Bieber Fever vs. Archumania

I will never understand how someone like Justin Bieber is an international pop star with crazed fans, some of whom were recently injured in Oslo, Norway yesterday, while our own David is without a label. Sigh.

Of course, the video does bring back memories of another time of “Archumania.” ‘Member this one? 😛

Funny, but I could’ve sworn there were more You Tube videos showcasing David getting mobbed by these screamin’ gals at the same event.  Hmmmm…

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  1. I just don’t understand JB’s appeal either. lol. I think 1 direction might be taking over some of his fans in the US. I still think his popularity is going to decrease with time. Good point about there being missing You Tube vids of David.

  2. LOL that scene looks familiar

    (hope that’s not too many videos at once!)

    P.S. I know there were other videos from that night too, HG. I didn’t save them so not sure if they’ve been taken off YT or what. I know for sure there was a vid taken by one of the girls who was actually running after him. It was a little queasy-making with all the bouncing around lol.

    • D’oh. I thought that would just post the links. Sorry D:

      • I am glad you posted these videos Ali. It brings back some nice memories of Archumania.

      • Wow, it was fun watching those. I used to get up in the middle of the night hoping that the Asian fans would have video footage of D’s airport arrivalss. I was never let down. Thanks for posting.

  3. Emilyluvsarchie

    I was at that ball game in Columbus! Brings back memories, it was crazy for a few minutes there.

  4. I will never understand why David’s fans keep comparing him to this dude. I recall a time — the first year or so after idol — when fans would get hysterical if David did anything young and tween or teenish even though he was 17 and 18. Remember the furor over appearing on Hannah Montana and singing a duet with Miley, signing on with BAB, appearing as Demi Lovato’s special guest on her tour, and posing for all those photos for that bio magazine thing? FOD even vetoed a cameo appearance in the HSM II movie.

    Yooo guyz had a fit about all of it.

    I gifted so many “red” CDs as a result of BAB, Hannah Montana and iCarly. Some girls stuffed the CD down their shirt and danced around with it pressed to their “heart.”

    Now yooo’ve got what yooo supposedly wanted. The Christmas CD was an abrupt shift to a much more elegant, mature, and traditional style. I didn’t realize it then, but it basically telegraphed where “they” were going to “market” him from that point forward — the “mature” (LOL) fans and the fans in Asia/Philippines (therefore, the duet with Charice).

    Yooo wanted it. Yooo got it. But yooo don’t seem too happy about it.

    • I was actually okay with the Disney, Build-a-Bear, Demi Lovato tour, etc. because I knew that was the way to market him because of his age and personality. I also loved the Christmas CFTH. I don’t think that TOSOD was geared to the “older” fan so your theory doesn’t match what was done. I think David wanted a little more mature pop sound and didn’t want the Disney when TOSOD was recorded. I just want him to be able to have a career in music. I don’t care if he’s a super star. I just hope he continues to record lots of music when he returns.

    • No, “we” are not happy at all — which is why “we” downloaded almost 280,000 copies of “Home.”

    • “we” had no say in the direction that David’s music career took, anon. That was David and his team’s call. I am sure that his label did not want him to go that route so it had to be his management team. I highly doubt Jive was thrilled about a traditional Christmas CD at the time. I know I wasn’t His Dad was his co manager and then manager so I would guess he had a lot of input. The fans had no say and still don’t. If the majority of fans had a say I doubt David would be on this 2 year mission right now. David has a very diverse fan base with differing opinions.

  5. I’m happy that there was David-mania in SE Asia. I remember watching the videos and reading the blogs from the Columbus football game. The Snarkie girls were there reporting from the scene. I remember that they were kind of scared, but they saw David when he was safe in the car with a big smile on his face. Those were fun times in the fandom.

    • i remember the Snarky blogs. i recall that one of them even gave david a scarf (or maybe she handed it to mic to give to david).

      • I remember the Snarky blogs. Very entertaining. Fun times. Where are they now? To me there are a few reasons JB became so popular. One of them was marketing and his team knowing how to use the social media such as twitter ect to market him. The second was the music industry accepted him and helped pushed him. That industry does not do that with just anyone. Why JB I am not quite sure. Maybe Usher helped. David did not have the desire for this kind of success IMO. It would have been difficult for David to achieve it even if he did but he could have had that success with the right team behind him. I believe that. I enjoyed David being a teen pop idol but everything changes and it will eventually for the Biebs too.

