New Single from Forevermore?

Here’s hoping it’s “I’ll Never Go”:

If not that one, how about “Tell Me”?


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  1. There’s not a song I skip on this album on a nice, long ride. If it’s quick, I’ll Never Go almost always wins 🙂

  2. I’m not usually into sad songs, but I love “Tell Me” the best on this album. I’m betting it’s the one David said he especially liked.

  3. my “forevermore” cd arrived last weekend. i was pleasantly surprised by how much i’m enjoying it. youtube really doesn’t do the songs justice. i don’t have a fav yet but i’m open to any new music video from david.

  4. I actually like both songs.

  5. I love them all, but my favorite is “Tell Me” also. Looking forward the new single and hopefully a music video too.

  6. Ok, before I went out to do some real life stuff, I said that You Are My Song might be a good as the next single, but now after listening to all of them in the car,,,yay, I’ll Never Go might be better. Heck, I love them all, so yes, I am having a hard time picking. This is so much fun.

  7. I listen to Forevermore whenever I’m in the car. David’s vocals on all the songs are just sensational. It still surprises me that he was able to record all these song to perfection in three days. He is a vocal genius.

  8. Here’s another photo diary from the photographer that took the pictures for “Forevermore”. He absolutely loved working with David. I’m so glad for the special people in the Philippines that keep on sharing their David pictures and memories

    • The photographer’s blog is very touching. My fav pic is the one of him standing and looking over kari’s shoulder as she’s looking at her laptop. The lighting on d makes him appear surreal.

  9. Random thought: Wonder if something happen between David and his dad. He wasn’t in any pictures before David left on his mission, or am I wrong. Anyway, I always feel kinda sad that he talks about how wonderful his mother is ( I think is great), but I never here him praise his father. I’m just wondering if his dad didn’t want him to go on this mission and they had a falling out. Regardless as to how Jeff’s behavior has been questionable at times, it’s still his dad and I’m hoping I’m wrong.

  10. I would find it hard to believe that David’s entire family was supportive of his going on a 2 year mission and leaving his music career. If fans have differing opinions I am quite sure his family does. To be very honest in this instance I could really not blame any of them for having conflicted feelings if they do. Although as a fan I was never supportive of David’s “family” management for his music career.

    • Lupe from all reports was very proud that David went on a mission. My gues is that Jeff wasn’t happy about it but I have nothing to support this. David did sAy in an interview that his family was surprised at his decision,

  11. Have you guys seen this Happy Birthday vid from Anaheim VIP?

    So jazzy and amazing and improvisational! I am in love with it. The ending = ME DEAD. This is why David confuses me sometimes. He can do so many styles so well! My brain boggles lol.

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