Flashback Friday

Remember this gut-wrenching performance?


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  1. Gut-wrenching is right Hg. Just when I start to think…why I’m so obsessed about David having a music career, I’m reminded by a performance of how David’s voice is just magical.

  2. He was totally immersed in that song. David is music.

  3. I will never forget that performance by David. It was amazing.

  4. SandyBeaches

    Gut wrenching, heart wrenching, a song of his reality perhaps at the time? His feelings are powerful and well portrayed in the singing of some songs. I began to understand David a bit more with this actual performance.


  5. I hope there will be new songs for him to sing.

    • peter, yes new songs…as much as I love David’s covers, he’s best at it, but in order for his career as a true artist to flourish he needs his own music and his unique sound.

  6. I’m anxious to hear the original music on BEGIN. Ok, I’m also looking forward to hearing his covers too. By the way “Apologize” was a cover!

    For anyone who would like to see pictures of David from Chile collected on one tumblr account here’s the link:

    • me too, grammyj, I’m so very anxious to hear the original music on BEGIN. Hoping that the songs will stand out in the album, or at least be as strong as the covered songs. I know that the FA LA LA song for the MKOC tour was for the tour, I guess, but really though the song was ok, but, hoping it’s not the direction he will be going with his music. We shall see soon, exciting!

  7. Annie Lennox at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert on June 4:

  8. Did Sunny choreograph that? Annie and Sunny could best friends. Maybe Annie has an angel collection too. I hope we never see David wearing angel wings.

  9. A former Canadian Idol contestant is having a huge hit with “Call Me Maybe”:

    • I love Annie too. I actually like the song “Call Me Maybe” as it is a very catchy pop song. It is good to see someone that was a contestant on Canadian Idol in 2007 have some success. However, Carly Rae did have the right “connections” to produce a major pop hit. Carly Rae Jepsen signed to Schoolboy Records, the label run by Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun in 2012. JB and Braun just continue to make the money like they need it. lol The question is as catchy as the song is would it have been such a huge pop song hit without their support of it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carly_Rae_Jepsen

      • No, it would not have been a hit without a major label pushing it to radio. I hear lots of catchy tunes that sound like a hit that never make it to radio. It’s all about a big push by a major label and a whole lot of luck! David had that with “Crush” but not with his other songs. David is still having hits in the Philippines so he can continue on there when he returns. Even if the opportunities are in Asia, his popularity there can earn him some cash when he returns and fund records here. I’m sure he’s paying for the recording of BEGIN with money he earned in Asia or his MKOC tour.

  10. JB could sing about putting out the garbage and it would become an instant hit, as you say it is all about who you know and the connections in the industry . all you have to do is listen [if you are brave enough} and ask yourself WHAT ARE THE THINKING?

    • Amen! I guess I’m just too old to like most of what is on pop radio. The lyrics on some songs just make me cringe.

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