      • Here’s the little I know about the original Snarky girls. They did the interview with David and got lots of flak for it from some of the other writers on David’s fan-sites. I really liked their interview and I believe Amy was a journalist. Shortly after that the rumor was that Amy left Snarky’s to help with David’s original OS. I’m not sure what happened to Sabrina. Dana ran Snarkies by herself for almost a year and did a great job. She decided to give it up to do other things so she gave the site to a group of bloggers who carried on for awhile. The site abruptly shut down when David was on his India trip.

      • I remember the issues with the India trip and Snarkies. You are right grammyj the site did shut down quickly. That was really too bad.

  6. The Archulmania was so much fun to watch, but so short lived. I never really want David to have crazed fans like the Bieb, but I sure want him to have millions of fans that love his music, adore and respect him.

    • Guess the short lived depends on exactly what and where. The last video I posted above was from just a couple months ago and the three before that were from the Asia tour in July of last year.

      David also still has the potential to create chaos in the US even years after his “big hit”. Remember the kind of random mall appearance/signing in Clovis, CA in late 2010? After TOSOD had come out and ppl said his career was supposedly over? Thousands showed up, pretty much completely overwhelming the organizers. There was no way he could sign autographs for all those people and security finally had to grab him and forge a way out of there so he could catch a plane.

      Btw, I’m totally with you on wanting the best of both worlds for David. I want millions to love his music and feel what he can do with that amazing voice but I also would never wish the kind of insanity that goes with superstardom on him. Hopefully he and we can find that sweet spot.

      • Ali, sometimes I have a hard time expressing myself, what I should of said was short lived because he is away right now.
        Perfect statement: “hopefully he and we can find that sweet spot”.

      • Ahhh, I see what you’re saying now CQ! I’m really excited to find out what kind of music he makes for us when he comes back. No Archumania required, just Archuvoice and maybe some Archutude 😉

  7. Snarky Archies was the first fan site I visited, they really had a fun site, but I love this site and all the other fan sites that are going so strong right now………so greatfull to everyone that puts so much time to keep all David’s fans interested.

    • I think David can do anything he wants to do when he returns to his music career if he gets the right team behind him. It really is up to him. I never thought his career was over after TOSOD. Watching Duets. Some really good singing but I do not understand the voting on this show. lol

      • David has what every singer needs – a very dedicated fan-base. When he comes back he just needs to get out there and sing, sing, sing. Anyone that hears him sing love falls in love with him.

  8. Yeah. Everyone I know asks why David isn’t a big star. And I think the answer is..he doesn’t want to be. But I reaaaaaally hope he can find that sweet spot, too. I feel like he sometimes struggles with that~ knowing how to keep and gain fans while trying to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. I know he just wants to sing, and that’s all. But in order to do that, he needs enough fans to buy his music. lol..Sometimes I just want to smack him in the head. lol.

    And Biebs…sigh. My family members just shake their heads and say, “I don’t see anything special about him. He can’t sing that great. His parents must’ve already been millionaires.” He is a cute kid; I’ll give him that. But shoot, so is David. So are a million other 18-yr-olds. Marketing, money, mgmt. & connections…yep.

    • “Marketing, money, mgmt. & connections…”—-vj that is what it is all about to have success in the music industry like it or not.

      • Good list except I think luck is also involved. It’s like winning the lottery because like you said there are lots of cute young boys that would fit the bill because singing ability seems to be way down the list. I also think that in this day and age you need to connect with your fans on social media which Beibs does.

    • Bieber also has Scooter Braun as his manager which has greatly helped his career. Braun’s also behind Carly Rae Jepsen and The Wanted’s rise in the US. Carly Rae was on the Canadian version of AI in 2007. Like Braun or not just look into how he’s able to launch these people, and the marketing plan that he’s come up with. I don’t really care for Braun or the relationship that he’s forged with Justin Bieber’s fans, but he knows how to market people. If people think that management is not important in the music industry to have success then they are wrong. David chose not to have good management and listen to them and it did hurt his chances for greater success IMO. But that was David and his “advisers” decision. You do need to compromise in the cut throat music industry to have financial success which in turn gives you more power to do what you want. You have to play the game to get ahead and David did not.

  9. i found this pic on Archuleta Avenue Malaysia, (another great fan site):

  10. New behind the scenes Bench video:

    • goodkarmaseeker

      What a way to wake up my eyes and can I say “hubba, hubba” which I know will date me!

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