Why Kelly is Rubbing Me the Wrong Way

It’s fascinating to me how Kelly Clarkson is suddenly so vocal these days about her “horrible experience on American Idol.” Why do I get the feeling that David would never reveal such things about the show, no matter what?

And maybe that’s why Kelly’s remarks are starting to rub me the wrong way.  I mean, don’t get me wrong: I too think the Idol set-up leaves many contestants with the wrong end of the deal.  But of all the Idol contestants these past 11 years, Kelly Clarkson is one of the lucky ones, not least of which is the fact that she’s the original Idol.  And yet, she’s now trash-talking the show? I mean, for real?

And, I’m sorry, but I’m so not feeling her grievances.  Until she can talk about how the show leaked unflattering things about her dad to gossip sites like TMZ, for which that site and the show share the same parent company, until she can express anger that Simon Cowell went on other shows to bash her personality, until she can point to the ways that the show sabotaged her chances of winning by insinuating that she had unfair advantages to win – all things that David Archuleta had to endure mind you – I’m soooo not feeling her!

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Kelly Clarkson had less than favorable opinions about Idol.  We saw it in the way she had distanced herself from the show when she had her runaway hit album, Breakaway.  We saw it in the way that she didn’t bother to thank American Idol when she won her first Grammy (to the point that Simon Cowell threw a very public hissy fit when she didn’t acknowledge her beginnings as the first Idol winner).  We saw it in the way that she publicly went to war with RCA when she put out her My December album.  We saw it when she publicly declared The Voice a better show than American Idol, and of late, we see it in the way she discusses her reasons to participate in her current show Duets (wanting to give young talent the “mentoring” she never received).

My thing is: why say anything negative now?  Is it because the silent gag order has now been lifted, and she feels suddenly free to air all her rage and grievances?  How long before David’s silent gag order is lifted?

And see: that to me is the difference here, and why I love me some David Archuleta and why I can appreciate Kelly Clarkson’s talent but would never ever idolize her. It’s the difference between grace, dignity, and respect. I don’t think David got a fair deal when he was on Idol, but something tells me David would never talk to the press about what went on behind the scenes on Idol. He has been nothing but gracious and respectful about his time on the show and its influence in getting him exposure and a dedicated fanbase.

I wish other Idols could display the same level of grace.


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  1. good post hg,david would never say anything bad about anyone

  2. Amen, HG. David has class, humility, and a grateful heart for the broken road. He is always respectful of others yet bears no grudge when it isn’t returned. Not many people I could ever idolize but this rare man is evolved, and deserves my undying admiration. Plus, his voice is divine. 🙂

  3. Great post HG. David has the most greatfull heart and would never put anyone or anything down. David is a rare person indeed. I remember Kelly has alway trashed AI for some reason. Maybe she would of been a star even if she had not gone on AI, but it doesn’t matter, that’s where her career was launched and she should not trash it., not very classy, Kelly.

    Love the lastest clue about the next single. Sounds like it’s I’ll Never Go, so happy if it is true. Everytime I listen to that song, I feel like David is giving a personal message to us fans. Love, love the song.

    • Yes, if the tweets/hints from the songwriter are true, HG is going to get her wish that the next single is “I’ll Never Go”. I love that song, but then I like all of David’s songs.

      Kelly owes her career to American Idol. She would never have been a big star without that launch from AI. I too love how David is always to grateful for everything he has and truly is a person to idolize for as Angelica said, “his class, humility, and a grateful heart.” Of course, he would never want to be our idol as he would point us to God.

  4. Other Perspective

    Is it possible that Kelly is speaking on behalf of all Idol participants? She is in a position to call AI on their games without sounding like sour grapes. If the other participants spoke out, they’d be blasted for being sore losers.

    Yes, she could temper her remarks with appreciation for the break AI gave her, but why not also speak the truth about what she – and all of the participants – have had to endure? I think they’ve all been traumatized to some degree. AI abuses its power in the way they treat the contestants. And, sure, their approach probably reflects the industry, but that doesn’t make it right. I think it takes courage to challenge TPTB. Whether her motives are noble or not, I don’t know, but she is not in denial or sugar-coating her experience.

    In contrast to “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.” there is “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Evil might be a strong word, but you get my drift.

    Just MHO.

    • I agree with what you said about AI using the contestants, but traumatized? Most of contestants in these shows, not only AI, would not have the exposure that may launch their careers. So yes, all reality contest related shows use their contestants, but dang it, they signed up for it, so I don’t feel to sorry for them. If real abuse was a big part of AI, with all the contestant involved through the years, I’m sure the lid would be blown off that pot.

