t fit in a box, like some others.

    Also, I like what Marie said in the last thread, about D needing the passion to be able to continue. I feel like he lost some of his passion after JIVE, & it impacted the passion of a lot of his fans as well. It’s like, when he’s excited, the fans are excited. When he gets complacent, so do the fans. I’m not sure if he realizes yet how influential his actions/feelings are.

  9. I’ve tried to reply to VJ’s comment 3 times but apparently WordPress hates me tonight lol. Probably all 3 will come through at once later and you’ll all hate me too so I’m gonna stop submitting the same comment over and over.

    Lets see if THIS goes though. And probably it will because that’s just how my luck goes.

  10. VJ – I agree with your comment.

    With regard to Idolfan’s comment about an articulation of passion on David’s part, I agree to the extent that I feel David does need to do that regardless of the genre he chooses or creates. In many respects his inability to truly articulate his genre and sound has hurt his profile in the past. I hope that his maturity in 2 years will equally benefit his music career upon return.

    • VJ. Exactly. I agree.

    • Joymus~ You said it so much better than me. Than I. LOL. Talk about an inability to articulate…

      Ali~ I’m not sure what to think about what Cook did, if it’s true. Sounds like it was a few years ago, but still…I’ve always liked the guy, & I think he David have a great bond. But that doesn’t sit well with me, either. Hm.

  11. No, Ali, you are not being too sensitive.

    If Cookie was really trying to represent 12 million votes through 12 minutes of silence, he really needs to get over himself.

    As if those 12 million extra votes were even about him – they were about folks not wanting to vote for David Archuleta! Nope, Cookie! Not about you at all!.


  12. Pardon my David bias, but I’ve been giving Cook the side eye since Wanda Sykes reminded me to! 😛

    See what she says at the 3:58 mark:

    • Thanks for posting this! It was such fun to watch it again. I remember that “look” that she referred to; Cook really looked annoyed by David or perhaps the attention David was getting. Interesting that she mentioned a prostitution ring–it was a joke, but it was almost prescient; it immediately made me think of you-know-who.

      I agree, hg. Those votes were not for Cook. They were cast against David, and he’s always known that. No wonder he’s mentioned how lots of people hate his guts. It’s also no wonder that Cook’s career hasn’t taken off.

      I’m interested to hear Begin, although it’s a rushed album. I don’t consider Bestor to be just local talent. He’s an amazing musician and I hope he had free reign. If mic was involved, it dampens my interest. David sounded great on the Christmas album, but it was so predictable and formulaic.

  13. the “i’ll never go” teaser!

    Ivory Music & Video
    “Hey David Archuleta fans! Are you ready to make another music video #1 on radio and TV? 🙂 Stay tuned for the premiere of “I’ll Never Go” by David Archuleta!”

    • Another video – yea! It’s going to be a video of angsty David. Again, the Philippine trip was a gift that keeps on giving.

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