This Archudrought is Kinda Long…

There’s a reason I just absolutely CANNOT keep a countdown till 2014. That would drive me nuts!

I hope we get a “new” vlog at the rate of once a month.

So, I was kinda curious, SD readers. What exactly are you doing for this #DA2014 Vigil?  I’d love for you to share your coping strategies! 😛

Please take my latest poll:

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  1. Thank you Hg for making it always so much fun to come to this site. I do keep a daily check-in of all the sites, still having so much fun. I also listen to David’s music, now especially his new OPM album.
    That is the album I listen in the car….still loving every song.

  2. I picked more than two of the above because I do still check in daily at the fansites and listen to David’s music on a regular basis (that’s actually only two, not more than two but I went with it anyway lol).

    I did want to say though that I don’t really see doing those things as a coping strategy because that’s the exact same thing I was doing before David left.

    Probably the only real difference for me is not getting a daily tweet and not planning or thinking about planning a trip to a concert. Missing those things but I think I’m doing surprisingly ok with it. Its not like I personally saw him everyday anyway. I think I will miss the vlogs more and more as time goes by. I’m sure that Kari will keep posting videos that David recorded before he left but I’ll miss feeling that immediate connection. Right now the videos are still pretty recent but not sure how they’ll feel a year from now. Nothing to be done for that though and I’m grateful that David was thoughtful enough to do stuff for us like the vlog that was just posted.

    (shallow comment: is it just me or does he look hot in that video? hello)

    p.s. I had to laugh at one person voting that they’ve checked out on that poll. Um. Wouldn’t you have to be at least sporadically checking in at a fansite to have voted? ;p

  3. I’m like Ali, I check the David fan-sites daily and listen to David’s music, so I picked more that two when it is actually two. Like cq I have been enjoying the OPM album when I’m in my car. I’m so happy that in a few months I can listen to BEGIN.

    The month after David left we still had information and pictures of him because of the Missionary blogs and also lots of controversy about whether it was okay to read them or not (I did read them). Now that source of information has dried up. I hope David will share some pictures of himself eventually from Chile. At least we get a tweet from him every week and a video once a month. The fan-sites have been great so far. There are some new fans that have commented that they love being able to see the past interviews and performances of David’s that they didn’t see at the time since they weren’t fans then. I like the trips down memory lane too.

    • grammyj, I agree about the fansites keeping things going…it’s been FABULOUS. I think the rest of this year is still going to be great for us fans with a new album coming and everything that happen in the Philipines is still fresh, but the big test will be 2013. We weather 2013, it will be smooth sailing from than on with our David back singing, touring, acting, vloging, smiling and being the David we all love.

  4. I miss him so much. I watch his old concert videos everyday since Monday and I just can’t stop. I watch the Christmas shows even if it’s summer right now. I just want him to come back already. I know that sounds selfish as he is doing a lot of good work helping people, but I can’t deny the fact that he helped me by inspiring me a lot of times before and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I almost hate the fact that he became sort of like a life-support for me, that’s why now I’m kinda struggling that this support was taken away from me. But I’ll wait for him to come back. and please don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and very proud of him for choosing to do what he’s doing right now.

    • I do try to check the David fan sites but when I am busy at work I don’t always have the time. The only David site/blog I check consistently and daily is SD. I check other sites frequently but they are not just specific David sites or blogs. hg, I agree with you about not wanting to keep a countdown until 2014. That just seems like a long time to me.

  5. HG, thanks for not keeping a countdown. For the record, I don’t mean that as a negative w/regard to the sites that do have countdowns. The problem lies with me … I cope better by taking things one day at a time.

    I’ve been much more productive at work since David went on the mission, lol. No longer do I sit at work constantly checking twitter on my phone to get the latest David updates.

    What am I doing during this vigil? For me the nba playoffs and the presidential race are keeping me happy — I love sports and politics. But I do still miss D dearly, esp. seeing random pictures of him.

  6. I have noticed that some of David’s fans that posted a lot have not since he left. I had to check Charice’s OS and fan-site the other day to find out what she is doing now that David is gone. Not a whole lot at the moment other than the hair-cut and image change. Idolfan does not keep us informed any more.

    • Yes, I noticed that too grammyj. Maybe they are waiting to post more often on blogs when David returns to his music career? I am not sure. Some fans are on twitter but I am not one of them. I think his fans will return to David when he returns to his career if he makes the right career moves. Good to know about desertrat, I am enjoying following this presidential race too. It is very interesting.

  7. Coming out of lurkerdom today :).

    Seriously, what happened to idolfan? So strange how that dropped off….

    I voted more than two of the choices because the fandom thing can be complicated. Some days I’ll check all the fansites, some days I won’t check them at all. Some days I bop around to SBL and sing it out like it’s my job. But there are times – particularly during last weeks AI finale – that I find it all rather sad. But it is what it is, I don’t dwell on it.

    • Maybe Idolfan finally figured out that Charice and David weren’t dating.

      • grammyj: lol I guess it took David’s going on a mission for 2 years to finally figure that out. I really hope that David can get back some of his younger fans when he returns to his career because he needs them. My guess is that many will not have the interest while he is gone.

  8. I read a couple missionary blogs from Chile to learn what it’s like there since David isn’t telling us much. I thought this would interest people here from a letter written around Easter – “The Chileans celebrate Easter a little differently. The different religions all celebrate in their own way but mostly everyone celebrates the life and resurrection of Christ for the whole week. On Friday they only eat fish and in the evening they don´t listen to any music. Which was really strange since there is music everywhere, in every street or block someone is blaring music.”

    So, David will be hearing music all the time while on his mission.

  9. I check twitter and the fansites pretty regularly. I listen to David’s music frequently.
    Interesting to me is that David has picked up new fans. One gal received GCT for Christmas and fell in love with David’s voice and personna which led her to check out everything else and is now enjoying all the trips down memory lane. She was just getting into ODD pretty good when she heard David was going on a Mission. She became even more interested then in commenting on a fan site and becoming part of the Fan community. I’ve also read of two other fans that have become fans through watching NanditoAko in the Phillipines and since checking everything they can about David and his music. They are playing catch up now through Archives at TDC.

    So thankful for Fan Sites keeping up and some sponsoring Charitable endeavors, #DAFitness2014, Exercising more etc etc.

  10. Interesting that many people said David would be a different person in 2 years and who knows where his head will be at- well, we will also be different people in two years and who knows where our heads will be at… and yaaa for no countdown calendar. I was never big on those even as a kid counting to the end of the school year. I prefer to enjoy the day and not look to far ahead.

  11. Well, tbh, my life became very busy about the time that David left. It wasn’t planned, but it’s been a blessing-in-disguise, I guess; I have less free time to think about the fact that he’s gone, & I wouldn’t have time to keep up with his activities, anyway. Checking in daily would be nice, but right now it’s pretty sporadic. I’m hoping that D returning will coincide with me being less busy, though. ‘Cuz I’ll go nuts if I can’t keep up when he’s back. lol.

    I do miss him, though. Still can’t watch his announcement video, or…any videos, actually. lol. Guess I need to escape reality instead of being reminded of it. lol. Thanks for not doing the countdown, hg. 🙂

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