    • I do think that David had to endure alot from AI/19 and never complained about it and he never will. He is gracious. So I agree with you there,hg I don’t agree with you about Kelly. Maybe this is a good thing because someone commented awhile ago that we always agree with you. lol Kelly can be blunt but I like her honesty. I am biased because I am a Kelly fan. lol I do get your point about her not being gracious. I agree with you “other perspective”. Kelly is in the position to say something as she has no ties to 19/AI any longer and she is doing very well. Not that she ever really held back. lol Kelly is selling well and probably has more money than the other idols except Carrie. She can speak out while the others can’t . Can these other struggling ex idols really afford to say anything and burn bridges? TPTB at AI have more power and money. Clay Aiken is another idol that stood up against AI/19 (he took them to court to fight the contract) and I think his career for a while suffered the consequences. He is another one that speaks his mind and gets in trouble with it. lol

  5. hell0g0rge0us

    Other Perspective, my issue isn’t that I think Kelly should be “grateful.” For me, it’s about being “gracious,” and there is a big difference between those two feelings.

    On the one hand, I do appreciate her saying that Idol was being exploitative with their new talent, but I must say the tone that she has chosen to criticize the show seems more “ungracious” rather than “ungrateful.”

    Also, I wouldn’t go so far as to say the contestants “signed up for it,” as Cq expressed, because those contracts are very tricky and they do hold people over a barrel – those who really want a genuine break in the biz end up getting a really raw deal.

    Consider: the traditional Idol contract gives 19 first refusal, and contestants who are voted off very early in the show (pre Top 12 or pre Top 5) have to wait until the season is over and until 19 refuses them a contract. By then, whatever buzz they developed from their immediate exposure is gone by the time the show crowned its winner and runner-up.

    Those kinds of deals suck. Why else is a phenomenally talented Melinda Doolittle without any major label (she basically had to wait for 19’s “first refusal,” which took a long time coming, and by the time she could move on, a new season of Idol started – actually, the new season of David Archuleta started. Whatever they signed up for, that arrangement SUCKS!!!)

    So if Kelly wants to complain about that, fine, but it’s the way she’s doing it that leaves me thinking, not cool, not classy…

    • When I said they sign up for it, what I meant was no one forced them to try out. Maybe after they are chosen it is a different story, but I’m thinking that they can walk away. All the negative comments from all the past contestants has not detered anyone from trying out for there chance at being traumatized.

  6. David is very gracious about his opportunities. I don’t think he has a jealous or resentful bone in his body. I’ll always be a fan not only because he is a great singer but a beautiful soul.
    Kelly does owe Idol a lot!! Wonder if she is c/o to promote her Duet show. Some are concerned about her duet partners because she outsings them. Can’t speak to that myself. Like her but not a Devoted fan!! (I was hooked on Touch- on opposite Duets)

  7. Going on American Idol is a double edged sword. In some cases you get a music career but being judged can be very traumatic. David called it a boot camp for singers because you do learn what it is like to be in the music industry which is not easy to say the least. If not for AI we would probably never have heard of Kelly Clarkson or David Archuleta.

  8. i really don’t know much about kelly’s music or her personality. with that said, i do believe that sometimes the end doesn’t justify the means. the 4 years she believes were so horrible — she will never get that time back. and the idol machine probably moved on unapologetically without batting an eye.

    re. david, he is grace, dignity and respect all wrapped up into one.

  9. Kelly is alright in my book. She is just speaking her truth to power – which I find a breath of fresh air in a vast sea of Idol sunshine and rainbows BS. Sure, she can be impulsive, mercurial – I call it being real. She has gone through a lot, risked a lot in order to be free enough at this point in her career not to give a darn, or feel like she is beholden to toe some imaginary Idol line. She of course owes them a lot for launching her, but she doesn’t owe them much else beyond that. She has paid her dues, been through the wringer – I daresay as much or more than David, so she has earned the right to say whatever she wants about those cretins at 19 and Idol. What reason does she have to play nice with them – when they and Clive Davis almost destroyed her personally and professionally? I like fighters, people who can and know when to stick up for themselves. Singers get pushed around a lot in this business, but Kelly is not a pushover, I like her vocal talent as much as I applaud her fearlessness. I find a lot of dignity, self worth and self esteem in sometimes being willing to stand alone to speak truth to power. If you like those traits in a person Kelly is your girl. No shrinking violet, is she.

  10. Don’t know much about what happened to Kelly, but after all the comments, I’m really curious to find out what horrible things were done to her. I have always thought that Kelly wanted to distance herself from AI, but I felt that it was because she wanted to move on and didn’t want her career to be based on being a winner of just a lousy talent show. I’ve always thought that Kelly was and is estremely talented, but I got the inpression that she thought that she was way to good to be associated with AI. Maybe I’m all wrong about her.

    • SandyBeaches

      There are many different personalities portrayed in the winners of American Idol.

      David was asked about how he felt when he was back on their stage once again and he said that looking at the judges made him nervous all over again. From that comment you could sense what it must have been like for them during the reign of Simon.

      Exposure of the truth was bound to happen as it alway does when power hungry people are involved. It is a power driven society and once in awhile people are brave enough to speak out against it. How gracious Kelly is doesn’t bother me in the way that controlling, manipulating people do. Maybe what she has said will help others someday.


  11. hell0g0rge0us

    I don’t ever expect unanimous agreement with my posts here, but if I state something that make people respond (and people I haven’t heard from in a long, long while), I’m happy to be a provocateur.

    Hello, GGDoors and SandyBeaches! 😀 *waves*

    • SandyBeaches

      Ah provocateur, you have flushed us out!! Now you know who is lurking in the shadows. Well done!

      {{{waving back!}}}


  12. Howdy HelloGorgeous! Was poking my head into David world for a moment last night, and ran across your post. Kelly and David appear on the surface to be two diametrically opposed artists, professionally and personally, but if you go deeper, they have some things in common – namely their fight to retain their identities in an industry not inclined to give their artists any real voice, except the one you hear singing the songs on their CD’s. She has a strong and vocal personality which some of us can relate to, and as a woman with a strong personality not content with following the rules, or playing nice or being willing to just ‘look pretty and just sing’ has naturally caused her some friction and earned her some labels along the way. Strong women in our society are routinely given the bitch edit, where men who are assertive, have a sense of the direction they want to go, and stand up for themselves are seen as strong and admired, lol… Same as it ever was, same as it ever was (tm Talking Heads)… She’s not everybody’s cuppah for sure, but I sense that we will begin to see more alums coming forward telling tales that mirror her Idol experience… just give it time – everything eventually comes to light in time.

  13. The only AI “winner” that I am still a fan of is Kelly. I like her music. I do like P2 better than the previous WGWG but how he does long-term remains to be seen. I do agree with you gg that more AI alums will come forward to tell their tales. The difference is Kelly has been talented and fortunate enough to have the success and most of the rest have not. I still hope David achieves the success that Kelly has as he deserves it. I have stated this before but for me I think Kelly and David are the two most talented idols that AI has produced. They are two different personalities. lol

    • I actually have the music of quite a few of the Idols. I guess I’ve said before that I have a very eclectic taste in music. I love lots of different genres. The latest ones that I’ve purchased are Kris Allen’s latest album and Haley Reinhart’s. Amazon had the mp3 of Haley’s album for $3.99 for anyone who is interested. I have one of Kelly’s. I’m not like some of David’s ODD fans that only listen to David’s music.

  14. I’m watching Duets right now and it is the one singing reality show that I would love David to be a judge. It would be fun to hear David duet with his contestants. David is so good at singing duets which is not always the case with a soloist. He can harmonize easily and is able to blend with whoever he is singing with. I doubt the show will even last more than one season, so David will never be on it but it’s fun to think of David singing duets.

  15. I’m watching “Duets” too. Jennifer Nettles sounds great in her duets. I’ll have to check out some of her music.

    • I think that Jennifer Nettles does the best duets on the show. The “How Great Thou Art” she did with her contestant reminded me of David. He would have loved that duet. Jennifer Nettles is part of Sugarland in case you didn’t know. I have a couple Sugarland albums too.

      • Jennifer Nettles is amazing. She has a great voice. I have been a fan every since I heard her sing “Stay”. I thought Jennifer and John did a great job on their duet. I think this show is very entertaining. I do like some other idol contestants music too. I am buying Casey Abrams album when it comes out in a few weeks. I would love to see David on Duets.

      • I had to google “duets” to figure out who she is, lol. At first i thoght she was Taylor Swift but I know Taylor cant sing. I actually prefer her HGTA duet over David’s solo version and I love David’s version.

  16. This article re. Greg Louganis reminded me of this post.

    I had to learn to “forgive” myself and then find it in my heart to “forgive” them and even bless the light in them, no matter how dim that light was. But thanking them would be going too far, and it would be inaccurate. In the end it was my inner sense of self, my willpower and determination, that got me through and helped me take those experiences and literally turn them into gold.


  17. This is kind of off topic but I just read an interesting article about The Voice’s winner last year, Javier Colon. Javier has already “parted ways” with his record label Universal. He got that recording contract when he won the show. Javier felt the label did not support him. Looks like these talent reality shows are all the same. Javier’s concerns sound all too familiar. http://www.buddytv.com/articles/the-voice/big-red-chairs-exclusive-javie-46010.aspx

    • I love how they’re all “parting ways” — except David, who was “dropped”.

      Also, the writer makes the parting of ways sound like a wonderful opportunity, which was the case with Cook as well.

      • Exactly, Peter. Javier even sent out a tweet of this article on his twitter. You notice that neither Javier or Cook mentioned that they signed with a new label or had any offers and you know they would if they had.

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